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Are you and your girlfriends struggling to find that perfect hen party gift for the bride? Or you’re looking for something a little different from the usual stuff? Well look no further, because we have an exclusive range of gift ideas from fab party wear to your favourite drinking games, all one click away and with next day delivery! Whether it’s a spa break with the girls or a messy night out, we are sure to have the gifts for you. Look below to see just some our fantastic hen party gifts for the bride.

Relaxing Getaway

So you’ve booked that perfect, chilled spa weekend with all your girls and the bride and are looking for the right gift, well then these gifts are definitely for you! First we have our fantastic Bride Kimono, the perfect way to treat the bride whilst letting everyone else know is the star of the show. Embroidered with a gold ‘The Bride’ logo, there will be no mistaking who the important lady is whilst you all relax and prepare for the big day.

Bride Kimono

Now that you have your Bride Kimono, what better than a pair of Bride Spa Slippers to give your bride the ultimate level of comfort. These classy spa slippers are extra comfortable and again are embroidered with a gold ‘The Bride’, the perfect gift for letting the Bride put her feet up and enjoy her stay.

Bride Slipper

Now that you have the perfect combination for the Bride to relax in, why not get her something a little more personal that she can use on her big day or any special occasion. Our Beaded Bride Hanger is a gorgeous gift for any Bride that may have that special something to hang up. Coated in stunning white pearl beads with a white ribbon bow with ‘Bride’ printed in gold foil, this hanger is undoubtedly bridal and will make anything hanging from it look spectacular.

Beaded Hanger

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Night on the Town

Don’t fancy staying in and want to see the Bride let her hair loose one last time? Here’s a number of gifts that will be sure to make your hen party a night to remember. Where else to begin than the classic sash!? Here at Hen Stuff we have a range of sashes that will meet any of your Bride’s needs. From a classy white satin and diamante to a more eye popping flashing pink, we are sure to have just the sash for you - click here to view our selection.

White Satin Sash

We cannot forget about the party before the party, so we also have an excellent variety of games and boozy stuff to make your night start with a bang. Bingo old-fashioned and boring? Definitely not this version! Our Drink & Dare Bride Bingo is a naughty spin on the classic game where instead of dabbing numbers, you work through dirty dares which are sure to bring out the wicked side of any Bride.

Drink and Dare Bingo

What’s a hen party without some booze!? We have plenty of choice when it comes to getting all the girls going, from Hen Party Pong to essential shot glasses, sure to kick off a night none of the girls will forget. Check out our full range of party games and boozy stuff.

All of these products are sure to make your hen dreams a reality, so don’t be afraid to try something new and exciting! For any queries or information, please do not hesitate to visit our contact page.

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Need the perfect hen party gift for your BFF? We've got loads of great pressies for the bride-to-be!

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Planning a Hen Party can be tough, making the bride happy, choosing activities that everyone will like, getting the money off the other Hens - we know how exhausting it can be. We want to help you keep on top of all this party planning madness, so we've put together this checklist to help you out!

Well in advance ( 5+ months before the party)

Discuss the Bride's expectations for the Hen party:

  • When does she want it?
  • What kind of party does she want? (Wild, tame, afternoon tea, strippers in the club, etc.)
  • Who is on the guest list?
  • Where does she want it?

The Bride may have a lot of specifics in mind, or she may leave it up to you to decide what her last night of freedom will entail. Either way, deciding these factors early on will help you in the long run. Remember this night is about her so if she feels very strongly about something it's your job to listen.

Get in touch with the Hens

Hopefully you know many of them already, but when it comes to coworkers, groom's relatives or uni pals it's likely you are all quite unfamiliar with one another. So the best thing to do is start an online chat (assuming you aren't all in meeting distance), get all their numbers from the bride for Whatsapp or get a Facebook group on the go. You need to start discussing the following:

  • When are you all free?
  • What's everyone budget?
  • Who can help with what?
  • What ideas/themes/surprises for the bride does everyone think will work?

Once this is all decided the rest is much easier. The Bride (if she wants to be that involved) and the Maid of Honour get the final say just so decisions can be made quickly. Of course, you need to pick a budget and date that suits all of the guests so you can start booking activities and venues. 

Book the venue and activities

It seems early, doesn't it? You'd be surprised how quickly venues and hen-centric activities fill up so make sure this is one of your first priorities. Try your best to book activities that fit the agreed budget on the agreed dates. Then you can go back to the Hens and let them know to write it in their diaries and give them the official price of the day/evening/weekend. If there's a deposit ask the hens for it now so you can get it booked ASAP!

Spa days, cocktail classes, strippers and other Hen fun are incredibly popular so even if you think it'll probably be fine it's worth booking early. Honestly! If you need any inspiration have a look at our daytime activities ideas, or our destination guide

Book transport

This is also the time to ask the hens to book their transportation to the city, or time for you to book the bus, limo, taxi you have decided on. 

Hen Party Approaching (2+ months before the party)

Ask for the Hens for their payments

No one likes to play debt collector, but it puts you in a difficult position and unable to pay off the venue or start buying the decorations. Hopefully the Hens involved understand this, after all, no one wants to stress out the Bride! The group chat is the best way to gently remind the Hens they owe you money and that you can't do much more without it. This should convince them to transfer it straight to you.

Order Sashes, T-shirts or any matching accessories

These are the touches that make a Hen do special! Although these products don't tend to take too long to arrive if you are after personalised goodies you don't want to worry last minute about sizing, numbers or what your personalised gear will say.

Order any theme-related outfits

Similarly to the above, if you have a theme you want to give the hens plenty of time to receive their costumes or other bits. You may decide to order for everyone, or just send links to the items they should be getting so they look the part! This gives everyone plenty of time to get sorted.

Right around the corner (1 month before the party)

It creeps on you quickly, doesn't it? Now it's time for you to order all your Hen Party Essentials ready for the do! By now you'll know what budget you have left to spend on games, accessories, and decorations. Here are some things to get ordering:

When your goodies arrive make sure they are what you wanted! If you plan to make Hen party bags make sure you have everything you need to save you having to make another order later on. 

Confirm venue, transport and guest attendance

Reassure the bride, the hens and yourself by confirming what you have booked. If there are any disasters you have time to plan something else! It's also a good time to hit up that group chat again, make sure all the Hens know the plan and confirm they are still coming - again this gives them time to check all their plans are in motion. 

A week to go! (1 week or less before the party)


With only a week to go, it's time to get all your last bits together! Now you can go ahead and:

It's also a good time to run through what's planned with the Bride (unless any of it is supposed to be a surprise!) and the other Hens. Hand out the itinerary so that everyone knows what to expect and can prepare accordingly.

It's Here! (On the day! & the night before)

Finally! It's here, the night we've all been waiting for! All that planning has gone to good use and you can see all your hard work coming together.

If you are able to access the venue the night before it's a great time to decorate, but if not most venues will let you pop in to decorate and leave you goodies well before the party itself. With all your organising skills this should all be going incredibly smoothly, all the Hens and Bride should be at ease! 

Be sure to encourage everyone to take loads of photos and get involved in all the activities! Now there's only one thing left to do:

Have Fun!



If you need anything else for your Hen Party we have a huge selection of party bits to help you make it perfect! Browse through our website and create the best party to suit the Bride-to-be! Or for any other advice feel free to contact us today



The Ultimate Hen Party Checklist

Planning a Hen Party? Here's the ultimate Hen Party Checklist to get your planning in order!

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Here at HenStuff we regularly get tweeted, facebooked, google +'d and even the occasional pinterest tons of questions asking for advice on hen parties. We advise you lovely lads and lasses about all manner of things, from which fancy dress theme is the best, which cocktail we'd recommend, which activities are the best and general hints and tips. We created some handy hen party guides for your convenience, but of course we are still happy to answer your influx of questions - we love catching up with you lot! 

A question we've had from a few panicking bridesmaids that seems to keep cropping up again and again is "do I invite the groom's mother in law?'. We thought we'd share our thoughts as an 'FAQ blog post' that will hopefully help a few of you decide. Before you send out your hen party invitation to the groom's mum then maybe consider a few of the following points:

  • What activities are you getting up to? If you've booked an intense salsa dancing class or perhaps a very rude stripper - will the future mother in law want to be a part? If she's a good sport and up for a laugh then by all means invite her along, but you don't want to taint her opinion of her lovely daughter in law before she's walking down the aisle do you? 
  • Is the mother of the bride attending? If the mother of the bride is attending it might be lovely for those two to spend the evening together
  • How well does she get along with the bride to be? If they're bosom buddies then we would recommend she be the top of the invite list
  • Are you attending a night club? Perhaps this might not be her scene. We'd recommend something family friendly for the day - afternoon tea or a lovely spa treatment, and then you can whisk the bride to be off and get her ridiculously drunk in the evening away from the worrying eyes of the elders! 

We would advise that it is always a lovely sentiment to invite the mother of the groom, and no matter what the activities we would recommend inviting her...but you must make sure she is aware of the activities you've planned beforehand so she has the option to politely decline. 

In summary: yes, invite her..but make sure she isn't surprised by willy paraphernalia or even real willies if you've booked a stripper! 

Also, you should totes get her this sash

Black Diamante Mother-of-the-Groom Sash 1

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Hen Night FAQs: Do you Invite the Future Mother In Law?

Should you invite the mother of the groom to your hen party? We discuss the pros and cons of this situation in our FAQ blog post!

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Hen Party Sweets

When it comes to choosing the right sweets for your hen party bags, it can be a little overwhelming how many options there are! That's why here at HenStuff UK we have an entire dedicated page to hen party sweets

With a wide range of hen party sweets, ranging from true classics such as our Pop Shock Popping Candy and Loveheart Lipsticks to naughty novelties such as our succulent willies and boobs, there's something to suit every hen party theme. 

Here's our list of the essential hen party sweets for any hen do:

Heart Shaped Lollipops

Heart Shaped Lollipops

Pretty in pink and sweet as can be, these heart shaped lollipops are top of our list for hen party sweets. Ideal for celebrating all things lovey-dovey, these cute lollipops are sure to make your hens smile when they find them in their hen party bags. For just pennies too, these hen party sweets definitely won't break the bank! 



Succulent Willie Lollipop

Succulent Willie Lollipop

Of course, your goodie bag won't be complete without some naughty hen party sweets! These succulent willie lollipops are the perfect treat for an event that celebrates willies so enthusiastically. Complete with a cute bow, these hen party sweets are sure to get a few raised eyebrows and many laughs. 


Jelly Boobs

Jelly Boobs

If you're choosing a more boobie themed hen party, rather than a phallic one - these jelly boob hen party sweets are the one for you! Packaged in a neat little box, these jelly boobs are easy to carry around with you all night and satisfy any sweet tooth craving you may get through the night. 


Peppermint Peckers

Peppermind Peckers

Alternatively, if you're after a more minty pick-me-up during your night out, just pop a case of these funny peppermint peckers in your bag and you're good to go! Following the phallic theme of most hen parties, these peppermint peckers are the perfect hen party sweets to keep with you through the night. 

To browse our full collection of hen party sweets, just click here!

The Essential Hen Party Sweets

Hen Parties and Hen Party Sweets go together hand-in-hand, so find out which ones are on our essential list today!

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So, you've been trusted with the responsibility of planning a hen party; congratulations! At first, you'll probably be pleased to have been given such an important role, but after a while, you may start to regret your approval after realising the amount of work that you've taken on...
The reality of planning a hen do is often far more stressful than you would think at first, it's more than just ordering Hen Party Essentials (although this IS very important) but with a bit of determination and forethought, you can make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible for everyone involved. Here are our tips for planning a great hen do, that won't be a flop for any of your guests:

Plan, Plan, and Plan Some More!

Naturally the extent of your planning will depend upon the length and location of the hen, but it's still important to keep on top of all your tasks, whether you're planning a night out in your local city or a long weekend overseas. Your first priority should be to finalise the guest list, so you can  have definite numbers to plan with when booking transportation, venues and activities. Once that's done, you can then move on to the booking process itself, and finalise your plans for the party. If you're hoping to fit in a variety of activities, you may want to draw up an itinerary to make sure everyone is clear on the plans, and to ensure that you are able to fit everything within your time frame. To make it easier for you, we've created this free hen party itinerary printable to help you plan out the running order of the days.
Download yours here:  henstuff-itinerary.pdf (97.2KB)

Involve Your Bride Without Being a Nag

It's highly likely that by the time the hen party arrives, your bride will be sick to death of making plans and checking bookings, thanks to months of pre-wedding stress. That means it's important to take on as much of the responsibility as possible, so that she can truly enjoy herself without having to worry about the little details. Having said that, it's also important that you ask for her input when needed, or at least get a good idea of what she wants before you start planning. A good way to do this is to plan a relaxing day out such as a shopping trip or a lunch date, so you can get a good idea of what the bride wants in a chilled out, stress-free atmosphere.

Keep All Your Guests in Mind 

"So I have to keep in mind what the bride wants as well as everyone else?" Yep, pretty much.. We understand that it isn't the simplest of tasks to keep all the guests happy, and if your try to please everyone you'll end up driving yourself mad, however, it's important that you avoid making people feel left out at all costs. One case where this issue often arises is when there is a diverse age group attending the hen, or if you have invited a friend of the bride who isn't familiar with the rest of the attendees. 
A great way to solve the issue of age and demographic, is simply by making sure that your plans are diverse enough to suit a range of tastes, so that everyone will find something to enjoy throughout the weekend. Another idea is to split the hen into a distinct day/night affair, so that those who aren't a fan of clubbing don't feel obliged to spend hours out dancing. If you're concerned about an individual feeling left out from the rest of the group, you may want to reach out to them before the hen to help them feel welcome. You could add them on social media or get their phone number from the bride, so that you can introduce yourself and help them feel included before you go away.
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Why not get the girls matching with these sashes:

Our Guide to Planning the Perfect Hen Party!

Want to plan a hen that's a hit with everyone and won't leave you feeling stressed? Read our tips!

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We have another food-related post for you today, as we're talking about setting up a sweet station at your hen party! This is perfect for hens who are celebrating at home, have hired a private venue, or are  staying in an apartment. 

While there are many companies who provide hire services of this kind, it can become a little pricey for hens who are looking to stick to a particular budget. After all, if you've already spend lots of money on accommodation, activities etc, it can seem a bit of a stretch to spend money on added extras.
The good news, is that it is super simple to plan a candy buffet or sweet station yourself, buy buying your own sweets and doing a little DIY work! 

Step 1 - Stock up on Sweeties!

Here at HenStuff, we supply lots of sweet goodies for your hen night, so it won't be difficult to find lots of old favourites and hen-themed candies for your spread.
Will you pick something naughty or nice? Why not have both! Shop sweets here.

Step 2 - Get Crafty in the Kitchen!

We recently shared a few recipes for yummy bakes and treats to serve up at your hen party, which you can find here if you missed it. Another great idea is to make some marshmallow pops, which have become very popular in recent years, due to the fact that they look great and are easy to make. There is a super easy demonstration image here, but essentially, all you will need is: lollypop sticks, chocolate, cake decorations and maybe food colouring if desired. 
If you're feeling a bit more ambitious, then why not try making some pretty macaroons? Not only will they add a touch of French bakery chic to your table, they also present you with the opportunity to try a range of different flavours and colours! Check out this strawberry macaroons recipe to get you started.

Step 3 - Set the Scene!

You'll want to make sure that the sweet station looks as good as it tastes, so it's important to think about the layout. Luckily, you can buy lots of plastic sweet jars online, which emulate the look of glass at a much lower price. Experiment with pretty jars, cake stands and bowls until you get your desired effect. For extra impact, try sticking to sweets and storage of the same colour(s), to make your arrangement look even more stylish and put-together. For the table or stand, you may want to add extra elements of decoration, which you can easily make yourself with some pretty card and paper. Check out this awesome hen party bunting idea from Brideas!
For more hen party inspiration, check out our Pinterest page!
You can also find lots of news, ideas and competitions over on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.
Hen Party Inspiration: Sweet Station

How to add a DIY sweet station to your hen! Three simple steps.

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