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If you've read this blog title then you're probably pre-empting that this might not be one of our brightest ideas for hen party themes. However, we can assure you that you are totally and utterly wrong. The theme of the week is indeed 'pimps and gangsters', and though this sounds like an utterly bizarre theme, when you see some of our amazing hen party costumes we're pretty sure you'll come around fairly quickly! We always try and bring you fresh hen party themes every week so that you and your fellow hens can have a good old browse through our blog categories and gather your hen night ideas. We like to bring you the more traditional themes as well as some which are a little out of the box, which is where our 'Pimps and Gangsters theme comes from! We bet you didn't think that you could look sexy and glamorous whilst dressed as a pimpette or a gangster right? Well let us prove you wrong with our favourite pimp & gangster fancy dress costumes! 

A word of warning: some of the pimp girl costumes are absolutely hilarious and cheesy - which makes them an even better choice for your hen night if you're up for a laugh right?

Pimpette Costume

Pimpette Costume 1

Gangster Girl Costumes

1. Gangster's Moll Costume 

Gangster's Moll Costume 1

2. Fever Gangster Lady Costume 

Fever Gangster Lady Costume 1

3. Fever Boutique Gangster Costume 

Fever Boutique Gangster Costume 1

Pimp & Gangster Costume Accessories 

1. Bang Gun

Bang Gun 1

2. Gangster Hat White 

Gangster Hat White 1

3. Gangster Holster

Gangster Holster 1 

So there you have it! Bet you're not laughing at our pimps and gangsters hen party theme now are you huh?

The 80s was all about neon, attitude, disco dancing and raving, which makes it one of our absolute favourite eras. There are so many fancy dress costume options for an 80s themed fancy dress evening, which is why the amazing 80s is absolutely perfect for a hen party theme! We've got plenty of exciting hen accessories that will perfectly complement your 80s hen party theme, but first - let's have a look at some of the most gorgeous 80s hen party fancy dress costumes (psst - one of them is totally Madonna chic - you will LOVE it!)

80s Fancy Dress Costumes 

1. Pink Tutu Instant Kit

Pink Tutu Instant Kit 1

2. 80s Height of Fashion Shell Suit Costume

80's Height of Fashion Shell Suit Costume 1

3. 80's Wild Child Costume 

80s Wild Child Costume 1

4. Skater Girl Costume

Skater Girl Costume 1

5. Rainbow Raver Kit

Rainbow Raver Kit 1

6. Punk Kit 

Punk Kit 1


80s Costume Accessories

1. Punk Headband 

Punk Headband 1

2. Neon Belts, Multipack of 3

Neon Belts, Multipack of 3 1

3. String Vest 

String Vest 1