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Hen Party prosecco pong

Ladies, ladies, ladies, we have the perfect game to kick off your bachelorette party, and it's called Hen Party Pong

Gone are the days of messy beer-chugging-American-style frat parties, now when we get absolutely hammered we want to feel elegant doing it – and that’s where the Prosecco comes in.

That’s right, everyone’s favourite fancy drink prosecco has been combined with the iconic tradition of Beer Pong, and we couldn’t be happier.

Now that pong has become particularly posh, you can play it at your hen party and still feel as classy as ever! Until later… when you inevitably get out the phallic novelty gear and hit the town. But for now...


How to play Hen Party Pong:

First of all, you may want to buy a Beer Pong set. Now we know we said it will be elegant, but those red cups fit a lot more bubbly goodness than a pretty flute…

Next, set out your cups in a triangle formation at either end of a long table. Fill them up with posh prosecco-y goodness.

Now it’s time to split yourselves into two teams, just like Beer Pong, the goal is to get your pong ball in one of the other team’s cups.

Take it in turns to throw the balls (one attempt per team, per round), when one successfully lands in the opponent’s cup they have to drink the bubbly booze!

The first team to get their opponents to drink all the contents of their cups win!


(Make sure you have a spare cup of water to wash the balls between turns, no one wants sticky prosecco fingers!)


Aren’t you wondering where Beer pong with Prosecco has been all our lives? Personally, we're just thankful we can leave the beer at home and enjoy our beloved drink of choice.


We have loads of other Hen Party games for you to enjoy so make sure you have a browse of our range. For any other Hen Party goodies make sure you check out our Hen Party Essentials.

Game of Thrones

To celebrate the return of our all time favourite series, we thought we would provide some inspiration for Game of Thrones Hen Party Ideas! Ideal for the nontraditional bride, what could be more fun than going back in time to when everyone hated one another and dragons existed? Absolutely nothing is the answer. With that in mind, we've put together a few ideas for those seeking budget, splash and splurge Game of Thrones Hen Party Ideas.  

BUDGET: Create Game of Thrones Themed Cocktails

A common theme in Game of Thrones is their love of alcohol, which is why GoT cocktails are the perfect idea for a Game of Thrones Hen Party! This is a great budget game of thrones hen party idea because it can also count as a hen party activity too. Making these Game of Thrones themed cocktails together will be completely hilarious, especially as some contain fire! 

We would recommend pairing these fancy medieval cocktail recipes with some more traditional (and practical) hen do accessories, such as our cocktail shaker or our woman shaped glass (Game of Thrones does love it's nudity, after all). 

 Here's one of our favourites: 

Fire and Blood Cocktail

Credit to Piktochart for helping us make this image and you can find more Game of Thrones cocktail recipes here. 

SPLASH: Make Your Own Game of Thrones Themed Hen Party Top

It's tradition for the hen do to have matching tops to show the world that they mean business. So, for your Game of Thrones hen party, why not make your very own Game of Thrones themed hen party tops? Here at HenStuff, we have our very own Personalised Hen Party T-shirt making facility so you can design your very own t-shirt here from just £8.99! 

You can have it in any colour and designed any way you like to suit your hen party. We personally love the idea of each hen wearing a different house top that represents their personalities.

As you can see below, we tried out making out very own Game of Thrones themed hen party t-shirts (but we're hoping your puns will be a lot better!). 

Hen Stuff Game of Thrones T-Shirts


SPLURGE: Take a trip to Ireland with Winterfell Tours

Just 40 minutes away from Belfast, the Game of Thrones Winterfell Tours truly are a once in a lifetime experience. With everything from archery movie set experiences, the castle of Westeros boat tours, glamping overnight mini breaks and meet the direwolves experience - this is the ultimate Game of Thrones hen party idea. 

There's nowhere else in the world quite like the Winterfell Tours and as it is actually where the famous series is filmed, we're sure it will draw you into the magic of a world where dragons exist. If you need any more persuasion, there are also packages for Hen/Stag Dos! They include dressing up as the characters and filming your very own game of thrones scenes in the movie making challenge, Ned's picnic lunch (inspired by the GoT cookbook), Movie Clip recordings to share with your friends and complimentary craft beer. Phew, we're exhausted just describing all the incredible things this place includes! 

To find out more, just watch this video below:

We hope one of these Game of Thrones Hen Party Ideas inspires you! For more hen party inspiration, just check out all we have to offer here. If you have any questions, you can contact us here. 

Looking for Hen Party goodies for a different theme?

love island party

Summer in the villa is coming to an end, time to pack up your bikinis and buy some fake tan because after Monday night, Love Island 2017 will disappear from our screens (but never from our hearts!). Despite the looming crisis of how we will fill our evenings, we want to say goodbye to our favourite show with a bang. Not that kind of bang. Mind out of the gutter, you.

So here are our tips to throwing the ultimate Love Island Farewell party!

TVs at the Ready

First of all, get the show on! You may wanna party but don’t be a melt and MISS the final of Love Island. The final is showing at 9pm on the 24th July 2017 – that’s Monday, so make sure you maintain the hermit lifestyle you’ve had for the last couple of months.


Love Island Themed Cocktails
I mean, if you really wanted to get in the Love Island spirit you would only be drinking your booze from one of those iconic Love Island drinking bottles. Unfortunately, not all of us are that prepared so instead, you may want to settle for these cocktails:

The Muggy Mike

muggy Mike cocktail

Naturally, make sure you serve this in a mug (Get it? Genius, we know). Basically, any cocktail would be work, but this tasty number seemed appropriate.

What you’ll Need: Coconut Rum (1 ½ Parts), Fruit Juice of choice (1 ½ Parts), Grenadine (splash), Champagne (dash), Ice Cubes.
How to Make it: Add all the ingredients to the cocktail shaker and pour over ice cubes in a mug. Garnish with berries of your choice. Drink and try to be magic, not muggy.


The Angry Blonde

angry blonde cocktail

To pay homage to the bitter, sharp and witty blondes of the Villa (no names necessary) enjoy this tasty little Lemon Cocktail.

What you’ll Need: Citrus Vodka (1 ¼ Parts), Triple Sec (1 Part), Lemon juice (3/4 Parts), Ice cubes!
How to make it: I mean, we called it the Angry Blonde for a reason, Put it all in the shaker and strain into a glass, garnish with lemon. Just don’t cry in front of it for Heaven's sake. Enjoy! But not too much…


The “All my Eggs in One Cocktail”

all eggs in one basket cocktail

After spending summer avoiding putting all our eggs in one basket, the final is the perfect excuse to! Enjoy this sweet delight!

What you’ll Need: Cadbury Mini Eggs, Baileys (2 Part), Crème de cacao (1 part), White Rum (1 Parts), Honey (1 tsp), Ice cubes.
How to Make it: Crush your mini eggs! Use the honey to line the edge of the cocktail glass, dip it into the crushed mini eggs (or if you prefer, sprinkle on top!).
Blend ice and alcohol together in a blender, pour into cocktail glass, enjoy!


The Love Island Drinking Game