Hen Party Accessories from HenStuff

Hen parties are all about looking good. Well, okay, they're also about getting drunk and falling over and then being unable to remember how you got all those bruises on your leg, but still, it's good to look good!

And fashion, as we all know, starts on top. If you can get your headwear right, the rest of your outfit will follow, and that's why we've dedicated a whole section of the HenStuff website to hen headwear!

Pill Box Sailor Uniform Hat 1

And headwear doesn't just mean hats (although, yes, we do have a Hat section). Hen headwear can mean any beautiful object that goes on your noggin, and that includes Tiaras (a very popular choice), Wigs (saves you getting your hair right!) and Boppers (especially boppers). Our range is pretty much limitless!

Bride To Be Love Heart Boppers 1

Of course, one item of headgear does not a beautiful outfit make, but we think you'll agree that it's a very good start. If you're not sure what to wear further down, well, that's what our Costume and Partywear sections are for - visit those pages once you've got your head in gear!

We get loads of orders through our custom T-shirt builder - it seems like a personalised T-shirt is a hen party essential! 

Still, it can be hard to come up with a decent idea when you're playing with the T-shirt builder, so here are a few suggestions that we've come up with...


Kiss Me Quick T-Shirt

As a bride-to-be, your days as a single lady are seriously numbered - this nifty custom T-shirt design lets everyone know that you're being taken off the market!



Pina Colada T-Shirt

What's a hen night without cocktails, eh? The pina colada is one of the most popular bachelorette drinks of all, and it's even got its own stupendously catchy song - this hen party T-shirt pays homage to cocktail and tune alike!



P!nk T-Shirt

Pink is the official hen party colour, and so we thought we'd take this to its logical extreme! This T-shirt features a picture of Alecia Beth Moore, better known as P!nk - if having the patron saint of pink on your top doesn't get you in the hen night mood, we're not sure what will!

Think you can do better? Try making your own hen party T-shirts now!