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This week brings big news in the HenStuff world - we can now print your personalized t-shirts directly from our Head Quarters! 

This is also exciting news for anyone thinking about making their hen party extra special with some personalised t-shirts, as our in-house printing method also means that you will receive your t-shirts even sooner. Once you have designed your masterpiece, your personalised t-shirt should be with you withing 3-5 days. Also, if you order your t-shirt along with all the hen night essentials you need, all of your items will arrive at the same time! 

To design your own personalised t-shirt, simply head to the HenStuff homepage and click on Design your own Hen Night T-Shirts. You can then either decide to use one of our custom templates or design your own t-shirt entirely from scratch. You can choose the colour, t-shirt style, font, size and pretty much anything else you may like to customise.

Once ordered, your t-shirt will be custom printed in-house here at Henstuff HQ and will be sent on it's merry way to your front door. There's no better way to get the hen party started!

If you'd like your own personalised t-shirt, just click here or contact us on 01446 339339. 

You start off feeling like a super organised girl boss!

Then someone mentions 'responsibility' and you start feeling a little unsure..

But hey, you can sooo do this, right?..

You start doing research on things to do and places to stay, and feel super productive...

Until you realise that you've been looking at hen party stuff for HOURS. 

You're starting to feel a little frazzled so you call in some of the other girls for help... Then realize you're more confused than ever! Just too many opinions!

The invite list proves to be the most difficult part of all! I mean, does the bride really want the cousin she hardly ever sees there?

And you think that you might just snap when someone suggests that they 'might not be able to make it'...

Or that they were 'sure they'd given you the money for that already'...

Eventually, things slowly start coming together, and you think you might just pull it off...

You rush around in a last minute panic to make sure you've thought of everything!

Eventually, you realise that you've done a pretty good job, and can finally relax and and unwind a little!

A hen weekend abroad is a once in a lifetime opportunity but with a wedding to pay for and with all the added extra costs that come with it, it's hard to find a hen party destination that can fit your budget. Here at Henstuff, we want to ensure that everyone has the most spectacular hen party they can possibly have, so we've decided to search far and wide to provide you with the top budget friendly hen weekend destinations that will guarantee the bride to be has the greatest last nights of freedom she can possibly have!


The beautiful, historic, Hungarian capital is the perfect hen party destination if you're looking for a relaxing weekend away with the girls! With an abundance of fantastic spas, lush gardens, bags of culture, as well as a spectacular party scene, you'll forget all about the stress that comes with planning a wedding. It's also worth noting that Budapest is one of the cheapest destinations in Europe for alcohol, making it the top hen weekend destination if you're looking to relax with the girls on a budget.  


Hen parties have been flocking to Spain's answer to Blackpool for century's - well maybe not for that long but the point we're trying to make is that Benidorm has been one of the most popular hen weekend destinations for a while and for good reason! It has everything you need for the perfect hen weekend; glorious weather, beautiful beaches, fantastic bars and clubs, and it's cheap as chips! Put all this together and you have the perfect budget hen weekend destination! 


Looking for a budget hen weekend destination but still want the VIP treatment? Look no further than Riga! The Latvian capital mixes gorgeous scenery and charming courtyards, and squares, with raving party pubs and electric clubs, its one entertaining city. A Riga hen weekend gives you all this without damaging your budget, so what are you waiting for? Ge yourself to Riga!


If you have a mix of individuals in your group of girls and you're looking for a destination that can cater to everyone's taste, look no further than Krakow! For the party girls their is plenty of beer gardens, cellar bars and of course Polish vodka! The cultural girls will love the Wawel Castle and Schindler's Factory. Shopaholics will enjoy a trip to Kazimierz and there's plenty of great food to keep the foodie hens happy. Krakow has everything to keep the whole hen party entertained and at an affordable price!


Prague has a reputation of being one of the top destinations for a hen party weekend. With a grand selection of historic landmarks, electric nightclubs and late night bars, it's quite easy to see why! You're probably thinking, with such a great reputation Prague might be out of your budget, well you're wrong! With great prices for flights and accommodation, and even more reasonably priced alcohol, Prague is the number one hen party destination on a budget!   

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You're just about to get married and that can only mean one thing - a hen weekend! A hen party is great chance to get absolutely drunk, kill some power ballads at karaoke and enjoy some rude hen party games. One thing is for certain at a hen party, there's going to be a whole range of individuals there, here's some of the women you can expect to find at your hen party!  

The Maid of Honour 

This woman is your knight in your shining armour, but my god will she give you a headache! She'll constantly bombard you with daily Facebook messages, emails, WhatsApps, endless phone calls... There won't be a day that goes by where she hasn't sent you at least a 100 text messages! Cut her some slack though, it's not easy to organise a hen do, and she has taking the full burden off your shoulders, for which you should be eternally grateful.

The Golden Oldie

She's about double the age of everyone at the hen party and she hasn't been out for decades! She'll be trying her hardest to keep up with you and the rest of the girl's but will ultimately fail. But one thing is for sure, she'll be the first person busting out the Macarena and ensuring everyone is having a good time! 

The Lightweight 

She rarely has a drink but when she does - you know about it! One drink and she'll be a goner! She'll spend most of the night having her head resting on the bar and then finally bundling her into the taxi at 9pm. 

The Flirt 

She's a regular office worker by day but when the sun goes down she's an uncontrollable flirt who has her eyes set on every man in sight! You can guarantee she'll be sporting every phallic shaped object imaginable. She'll be Flirting and chatting up every man in the club, no-one is safe from this man-hunter! Beware - this woman is going to cut-loose!

The Bubbly Loudmouth

She's a walking, talking, air-horn, who will be "cracking on" with every bouncer and bar tender she meets, she'll sharing her life story with the girls she meets in the toilet and will probably end the night in a fight. Although a hen party without her would be a lot quieter, she's usually the one full of great ideas and it certainly would be a lot less fun without her there, so for that we thank her! 

The Old Friend From School

No-one will know who she is and she'll be practically mute, but she'll be there, lurking in the crowd. She'll occasionally chirp in with a childhood story of how the bride once kissed Joe Bloggs at lunchtime or that one time you all stayed up all night at a sleepover but other than that she'll be silent and end up disappearing into the night, never to appear again... 

The Mother of the Groom

You don't want her to be there but you've politely asked her to come along and you regret that decision hugely as all the girls tell her every embarrassing and raunchy secret about you and what you and her son get up to. But as the night goes on and after a few cocktails, she'll ends up spilling some gossip about your husband so inviting her to the party isn't too bad after all!

The Emotional Single

A hen party can be an emotional roller-coaster if you're single lady - you're finally getting married and starting a beautiful journey with your fiancĂ©, whereas the only relationship this woman has is with Netflix. She is going to be a giant sob fest. But, stay strong single ladies of the hen weekend - one day you'll find your prince charming and you'll have your very own hen weekend thrown for you! 

The Party Animal 

This woman will ensure the hen party is absolutely carnage! She'll be force feeding you shots and making you all chug your drinks! You'll hope that towards the end of the night she'll mellow down but this boozehound can keep going all night and you're all along for the ride! Her motto is "It's not a good night out unless you end the night getting arrested". Although without her the hen weekend would be a lot calmer, the memories would never be the same without her! 

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