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Here at HenStuff we regularly get tweeted, facebooked, google +'d and even the occasional pinterest tons of questions asking for advice on hen parties. We advise you lovely lads and lasses about all manner of things, from which fancy dress theme is the best, which cocktail we'd recommend, which activities are the best and general hints and tips. We created some handy hen party guides for your convenience, but of course we are still happy to answer your influx of questions - we love catching up with you lot! 

A question we've had from a few panicking bridesmaids that seems to keep cropping up again and again is "do I invite the groom's mother in law?'. We thought we'd share our thoughts as an 'FAQ blog post' that will hopefully help a few of you decide. Before you send out your hen party invitation to the groom's mum then maybe consider a few of the following points:

  • What activities are you getting up to? If you've booked an intense salsa dancing class or perhaps a very rude stripper - will the future mother in law want to be a part? If she's a good sport and up for a laugh then by all means invite her along, but you don't want to taint her opinion of her lovely daughter in law before she's walking down the aisle do you? 
  • Is the mother of the bride attending? If the mother of the bride is attending it might be lovely for those two to spend the evening together
  • How well does she get along with the bride to be? If they're bosom buddies then we would recommend she be the top of the invite list
  • Are you attending a night club? Perhaps this might not be her scene. We'd recommend something family friendly for the day - afternoon tea or a lovely spa treatment, and then you can whisk the bride to be off and get her ridiculously drunk in the evening away from the worrying eyes of the elders! 

We would advise that it is always a lovely sentiment to invite the mother of the groom, and no matter what the activities we would recommend inviting her...but you must make sure she is aware of the activities you've planned beforehand so she has the option to politely decline. 

In summary: yes, invite her..but make sure she isn't surprised by willy paraphernalia or even real willies if you've booked a stripper! 

Also, you should totes get her this sash

Black Diamante Mother-of-the-Groom Sash 1

Looking for more Mother Hen Party goodies?

Well yee-haw lovely ladies, it's time for our 'Hen Party Theme of the Week' again. For this week's theme we've gone back to our roots and embraced our fun and childish sides for a hen party theme that seriously kicks butt. That's right ladies, we're talking Cowboys and Indians - or should it be Cowgirls and Indians? Think toy guns, sheriff badges and bows and arrows. That's right girls, a Cowboys vs Indians hen party is the perfect way to go if you want a fun, light-hearted but still super stylish fancy dress theme with plenty of options! Whether you're having a Cowgirl themed hen party or one just for Indians, we've got the cute accessories to get you party ready. 

We recommend you split your hens into two teams, Cowgirls and Indians and then all of your hen party games, dares and general mischief can be within your set team - plus there are plenty of cute costume choices for either side, making everyone a winner. To see our full range of Cowgirl and Indian hen party accessories, click here. But for now, here are some of our favourite 'Cowboys & Indians Accessories' that will have you looking totally chic on your big night:


Cowgirl & Indians Costume Accessories

1. Party Posse Pink & White Winchester Rifle

Party Posse Pink & White Winchester Rifle 1

2. Party Posse Bow & Arrows 

Party Posse Bow & Arrows 1 

3. Party Posse Indian Headdress

Party Posse Indian Headdress 1

4. Bride Sheriff Badge

We hope you have the best Cowgirl themed Hen Party with our accessories, we also have plenty of other party gear so make sure you check out our hen party essentials. If you need help with anything else feel free to contact us today. 

Why not check out our other Hen Party goodies:

We love a good hen party. Had you figured that out yet? Seriously, you should have. Lately we've been drawing lots of inspiration from Spring and Summer and thinking of all sorts of happy, summery gorgeousness with regards to both weddings and hen parties. We've been sharing lots of image-based posts with you guys lately, full of Pinterest treats and inspiration, however, we remembered we hadn't shared a good ol' hen party theme blog post with you for quite some time! 

We regularly boast about being so full of ideas, yet we've been lacking when it comes to delivering the goods. We just got distracted by pretty pictures. We're sorry - though we can't promise it won't happen again. What we can promise is lots more hen party themes and ideas posts to keep your creative juices flowing, and to help you plan the best darn hen dos for your Bride-to-be pals.

To get stuck in to this gorgeous weather we've been having, why don't we kick off with a Festival Chic themed hen party? Festival chic is essentially a festival themed hen, but with the word 'chic' on the end to make us seem oh so cool. And it totally worked right? Anyways, here are our top 5 hen party essentials to make a successful festival-themed hen night! 

1. Party Cups

You'll be outside throwing your own hen party festival, right? That means you need party cups for all the drinking you'll be doing - and to keep hydrated for all the dancing too. Here are our favourites: 

Margaritas Del Sol Glass 1

Margaritas Del Sol Glass 

Wild Willy's Party Cups 1

Wild Willy's Party Cups 

2. Hen Night Balloons 

Festivals are basically huge outdoor parties right? A hen do is the biggest celebration of all - and you just can't have a celebration without balloons. Make sure your festival hen party has balloons absolutely everywhere. 

Square L Plate Balloons 1

Square L Plate Balloons 

3. Hen Party Sweets

You're gonna need to keep your energy up when you're dancing the night away at your personalised hen party festival, right? What better way than with delicious hen party sweets. Yum! 

Love Hearts Mini Roll 1

Love Hearts Mini Roll

Cola Willies 1

Cola Willies 

4. Hen Party Games

What is a festival without a few cheeky hen party games you can play outside? Well it just isn't, that's what! Here's our picks.

Stick A Dick - Hunk 1

Stick a Dick - Hunk 

5. Hen Night Drinking Accessories 

Willy Shot Glass 1

Willy Shot Glass 

Kamikaze: Liquor Shots Gone Wild 1

Kamikaze: Liquor Shots Gone Wild

Rainbow Willy Straws 1

Rainbow Willy Straws


1. Champagne in the City 

2. Log Cabin Long Weekend

3. Sun, Sea & Suspicious Husbands 

Hen party sashes are simply essential. You need a gorgeous hen night sash to complement your hen party costume - and also to let everyone know exactly why you're out celebrating with your friends. Hen party sashes come in a variety of colours and styles - garish, loud and proud to gorgeous, classy and sophisticated - we've got them all here at HenStuff. Of course, we don't just offer you a variety of pre-made hen do sash options, and we know that lots of you lovely ladies would prefer to personalise your hen party sashes. Our hen party sash maker offers you plenty of options so that you can create the perfect personalised hen party sash for you and all your hens! 

However, if you don't fancy designing your own hen night sash, we really do have a stunning variety of hen party sashes available. Here are some of our favourites: 

1. Hen Party Miss Behave Sash 

Hen Party Miss Behave Sash 1


2. Pink Bride to Be Sash 

Pink Bride To Be Sash 1

3. Black Hen Party Sash 

Black Hen Party Sash 1

4. Pink Bride to Be Diamante Sash 

Pink Bride To Be Diamante Sash 1

5. Black Diamante Mother-of-the-Bride Sash 

Black Diamante Mother-of-the-Bride Sash 1

6. Black Bridesmaid Sash with Hot Pink Foil 

Black Bridesmaid Sash with Hot Pink Foil 1

It is the eve of Bonfire Night, and to celebrate (any excuse), this week we're exploring all things SPARKLY. We don't take much encouraging to get a little jazzy and glittery, so we've chosen our most sparkly hen party accessories to get right in the Guy Fawkes mood! If you're having a November hen party then remember we've got next day delivery services available for you to grab some last minute glitter and glam to make sure your hen party is well and truly sparkly! 

Here's our quick run down of some of our favourite sparkly hen night goods, so grab 'em while you can! 

Fever Flapper Dazzle Costume 

Fever Flapper Dazzle Costume 1

Red Sparkly Tights 

Red Sparkly Tights 1

Sparkly Rainbow Tutu 

Sparkly Rainbow Tutu 1

Glitz Blue Star Sparkler 7"

Glitz Blue Star Sparkler 7" 1

Glitz Pink Heart Sparkler 7" 

Glitz Pink Heart Sparkler 7" 1

Glitz Grey Star Sparkler 7" 

Glitz Grey Star Sparkler 7" 1

Flashing Pink and Silver Bride to Be Wand 

Flashing Pink and Silver Bride to Be Wand 1

Fever Mini Top Hat Sequins

Fever Mini Top Hat Sequins 1

Fever Marie Antoinette Sparkle Costume 

Fever Marie Antoinette Sparkle Costume 1