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It's Ladies Day today at the 2016 Cheltenham Festival, and for horse racing enthusiasts and fashionistas alike, this one of the biggest days of the year. It's the day to glam up in your fanciest frock and the highest of heels - you can even win prizes for being the best dressed!

Seeing as this day is famous for its hats, we thought we'd show you some of our favourite Beautiful Wedding Headwear

St Anton from Hostie Hats

This elegant felt cap comes with an offset bow at the back and a merry widow veil. There's a large choice of colours for the felt and an even larger choice of colour for the veil, so you're guaranteed to find a colour combination that's perfect for you. If you're looking for an eye-catchingly elegant hat, then look no further than this St Anton hat! 

Olive from Carrie Jenkinson

This truly striking Diamond Crin Headpiece is mounted onto a headband and looks truly breathtaking.  Each hat is hand-made to order so you can expect the highest of quality. There's a large choice in the colour of the crin and you can choose the colour of the headband depending on the shade of your hair. If you're looking for something elegant and extravagant, then this is perfect for you! 

Spira Sinamay Smartie Hat from Sally Ann Provan Boutique

This Spira Sinamay Smartie hat is perfect if you're a fan of pastel colour. This little, cute hat can be made to be worn either side of the head, and with a diamant√© buckle and curled pheasant feathers this hat is perfect for a person of the upper class! 

Rolland rom Rosie Olivia Millinery

The Rolland is perfect for a summer wedding. This unique design is bound to turn a few heads; the hat is fitted with clear elastic and sits under all your hair and behind your ears, but if you're worried about comfort, there's no need to be, as it's very comfortable indeed. If you have expensive tastes and want a hat that will turn heads, then this hat is the one for you! 


Eleanor from By Betty

You can't beat the classics, and this Eleanor hat from By Betty is certainly a classic. The large brimmed hat has a flattering asymmetric brim, and it's trimmed with a large crinoline flower, sinamay swirls and - perfect if you're playing it safe and just sticking with something timeless.

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Hen headwear might not seem like the most vitally important part of any hen night, but trust us, when you and your lovely fellow hens have got your hen costumes on and you're ready to party the weekend away, something just won't seem right without some gorgeous hen headwear. We're talking hen night boppers, wigs and of course our favourite (and most glamorous) types of hen headwear: hen party tiaras and veils

We'll start with the most obvious: our hen night veils. A hen party is a celebration of your bride to be friend getting wed. She'll be walking down the aisle, committing to a loving eternity with her other half and inevitably rocking a beautiful gown with what? A matching veil. Of course! Due to the hen party being a celebration of the wedding, surely a hen weekend should pay homage and tip its hat to the wedding ceremony and of course your bride to be. Basically, what we're trying to say is that hen night veils should be (and usually are) an essential part of any hen party! We've got a gorgeous selection of hen night veils here at HenStuff, but here are some of our absolute faves. 

1. White Wedding Veil with L Plate Comb 

White Wedding Veil with L Plate Comb 1

Without a doubt our most cute hen night veil. This gorgeous veil has a silver tiara with a pink L plate in the centre and a beautiful veil with mini diamantes to sparkle throughout the night! 

2. Starry Hen Night Veil 

Starry Hen Night Veil 1

The beautiful Starry Hen Night Veil is long and has gorgeous little colourful stars embedded in the material. This gorgeous veil is so pretty and delicate; perfect for a hen night! 


Now our hen party tiaras on the other hand, are a whole other variety of gorgeous! Tiaras are made to make you feel like a princess, and when it's your hen party then you and all of your girls should most certainly be treated like royalty. If we could get away with it we'd wear a tiara every day, but it seems you can only really pull it off on a hen weekend unless you're actually rich or The Queen. This is precisely why you should only choose the most sassy and beautiful hen party tiaras. How about one of these from our collection?

1. Bride to Be Tiara With Veil 

Bride to Be Tiara with Veil 1

This beautiful Bride to Be Tiara has the words 'Bride to Be' in hot pink on a silver tiara and even includes a gorgeous hen night veil! The only choice for a truly classy bride to be. 

2. Pack of 6 Mini Hen Party Tiaras

Pack Of 6 Mini Hen Party Tiaras 1

Of course, you and your hens should be matching on your hen night so everyone can see you're a hen party! That's why these beautiful pink mini tiaras are perfect. 

Hen parties are all about looking good. Well, okay, they're also about getting drunk and falling over and then being unable to remember how you got all those bruises on your leg, but still, it's good to look good!

And fashion, as we all know, starts on top. If you can get your headwear right, the rest of your outfit will follow, and that's why we've dedicated a whole section of the HenStuff website to hen headwear!

Pill Box Sailor Uniform Hat 1

And headwear doesn't just mean hats (although, yes, we do have a Hat section). Hen headwear can mean any beautiful object that goes on your noggin, and that includes Tiaras (a very popular choice), Wigs (saves you getting your hair right!) and Boppers (especially boppers). Our range is pretty much limitless!

Bride To Be Love Heart Boppers 1

Of course, one item of headgear does not a beautiful outfit make, but we think you'll agree that it's a very good start. If you're not sure what to wear further down, well, that's what our Costume and Partywear sections are for - visit those pages once you've got your head in gear!

...As Tom Jones once said.  And here at Henstuff.co.uk we're not one to question the big man. In fact we'd like to help find you the best hat for your hen night, or any themed night for that matter! On the website we've got a huge variety of different headwear for your ladies night, and to start we've got a few on show from the Uniform headwear range . After all, who wouldn't want to add a bit of authority to their night?

  • Policewoman's hat. The classic. This piece of headwear will leave you firmly in control on your night, and you'll have the ability to lay down the law should things get a bit rowdy (not that they would girls, of course!). The price to pay? £7.19!
  • Air Hostess Please present your boarding passes for a wild night ahead. Kit out your hens in true airline fashion with this overhead accessory (see what we did there?) and prepare to fasten seatbelts for your unforgettable hen night. £3.99 is more affordable than duty free, too!

Of course these aren't all the services we've got to show, just a small sample. If you're looking for a smart and sexy Uniform head dress to spice up your special night, then look no further. We've even got Uniform costumes should you feel the need to show your authority a bit more!

Hen party accessories for the bachelorette who can't wait for the wedding!

The bridal veil is an age-old wedding tradition. The idea is that the groom gets to lift the veil at the end of the ceremony, symbolically consummating his marriage to the virgin bride. Of course, not every wedding is a white wedding (and not every bride is a virgin), but the bridal veil has endured as a symbol of marriage and the joy of wedlock.

It's also done a pretty good job of cracking the hen party accessories market, so it should come as no surprise that we at Hen Stuff have dedicated a whole section of our site to Veils. Whether you go for the traditional white bridal veil or something a little more devilish, you're sure to find something that suits you. After all, what bride-to-be wouldn't look brilliant with a beautiful bridal veil flowing behind her?

Hen Stuff's collection of hen party accessories is second to none, so whether you're after Veils, Boppers, or any other kind of Hen Headwear, you're in the right place. So lift that veil and get shopping!