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While the most talked-about disasters on 'Don't Tell the Bride' are usually dress and venue related, it's easy to forget how many disastrous hen nights have taken place over the course of the show. From terrible budgeting to utterly selfish grooms, the show has produced some truly terrible hen parties over the years, which left us both amused and horrified all at once.
Here are some of the worst:

Andrew and Amanda - All Dressed up With Nowhere to go...

Amanda wanted the typical girly hen night, complete with veils, lashes and cocktails; not too much to ask for surely? Well, Andrew certainly didn't get the memo, because they ended up being sent on a mucky treasure hunt, whilst still in their heels and party frocks. 

Rhiana and Rory - Hungry Hens

While the importance of providing yummy food for the hens is always a must, it's probably not the best idea to send them to the bride's favourite Kebab house. While bride Rhiana could appreciate her betrothed's idea, the rest of her hens were less than impressed when the minibus pulled up outside the venue. 

Katie and Darnell -  Limo Dreams

Katie and her hens were overjoyed when a great big party limo pulled up outside, expecting to be heading out for a fun-filled night on the tiles. Their expectations soon changed drastically, however, when they spotted the venue that the groom had chosen from them. Instead of drinking and dancing, they ended up spending the evening in a rather subdued bingo hall.

Jay and Ian - Left in the Cold

Although adventure hens can be great fun for some groups, this one fell a bit flat to say the least! While the groom partied in Thailand, the bride was left to complete an outdoor zorbing course in the grand old British rain. While a post-challenge treat may have redeemed the hen, there was no such luck for this group, who ended the day shivering over a cuppa.  

Amy and Josh - Better Late Than Never?

Grooms on the show have a habit of leaving things to the last minute, but Josh really took the biscuit on this one, informing Amy of her hen do only three hours in advance! For many hens, this wouldn't even be enough time to get their hair and nails done, let alone plan the entire thing! 

Matt and Rian - A Right Balls up

The curse of the selfish groom struck again in this episode, as Matt jetted off to Vegas to enjoy an epic stag with his mates. In contrast, Rian's hen was slightly less extravagant; consisting of a round of crazy golf and a game of bingo. Why grooms seem fixated on the idea of a bingo hen night, we have no idea, but the only bingo we want to be playing is the Drink and Dare kind...

Jessica and Luke - No Monkey Business 

While we often encourage hens to try something different on their hen do, this doesn't usually involve cleaning up animal poo... Sadly, this is exactly what Jessica was treated to on her hen, which made for one of the most bizarre parties ever featured on the show.  

Jeydene and Luke - Hey Big Spender 

In terms of poor thought and poor budgeting, Jeydene's hen party has to be one of the worst we've ever seen on 'Don't Tell the Bride'. The hen cost a grand total on £27, which was spent on a takeaway pizza, and a night at the local playing charades with only £7 left to spend... Again there's nothing wrong with feeding your hens, but a takeaway certainly shouldn't be the highlight of the entire party..
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Make sure you have fun on your Hen Party with these fun games:

To continue our tradition of making your Mondays a little bit better, we're giving away another one of our fantastic hen party sets! 

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No party is complete without some ace food, which is why we thought we'd share some of our favourite ideas of what to serve up to your hens! Whether you're looking to add some girly glitz or filthy fun to your party, we have a bake to suit you! Even if your skills aren't really up to scratch, some of these are pretty easy, so won't take much work.

Raspberry Meringue Kisses

These pretty little treats from Domestic Gothess are perfect for hens who wan't their food to look and taste good! Thankfully, these sweet mini gems take very little time and effort to make, so you can spend more time getting ready for the party than fussing over food! Plus,you can get really creative in how you display them, as you can see from the images below! Storing them in a jar could be a really cute idea if you're looking to create a 'vintage sweet shop vibe', and you could even use them as cake toppers! Check out the recipe here!


'Sex and the City' Cosmo Cupcakes

If you want to add a little sparkle and girly charm to your hen, these cosmo-inspired cupcakes are most certainly the way to go! If paper plates are not your thing, and the thought of plastic cutlery makes you cringe, then these are sure to bring a more 'high end' vibe to your hen party. If you'd like to give these a go (or get someone else to do it for you..), you can find out how to make them over at 84th and 3rd.

Pretty Pink Bras 

These comical yet charming sweets are a great way to bring a sense of fun and cheekiness to your night, without going all-out on the sleeze. Made from gummy sweets and cake frosting, these certainly aren't short on sugar, so should give you and your pals enough energy to dance the night away! As they are pretty easy to make, you may even want to make it an activity, and see which of your hens can come up with the best design! For Hello Cupcake's full instructions, click here.

Strawberry Jelly Shots

Jelly shots have become a fast-favourite with party enthusiasts, and what better way to enjoy a tipple than as part of a fruity treat? We found this recipe over at Buzzfeed, and we have to say, we love the cute cocktail-inspired look they've created! You could always change up the boozy element to suit you, by substituting the choice of alcohol or getting rid of it altogether! If you want to see how these were made to give it a go yourself, take a look here.

Funny Willy Cake

Here's another fruity dish, but in a slightly different sense to the one above. If cheeky, trashy fun is what you're all about (and come on, it's only tradition), then why not have a go at baking a silly willy shaped cake? We spotted the one below over on Korena in the Kitchen, who actually took the time to cut out the shape herself before icing it. Luckily, we're able to save you a step on that front, thanks to our Giant Willy Mould, which can be used for, cake, jelly, or whatever food you fancy! To see how Korena made her cake, you can visit her website for more instructions and images.

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Hey hens! Today we're bringing you a post inspired by one of our favourite ever hen party themes.. 'Mad Hatter's Tea Party'! Not only does it give you the chance to indulge in some lovely cakes whilst dressed in crazy and colourful clothing, it also allows you to host a quirky hen in almost any location and within any budget. Whether you want to go completely DIY or have someone else take care of the planning, there are lots of ways that you can have a wonderful tea party experience for you and your friends to enjoy!

Dressing Up:

If you're not up for adoring yourself with willies and novelty veils, but still want a chance to dress up, a theme like this one can be a great way for you to keep things colourful but not predictable! We stock quite a few Wonderland themed costumes in our store, so whether you choose to be an army of Alices or a mixture of crazy characters, there should be plenty of costumes and accessories here to choose from.

Browse our costumes here

If full on dress up isn't for you, then why not take your cue from the title and just wear cool and colourful hats instead? We stock a range of hats and headwear like the ones pictured below, so that you can enjoy the party in the comfort of your own clothes, whilst still feeling on-point for the theme. 

If you want to add a DIY element to the party, then why not make your own hats as part of the fun? Companies like Glam Hatters' Tea Parties offer several packages which allow you to make your own bespoke headwear, while enjoying a scrumptious afternoon tea! If you're on a budget, you can always get some affordable materials together and make your own hats at home! Check out this tutorial for a velvet Mad Hatter top hat here.

Drinks and Bites:

Food and drink is important to any party, but it's even more important if you're hosting a party with 'tea' in the title! There are loads of lovely baking ideas online, whether you want to stick to an Alice in Wonderland theme, or simply create lots of colourful cakes and bakes to put on display (naturally you'll need a lovely cake stand or two). If you'd like to make your own, our Mad Hatter's Pinterest board will be listed at the end of the post, so you can head there for lots of ideas! 

If you'd like to treat yourself to something extra special, why not book your tea party at a hotel or tearoom? If you're heading to the capital for your hen, you can book the 'Mad Hatter's Afternoon Tea' at the Sanderson Hotel, giving you a slightly more up-market version of this kitsch and quirky theme!

Aside from the cakes and finger sandwiches, there are lots of other important things to remember when providing refreshments for your guests. Will your party be alcoholic or booze-free for example? Whether you'll be sipping gin from your teacups or sticking to the traditional cuppa, there are plenty of ways that you can experiment with drink accessories and mixers to fit the theme, so get creative! 
We love this Rhubarb and Ginger gin from Edinburgh Gins (yes it really is pink!)

Make sure there are plenty of colourful sweets to keep everyone snacking, and to add to the colourful theme. You can browse our full selection here. These cute little mason shot glasses are also great if you're planning on making this an Irish tea too; why not adorn them with little 'Drink Me' signs?

Decorate to Celebrate:

No Mad Hatter's Tea would be complete without some cool and quirky decoration, and we have loads of ideas from our store and Pinterest to share with you! If you're going all-out, then clocks and card decks should be a dominant theme throughout your decor, along with cats, hats and other elements from the famous tale! You can always tone down how 'Lewis Carroll' or 'Tim Burton' your party is, and could always opt for a more traditional tea party decoration style if you wish.

As always, bunting will add a lovely, traditional, vintage touch to your party, and like many other elements can be made or bought!
Whether you want to add some queen of hearts sparkle or child-like craziness to your 'unbirthday' cake, we have lots of fun decorations to choose from in our store, like these cute crayon candles! We also stock these nifty little arrows, which, whilst being useful for your guests, also provide a fun little nod to the confused directions Alice follows in the story.

If you really want to take things up a level, then you should most certainly visit the Wonderland House in Brighton. The venue can sleep a large group of up to 24 hens, and provides the perfect space to entertain indoors, as well as providing a base camp to explore from!

For more wonderful, Wonderland themed hen party ideas, check out our Mad Hatter's Tea Party Pinterest boardThere are loads of DIY ideas, printables and decor inspirations to browse through, from table settings to cupcakes!

If you're planning a winter hen do and aren't jetting off to a warmer climate, you may be wondering what kind of activities you and your hens can enjoy without braving the not-so-great winter weather. Luckily there are hundreds of options for hens to choose from these days, so you never have to worry about being short of things to do! Whether you want your hen to be active, relaxing or educational, there are plenty of ideas out there to suit a range of styles and budgets.

Here are just a few to get you thinking: 

Wine/Chocolate Tasting

If you're a foodie hen with a passion for trying new things, a tasting course/tour could be a great choice for a party activity. From chocolate tours in London to Whiskey tasting in Edinburgh, there are plenty of food and drink tasting experiences available throughout the UK, as well as more bespoke options that are specifically designed for hen parties. Whether wine or gin is more your thing, you're sure to find an option to suit your tastes. 

Perfume Making

This idea not only allows your hens to get creative, but also presents them with a keepsake to remember the weekend with. According studies, scent is the sense which is most evocative of memory, so what better way to allow your friends and family to remember your weekend than with their own personalised fragrance?

Makeover Masterclass 

If you fancy being pampered but want the session to be educational too, then why not book a make up masterclass with a professional artist? Available from at-home providers and at studios in various locations, these experiences work brilliantly in preparation for the ceremony itself! No doubt everyone will want to look their best at the wedding, especially the bride, so this option gives you all the knowledge you need to ensure that you're picture-perfect for the big day!

Pole Lessons 

Pole fitness has become something of a craze in recent years, and for a good reason! Not only is it incredibly good for your fitness and flexibility, pole fitness is also great fun when undertaken as a group activity. Though you may come away with a few burns and bruises, it will all be worth it for the laughs had and calories burned!

Cupcake Decorating

Thanks to programmes like Bake Off and the rise of Pinterest culture, we just can't get away from cute and tasty baking ideas these days! Thanks to the steady rise in demand from people wanting to learn the tricks of the trade, there are now dozens of baking and cake decorating masterclasses available to hens. Combining the foodie and skill-learning elements of previously mentioned activities, this choice also allows you to produce mementos of your day (although we're not sure just how long they'll last..). 

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Tea Party

Depending on the size of your party - and the size of your budget - you may be stuck for some ideas as to what type of hen activities would work best for you. To aid you with all of your dilemmas, we've put together a list of hen activities that can be enjoyed both home and away, making them suitable for any hen's picky preferences!

The Spa Party

Pamper nights and spa breaks are a great idea for any hen party, thanks to the fact that they can be enjoyed both at home and during a weekend break. Take a few friends to a fancy hotel for a day of relaxation, or hire some beauty therapists to your home to get pampered from the comfort of your sofa!

Cocktail Making 

This is another one that can be enjoyed at home or on the go, whether you're looking for some pre-drink fun or an entertaining activity in a new city. Lots of establishments and party package suppliers offer cocktail making classes for groups of hens, so there should be plenty of options available in your chosen location. If you want to try this one at home, you could either test your own skills with a selection of your favourite tipples, or you could hire a mixologist to come and show you the ropes!

Afternoon Tea

If you're in dire need of some hangover food from the night before, or are looking for a less-alcohol fuelled addition to your hen do, then hosting or attending a scrumptious afternoon tea could be the choice for you! Make a group booking at a swanky hotel or quaint little tearoom, or deck out your house with bunting, cake stands and lace galore to replicate the effect at home. If you have a garden deck, this can make a sublime spot for a sophisticated outdoor tea party (assuming the weather is nice, of course!).

Outdoor Hen Do

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts can be incorporated into almost any hen party or weekend, thanks to their versatility and 'anything goes' nature. If you're travelling to another city, a great idea would be to get your hens to split into groups, and see who can get the most snaps with famous sites in your chosen time frame. If you're planning a night on the town, then a list of cheeky dares can be a great way to get everyone to join in and have a laugh together; at the end you could even offer a cheeky prize to the winner!

Karaoke Queens

Karaoke is always a winner when it comes to getting big group laughs, and providing an opportunity for everyone to cut loose. While you could always get the party started at home during pre-drinks, there are loads of locations that offer you the chance to hire a private booth for groups of hens, if you're looking to make the experience a little more professional!

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Photographs from pixabay.com