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We all know that at a hen party there is no limit on how outrageous the novelty gifts can get – and that’s exactly what we all love about it! At a bachelorette party, we no longer fear the crude or the unsophisticated, we wear our novelty flashing willy earrings with pride (this is no joke, get yours here). We make it our personal goal to provide you with the best funny hen party gifts to make your night as brilliantly humiliating as the bride-to-be will allow.

Girls Night Out Scavenger Hunt

scavenger game

It’s time to let your hair down girls, so why not get everyone on the same page for a truly hilarious night out? To add a bit of amusing structure to your night, have a Girls Night Our Scavenger Hunt – see who can score the most points by using cheesy chat up lines and scoring free drinks! This harmless fun is really a great laugh when you’re with your girls, and there are sure to be some hens that surprise you!

3 Foot Blow-Up Willy

inflatable willy

If you prefer some more ‘traditional’ funny hen party gifts then our collection of phallic fun will be sure to tickle you! What other night can you accessorise and outfit with a 3 foot blow-up willy after all? 

Rainbow Willy Straws

rainbow willy straws

From rainbow willy straws to naughty whistles You really can’t miss the opportunity and abundance of funny hen party gifts to make everything somewhat penis shaped so have a browse of our full collection here.

We have hundreds of novelty sweets and products that will make perfect funny hen party gifts – delight every hen by creating your own novelty gift bags, have a look through our hen party essentials to get your party started!

The Best Funny Hen Party Gifts!

Read about our huge selection of funny hen party gifts that will have the whole group in hysterics!

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Howdy partner! If you’ve come here to read all about how to throw the best Hen Party in the Wild West, you’ve come to the right place. It’s almost time to gather up the posse for a night you won’t forget and there is no better way to do this than to prep your girls for a Cowgirl Hen Party.

Get Prepared!

cowgirl jumbo badge

We all know the bride-to-be is the real sheriff in town on her big night out, so she needs to be dressed appropriately before you all hit the nearest saloon. The Party Posse Jumbo Badge is essential for letting all those no-goodniks know who the real boss is!

Cowgirl body jewellery

That’s not to mean you other cowgirls can’t glam up before you go wet your whistle! Our Party Posse Body Jewellery is the perfect way to accessorise for a Cowgirl Hen Party – add some sparkle and some sass that is guaranteed to last all evening!

Get Tough!

WInchester Gun

But remember, no matter how fabulous the whole posse looks you still want all those city-slickers to know you’re the roughest, toughest cowgirls on this side of town! This is why you’ll want a Winchester Rifle or a discreet garter gun to complete your costume! Show all the men that it's ladies night with this added attitude!

Show ‘em who's boss!

Man Catcher Tape

Now you all look the part you can enjoy a night on the town – but if you want it to be a real hoedown (for you single hens at least) no Cowgirl Hen Party is complete without some Posse Man Catching Tape! Like a moth to a flame, you’ll watch those boys get all wrapped up in your trap, simply run a length of tape across a doorway or two of your Bachelorettes and watch ‘em fall!

We have even more Cowgirl themed products to make your night perfect, so make sure you browse through our entire collection

How to Throw a Cowgirl Hen Party

Learn all about how to throw the perfect Cowgirl Hen Party! Gather up the whole posse and hit the Wild West in style.

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Love Island Drinking Game

Unless you've been living under a rock this past month, you may have noticed that Love Island has returned to our screens once again! Even if you haven't been watching it religiously, it's hard to escape the memes that just keep on coming.

With this in mind plus the awareness that most people will be choosing to skip nights out because Love Island is on, we've decided to create a Love Island Drinking Game which includes both your favourite things at the same time. We asked our office Love Island expert, Joe Williams, to come up with the most drinkable occasions of the series:  

Take a drink whenever: 

The camera shows the boys in the gym

Chris talks about himself

Caroline Flack actually makes an appearance 

Anyone mentions looking 'muggy', or being 'mugged' or 'pied' off

Someone has to 'graft' harder

A couple get into a fight

A couple make up from a fight

Jess bitches about the girls behind their back

Someone says 'on paper they're my type'


Take two drinks whenever: 

Someone says 'it's called LOVE island, not FRIEND island'

Amber causes drama

Islanders talk about having sex on camera

Someone is naked on camera

Sexual action in the bedroom

Someone shouts 'I'VE GOT A TEXT!' 


Take a SHOT whenever: 

Marcel mentions Blazin Squad 

New people enter the Vila (one shot for each person)

Camilla baffles the Islanders with her intelligence 

Someone mentions they may have dated someone famous

Someone says they don't care about winning the money, they're all about the love

Someone is spotted falling off one of the huge animal lilos

We hope you enjoy this Love Island Drinking game and if you can make it all the way through one episode without passing out, we applaud you! Why not make the occasion all the more special with some of our drinking accessories to accompany you during this drinking game? 

Love Island Drinking Game 2017

Love Island has taken over our screens once again this year, so why not make it even more fun with our Love Island Drinking Game?

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We hope you enjoyed this recipe. For drinking accessories to go along with this tasty cocktail, just click here!

Cocktail of the Week 01.06.2017

Perfect for a sipping while you daydream about Summer, our cocktail of the week is a real tasty treat!

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If you're getting married this Summer, now is the perfect time to start planning your Hen Party! Without a doubt, Summer is the best time for a Hen Party as whatever your plans are there's far less chance the weather will disrupt it all (unless you live in Wales like us, where the weather is always unpredictable!).   

To help you with your planning process we've decided to put together a list of some of the best summer hen party themes just for you. Here are a few of our favourites:

Super Hero Summer Hen Party Theme

Super Hero Summer Hen Party Theme

Products featured:

Batgirl Head Boppers

Wonder Woman Hat

Batgirl Hat

Ideal for the warmer months, channel your superhero powers into this great summer hen party theme! Great for wearing to a night out on the tiles, or even for a drinking game session at home - our superhero boppers and hats will make you feel super all night long (excuse the pun). 

Mythical Summer Hen Party Theme

Summer Hen Party Theme

Products featured:

Large Pink Fairy Wings

Flashing Pink and Silver Bride to Be Wand

Large Silver Fairy Wings

No matter how old you get, dressing up as a fairy never feels any less exciting. That's why our fairy wings and wands make for a great mythical summer hen party theme where you can show off just how magic you are! We have a wide selection of wands available and our fairy wings also come in red if you're feeling just that little bit more devilish. To make your hen night all the more magic, we would recommend lots of glitter!

Cops and Robbers Summer Hen Party Theme

Cops and Robbers Summer Hen Party Theme

Products featured:

Party Posse Garter with Mini Gun

Pink & White Winchester Rifle

Baby Pink Handcuffs

An oldie but a goldie, Cops and Robbers is a perfect summer hen party theme for those looking for a fun night out. As the cops and robbers theme typically involves slightly less clothing than usual, the warmer months make this an ideal time to whip out the fake guns and handcuffs. 

If none of these items pique your interest, we also have a full collection of Hen partywear that may suit you better for your summer hen party theme! We hope you have a wonderful Summer Hen Party.

Summer Hen Party Themes

The summer months are quickly approaching, so make sure you're prepared with our list of favourite summer hen party themes!

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If you thought bingo was just for the elderly, you would be well and truly wrong! Here at HenStuff, we always know how to spice up old classics with a bit of naughtiness so here's a look at some of the adult bingo board games we have waiting for all you fun-loving hens. 

Willy Bingo

Willy Bingo

(Buy here)

There's no question about it; hen do's and phallic references go hand-in-hand. This daring adult bingo board game is as hilarious as it comes, with a variety of funny little willy characters to keep you company as you play. Played the same as a usual game of bingo, willy bingo can be played by anyone attending your hen do - no matter how merry they get! The first person to get a full house wins the game and can be crowned willy bingo queen of the night. For a winning gift, we would recommend heading to our gift section for some inspiration.

Bride to Be Drink and Dare Bingo

Drink and Dare Bingo

(Buy here)

If you fancy seeing a little less willy bingo on the night, then our Drink and Dare bingo may be more up your street! Instead of crossing off numbers (or willies) as they're called out, with this adult bingo board game you must complete a dare to cross it off your score card. With everything from dancing to flirting to kissing, this hen night bingo is sure to make every hen come out of their shell!

Printable Bride Bingo

Printable Bride Bingo

(Download here)

We even have printable bride bingo available for you if board games aren't your style. Less naughty than the other two adult bingo board games featured on this list, this printable bride bingo will allow you to create your own bingo boards for everyone to join in with. To play, all you need to do is fill each square with a hen party gift the bride may receive, making sure each card is different. As the presents are opened, you can tick off the ones on your card and hope you get a line! We've even provided you with a handy present suggestion list at the bottom of the card (I know, we're too good). 

We hope you have a wild hen do with all these fun adult bingo board games. If bingo is categorically not for you, check out all of our other games here!

Hen Do Adult Bingo Board Games

From willy bingo to drink and dare, we have everything here to satisfy your bingo needs on your hen do!

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