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When it comes to choosing the right sweets for your hen party bags, it can be a little overwhelming how many options there are! That's why here at HenStuff UK we have an entire dedicated page to hen party sweets

With a wide range of hen party sweets, ranging from true classics such as our Pop Shock Popping Candy and Loveheart Lipsticks to naughty novelties such as our succulent willies and boobs, there's something to suit every hen party theme. 

Here's our list of the essential hen party sweets for any hen do:

Heart Shaped Lollipops

Heart Shaped Lollipops

Pretty in pink and sweet as can be, these heart shaped lollipops are top of our list for hen party sweets. Ideal for celebrating all things lovey-dovey, these cute lollipops are sure to make your hens smile when they find them in their hen party bags. For just pennies too, these hen party sweets definitely won't break the bank! 


Pop Shock Popping Candy - Strawberry

Popshock Popping Candy Strawberry

Take your hens on a trip down memory lane with these pop shock popping candy hen party treats! An explosion of flavour, these popping candy rocks are a delight to find in any hen party bag. The perfect mix of sweet and sour, this candy is everything you need to get your hens talking.


Succulent Willie Lollipop

Succulent Willie Lollipop

Of course, your goodie bag won't be complete without some naughty hen party sweets! These succulent willie lollipops are the perfect treat for an event that celebrates willies so enthusiastically. Complete with a cute bow, these hen party sweets are sure to get a few raised eyebrows and many laughs. 


Jelly Boobs

Jelly Boobs

If you're choosing a more boobie themed hen party, rather than a phallic one - these jelly boob hen party sweets are the one for you! Packaged in a neat little box, these jelly boobs are easy to carry around with you all night and satisfy any sweet tooth craving you may get through the night. 


Peppermint Peckers

Peppermind Peckers

Alternatively, if you're after a more minty pick-me-up during your night out, just pop a case of these funny peppermint peckers in your bag and you're good to go! Following the phallic theme of most hen parties, these peppermint peckers are the perfect hen party sweets to keep with you through the night. 

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The Essential Hen Party Sweets

Hen Parties and Hen Party Sweets go together hand-in-hand, so find out which ones are on our essential list today!

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Cocktail of the Week! 25.04.17

To celebrate another week of spring, here's another delightfully summery cocktail recipe. This time it's a tasty Electric Blue Margarita. Find out how you can make it here!

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Cocktail of the Week! 20.04.17

With the arrival of the sun, we thought a beautifully sunny cocktail recipe would be a perfect way to finish this week. Find out how you can make a Jamaican Apple Mule Cocktail here.

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Wedding Movie Drinking Games

While preparing for the big day, why not spread the joy with some wedding themed movies! Even better, why not invite all the girls around and have a big movie drinking game fest to all your favourite wedding movies? Movie drinking games are fun no matter what the occasion, but mixing wedding movies with wine is a sure-fire way to a fantastic night. We've put together a list of our favourite movie drinking games for you to play:

Mamma Mia Movie Drinking Game

How to play:

Take a sip whenever anyone mentions weddings or say's 'marry' or 'wedding'.

Drink whenever anyone mentions anything about Meryl Streep's character's love life. 

Drink twice whenever sex is mentioned.

Take a sip whenever someone says 'Sophie'. We recommend smaller sips because this is said A LOT.

Take a shot when Christine Baranski says the line about 'little boys'!

(We would say drink whenever someone there is a song but you'd probably pass out!)

Credit to Universal Pictures via GIPHY


Wedding Crashers Movie Drinking Game

How to play:

Drink in unison whenever somebody in the movie drinks.

Waterfall whenever Vince Vaughn rambles.

Take a sip whenever the word 'wedding' is said.

Drink whenever Vince Vaughn says 'phenomenal'.

Two drinks whenever something sarcastic/smart ass is said.

Take a shot when Will Ferrell yells!

Credit to New Line Cinema via GIPHY


27 Dresses Movie Drinking Game

How to play:

Take a sip whenever 'bride' or 'bridesmaid' is said.

Take a drink whenever Janes Filofax planner is shown or mentioned.

Take a drink whenever Kevin says something snarky about weddings.

Take a shot anytime Jane is a pushover.

When they sing Benny & The Jets, finish your drink before they stop singing!

Credit to 20th Century Fox via GIPHY


The Princess Bride Movie Drinking Game

How to play:

Drink whenever you hear 'farmboy' or 'as you wish'. 

Take a swig whenever someone get's knocked out.

Drink if anyone speaks of 'True Love'.

Waterfall for the hard fall or for the water torture!

Take a shot when you hear 'Hello, my name is Ingio Montoya. You killed my father, prepare to die'. 

Credit to 20th Century Fox via GIPHY


Bridesmaids Movie Drinking Game

How to play: 

Take a drink whenever Annie does something embarrassing or embarrasses herself. 

Take two drinks whenever Megan talks about anything violent.

Take a drink whenever Rita mentions hating her family. 

Take a shot whenever Annie makes things more difficult than they have to be.

Waterfall or take a shot whenever anybody poops!

Credit to Apatow Productions Relativity Media via GIPHY

We hope you enjoy these wedding movie drinking games - let us know which ones are your favourites! Of course, be sure to drink responsibly and have a wonderful night in with these great wedding movie drinking games.

The Best Wedding Movie Drinking Games

In the countdown to the big day, why not get excited by playing our favourite wedding movie drinking games!

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Whether you're staying in for your hen party or going for a night on the town, a classy hen party buffet will always be a welcomed addition to the party! Plus it means you will have lots of snacks for the morning after when you regret having one too many glasses of wine. To help you with this, we've put together a list of recipes which should provide something for every pallet at your classy hen party buffet.

Something Sweet

Rice Krispies Treat Hearts

Rice Krispies Treat Hearts
These adorable Rice Krispie Treat Hearts from the lovely Christina over at Intimate Weddings are a perfect classy hen party buffet idea. A classier take on a standard rice krispie cake, these heart shaped treats are decorated delicately and will look beautiful on any hen party table. They're also super fun to make - which is always a plus! Click here to read the full recipe. 

Something to Eat

Mini Calzone Dough Balls

Mini Calzone Dough Balls
The key to any wonderful classy hen party buffet is to simply shrink normal sized food, just like Kate from The Veg Space has done with these mini vegetarian and vegan calzone dough balls. Adorable and tasty for anyone no matter their diet preference, these mini calzone dough balls would be a fun recipe to make with all the hens together too! Just click here to find out how to make these tasty treats.

Something to Drink

Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktails

Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktails
At all hen parties and buffets, you definitely need a classy drink to go with it. These beautiful cotton candy champagne cocktails are from the lovely people over at Kirbie's Cravings, and they couldn't be cuter! This classy hen party buffet idea will look stunning on the buffet table and will have every hen dying to try some. To read the full recipe, just click here!

A mixture of everything

Pink Champagne Heart Jello Shots 

Pink Champagne Heart Jello Shots
These pink champagne heart jello shots are a That's so Michelle recipe, and they're the perfect mixture of a sweet and alcoholic treat! Easy to make and a stunning final product, these are also something you can make on your own or as a hen party activity. These are the epitome of a classy hen party buffet idea. Find out how to make these beautiful treats here.
We hope you enjoyed this list of treats you can make for your classy hen party buffet and that you have fun making them. If you'd like to browse our accessories you can choose to go with them, simply click here. We hope you have a wonderful hen party!
Classy Hen Party Buffet Ideas

A buffet is welcome no matter the occasion, so browse these classy hen party buffet ideas to get some inspiration for the snacks you could make.

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When you’re hosting a hen do, it’s easy to forget the little details that make the night the most memorable. Providing your hens with their own personalised hen party bag is sure to go down an absolute treat. If you thought party bags were for kid’s parties, you’d be mistaken! Hen party bags are a lovely way to say thank you to all of your hens for helping you celebrate in style and can also help them recover from the wild antics the night before.

We know how easy it is to get overwhelmed hosting a hen do, so we've put together this handy guide for you to follow when making your hen party bags. 

Choose and Personalise Your Hen Party Bag



To browse our full range of Hen Party Bag options, just click here!
Making your hen party bag personalised is the key to making this gift memorable. Here at HenStuff, we stock a range of different bags ideal for your hen do, all with the option to add your own personalised custom sticker! If you’re looking to be a bit more DIY, you can make your own by buying plain party bags and decorating them yourself. Alongside being quite fun, this is sure to get you into the wedding spirit.

Add in Some Hen Party Essentials For the Night Ahead 

Party Essentials
To browse more of our hen party night essentials, just click here!
These essential items are the key to making your hen party bag every hens priority for the night. Without your hen party bag, how else are you going to carry around all of these bundles of fun? From giggle-worthy willy whistles to loved up heart shaped chocolates, these little gifts are sure to make your hens smile.  

Don't Forget to Add in Some Fun Hen Party Accessories! 

Hen Party Wear
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No hen party is complete without the iconic hen do statement pieces!  You can make these items personalised for each hen by finding one that suits their personality best. These items are a sure way to make a hilarious start to the night (especially for the person who ends up with the willy eyemask). 

To Make it Extra Special, Add in a Personalised T-Shirt for Each Hen 

Personalised T-Shirt
To design your own hen party t-shirt, just click here!
Is there any other occasion that calls for a personalised T-Shirt more than a hen do? Ideal for hen do's abroad or wild nights out, these hen do t-shirts are perfect to keep track of each member of your party. With a variety of T-Shirt styles, colours and fonts, you can make a memorable item for each hen that they’ll want to keep hold of!

Final touch: Add in Some Necessary Hangover Cure Essentials 

Hangover Cures
Available at most Tesco stores and Greggs.
Make sure your hens are feeling in tip top condition after your wild night out, by ensuring they’ve got some hangover cure essentials in their hen party bags. Along with all of the other gifts, they are certain to thank you for this one the morning after!
Hen party bags are a perfect way to show your gratitude to your hens for all their help. We hope our guide has helped you figure out the best way to say 'thank you'. To browse more of our hen do essentials, simply head here. 
How to Make Your Own Hen Party Bags

Hen party bags are the key to showing your hens just how much they mean to you. Read more to find out how you can make your own personalised hen party bags.

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