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Naughty Secret Santa gifts from Hen Stuff
With Christmas just around the corner, we have compiled some of our favourite products here at HenStuff so you have the best Secret Santa gifts, and the perfect stocking fillers for your friends and family! If you want to buy someone something a bit cheeky and naughty, then these are the gifts to give! 

First up, is the Duck with a Dick. This little fella is perfect for keeping anyone company in the tub! It is better than bathing alone, right? If that doesn't take your fancy, then the Candy Bra just may, or the Candy Posing Pouch! These two candy products are perfect as a gift to couples, or to your partner, I'm sure you can find someone to give it to! The Candy Nipple Tassels, and Candy G-String products would also be great gifts for your partner or friends! Why not give one of these cheeky candy products to a work colleague for secret Santa? It will definitely get everybody talking! 

If you are trying to get a message across with a gift, then the Small Pecker Condoms are absolute musts! Imagine your friends/partners face as they open this gift and realise what you have bought for them! Or maybe you know someone who is great in the kitchen but is really messy and in need of an apron? If that is the case they need one of our aprons. Luckily, we have two different ones, suitable for men and women, they will definitely go down a storm! The Female Body with Plush Boobs Apron, and the Male Body with Plush Penis are excellent aprons to be worn in the kitchen, and should definitely be included on the secret Santa gifts list! 

Do you know someone who often gets stressed? We really would recommend buying them a stress ball. Not just any stress ball though, it has to be the Anti Stress Boobs! All their stress problems can be erased with this helpful product! 

If you or your friends are always peckish, the perfect present would surely be some sweets? If you are thinking about a work secret Santa, it would be the ideal present as they can keep the sweets at their desk and share them with you?! The Jelly Boobs, and the Jelly Willies are sticking to the sweet theme but still remaining that little bit cheeky, making these sweets the perfect secret Santa gift. 

Perhaps you are looking for something a little less cheeky. We can accommodate for that kind of gift as well! The Anthon Berg Chocolates are perfect for those who love chocolate liqueurs! If you are a cheeky work colleague that keeps pinching other peoples high lighters, maybe a High Styler Highlighters gift would go down a treat to replace those high lighters that you've nicked over the months! 

ALSO, we are offering, until the 30th November only, a £1 discount off the Anti Stress Boobs! All you have to do is enter the discount code "£1OFFSTRESS" when you come to the check out area. Get yours while you can, these all make for great naughty gifts this Christmas!