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Naughty Gift Ideas for Secret Santa

Secret Santa is both a beloved and dreaded Christmas tradition. It usually involved randomly selecting a gift recipient (from a friendship group or at work, etc) and choosing something without them knowing its you who have selected them. It's also become quite common for these gifts to be funny which is exactly why we recommend naughty gift ideas for Secret Santa!

Below we've listed our top naughty, novelty gifts ideas, providing you with some inspiration for your lucky (or unlucky) recipient.

Naughty Inflatable Gifts 

Inflatable objects always make fun, useless and ridiculous gifts, but our cheeky selection takes things to the next level! Whether you pick our giant Blow Up Willy toy, or our Mr Willy and Miss Boobs 30" Balloons, you're sure to provide a fun prop for a night of naughty hilarity! Makes quite the statement in the office too... 

Giant Willie Mould 

If your Secret Santa name match is a baking fan, what gift could be wittier or more appropriate than this Giant Willie Mould! Now they can bake a willie shaped cake for everyone to tuck into, or even open up their own penis patisserie!

Duck with a dick 

Everyone loves a nice relaxing bath, and no bath time is complete without the traditional, yellow rubber duck! Perhaps ‘traditional’ is the wrong to describe this one, however, who has a naughty secret lurking just beneath the surface of the water...

Anti Stress Boobs 

If your Secret Santa recipient is known for being the most highly strung member of the group, why not give them this Anti Stress Boob to help them release all that built-up tension! 
This Willie Egg Fryer is an EGG-CELENT Secret Santa gift - We apologise for the dreadful pun. They can now say goodbye to their bog standard, boring old eggs, and say hello to their EGG-STRAVAGANT plate of phallic food! 
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