Hen Party Accessories from HenStuff

Planning a hen night, and thinking of fancy dress themes? Well, we have some great fancy dress costumes available on Henstuff, but why not go for something different this time around? A Naughty Nun's theme is definitely one to go for. Not only will you look great, but it will definitely get you plenty of attention! We have two different nun costumes available, the Nuns Kit, and the Nun Costume. So whether you want to go all out with the full costume, or just go for the Nun Kit that contains a headpiece (Nuns Hat) and collar - you will definitely look the part. 


Nun Costume 1

The best part of this theme is that you and your hens get to choose how naughty these costumes will be, as it is your job to make them as naughty as you can! So get the girls round before the big hen night and get creative! That way you're basically having two parties - could it get any better? Make sure you've got plenty of cameras at the ready because you're going to want to document this night!