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Well yee-haw lovely ladies, it's time for our 'Hen Party Theme of the Week' again. For this week's theme we've gone back to our roots and embraced our fun and childish sides for a hen party theme that seriously kicks butt. That's right ladies, we're talking Cowboys and Indians - or should it be Cowgirls and Indians? Think toy guns, sheriff badges and bows and arrows. That's right girls, a Cowboys vs Indians hen party is the perfect way to go if you want a fun, light-hearted but still super stylish fancy dress theme with plenty of options! Whether you're having a Cowgirl themed hen party or one just for Indians, we've got the cute accessories to get you party ready. 

We recommend you split your hens into two teams, Cowgirls and Indians and then all of your hen party games, dares and general mischief can be within your set team - plus there are plenty of cute costume choices for either side, making everyone a winner. To see our full range of Cowgirl and Indian hen party accessories, click here. But for now, here are some of our favourite 'Cowboys & Indians Accessories' that will have you looking totally chic on your big night:


Cowgirl & Indians Costume Accessories

1. Party Posse Pink & White Winchester Rifle

Party Posse Pink & White Winchester Rifle 1

2. Party Posse Bow & Arrows 

Party Posse Bow & Arrows 1 

3. Party Posse Indian Headdress

Party Posse Indian Headdress 1

4. Bride Sheriff Badge

We hope you have the best Cowgirl themed Hen Party with our accessories, we also have plenty of other party gear so make sure you check out our hen party essentials. If you need help with anything else feel free to contact us today. 

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We're all familiar with the traditional hen and stag do's; the girls usually head to a relaxing spa retreat, whilst the lads usually booze it up in Eastern Europe, but those days are in the past as couples are now choosing to have a joint stag and hen party instead, known as Sten or Hag do's. Many couples share a similar circle of friends and choosing to share your celebrations together is a great way to get all your friends in one place for one big bash before the wedding. 
With Sten and Hag do's increasing in popularity, we feel it's the perfect chance to share with you some great activities that'll be fun for both the hens and the stags! So here are our top activities for a joint stag and hen do:
Pub Treasure Hunt
It's the battle of the sexes, to see which party can solve all the questions and challenges, and become the ultimate treasure hunting champions! This activity combines the fun of a pub crawl, with the problem solving of a treasure hunt - the perfect combination if you ask us. You will be set with a bunch of challenges and puzzles, which you must solve, in order to move on to the next location/pub. To ensure your brain is working to its full capacity, it's important you stay hydrated, so we suggest having a drink or two and each pub. This will ensure you're switched on to tackle any challenge that is placed in front of you! This truly is the perfect activity to have on your sten or hag do and is guaranteed to get you in the competitive spirit and get the drinks flowing! 
Inflatable Games
A little inflatable madness is perfect for a Sten and Hag do! Split into two teams, whether you decide to do hens vs stags or split the teams evenly, you're guaranteed to have plenty of fun! Each team will be awarded points for completing an obstacle and at the end of the day the winning team will receive some cool prizes. You'll need teamwork, a never say die attitude and a little competitive streak but don't worry, from start to finish, you're going to have fun and like your parents always said: "it's the taking part that counts!". To make it even more hilarious, why not bring along your very own embarrassingly shaped inflatable too...
Escape Games
If you enjoy puzzles and challenges, this activity is for you! Split your sten or hag do into two teams and try and solve all the puzzles, codes, and riddles in 60 minutes. If you don't manage to beat the time, you may have to stay in the room forever! This activity is the perfect chance to see who out of the hen or stags are the ultimate problem-solving champions and complete the Escape Game. If you'd prefer to play party games at home instead, why not take a look at our Party Games instead!
Paintballing is the perfect activity for a Sten or Hag do. It's the ideal way to relieve any pre-wedding tension! If the best man is planning to embarrass you in his speech or the mother-in-law is messing with your plans, spray them with some paintballs, we promise you it'll make you feel better. Of course, paintballing isn't all about getting payback, it's a great way for you all to bond and it's a great, fun, outdoor activity. If you're looking for a day out filled with laughs, then paintballing is perfect for you! 
Booze Cruise
Start your Sten or Hag do off in style with a booze cruise! Get ready for a fun journey on the ocean, filled with drinks, plenty of dancing and fun activities! It's far more different and exciting than you're regular land-based bars. Take in the stunning scenery and the sea breeze, as you party under the stars aboard this party vessel. It's the perfect way to end your hag do with all your favourite guys and gals! For some boozy accessories to take with you, take a look at our drinking accessories
You can find all these great activities, as well as many others over on Go hen!
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Check out our Hen Party drinking accessories!

When it comes to organising a hen party it is so easy to get overwhelmed with planning and choosing the hen accessories required for the big night. You need personalised hen t-shirts, build-your-own hen party bags, hen night willies and a whole variety of other hen accessories to have a proper girly hen weekend! 

Hen Party Heart Bubbles 1

Hen Party Bubbles: Hen Party Heart Bubbles

However, in amongst all that planning and choosing your hen sashes, personalising your t-shirts and carefully selecting your willy straws it can be easy to forget that the main point of any hen night is for you and your girlies to have some serious fun. That's why we push our fun hen accessories as hard as anything else you'll find on HenStuff.

Glow Stick Bracelets - Glow In The Dark 1

Hen Party Glowsticks: Glow Stick Bracelets

A hen party is one serious opportunity to have a great time with your girlfriends - no matter how childish or funny! That's right girls: hen party glowsticks and hen party bubbles. These are the true fun hen accessories that you might think you don't need - but trust us - you do! 

Hen party glowsticks are both practical and super fun. We have all manner of glowing apparatus, including hen party glowsticks bracelets, glowing earrings, hen party glowstick glasses - you name it, if it glows, we've got it. As well as being fantastic, funky additions to your hen fancy dress costumes, they glow so brightly that if any of your hens get a little worse for wear you will always be able to spot them in the dark club!

Hen Party Bubbles Pack of Six 1

Hen Party Bubbles: Hen Party Champagne Bubbles 

Hen party bubbles, however, are just fun, fun, fun. The drunker you get the more hilarious blowing your hen party bubbles everywhere will be. Besides, some of them come in pretty naughty shapes which are hilarious hen party costume additions on their own!  Hen party bubbles will also make your pictures look amazing! Hen Party bubbles do add a delightful twist to the night, think about it, when did you ever hear anyone not enjoying blowing bubbles?

Glow Stick Bunny Ears (Including Glow Sticks) 1

Hen Party Glowsticks: Glow Stick Bunny Ears 

We're pretty confident we've made the case for hen party bubbles and hen party glowsticks now - so make sure they're added to your hen party bags for one seriously fun hen night!