Hen Party Accessories from HenStuff

So you want a hen night experience that's personal to you? No problem - there are all kinds of different hen night activities out there, and we've got a range of personalised hen night accessories to match.

Take our Personalised Hen Night Sashes, for example. The hen night sash is a well-established hen tradition, but why would anyone opt for the boring old 'Bride-to-Be', 'Bridesmaid' and 'Mother of the Bride' sashes when they could just as easily order a customised sash from Henstuff? Personalised hen night sashes are fantastic for people who want to put their own unique spin on the evening's activities, and our Sash Builder can give you a sash that says literally anything you like.

And if you're struggling to come up with an original message to print on your own personalised hen night sashes, don't worry. Check out this blog post we did a little while back - it's all about Personalised Hen Sash Ideas, and it should give you plenty of inspiration for your personalised hen night.

It's time to say nuts to the norm and embrace a brand new breed of hen night: a hen night that you're in charge of. Don't buy someone else's idea of a good hen night accessory if you've got an idea for a far better one lodged in your brain - use our Sash Builder to make your ideas a reality, and have a hen night that's as heavenly as you yourself!

If you want to let everyone know exactly who you are on your hen night, a personalised hen night sash is the perfect way to do it!

Our shiny new Sash Builder is an ingenious little tool that allows you to create and customise your very own hen night sash! You can put whatever you want on your sash, whether it's "Bride-To-Be", "Girls On Tour", or "Free & Single". It's entirely your call.

So what are you waiting for? Get on over to our Sash Builder and get creative. The possibilites are endless!