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Hen Night Favours

Everyone loves a Hen party, but when the night has come and gone it’s nice for your hens to have something to hold onto. Think about your childhood parties, we only ever really went for the party bags! With that in mind, here are our best hen party favours:

For the night (bits you can keep!) 

Personalised T-Shirts:

personalised tshirts

No hen party is complete without them - get the girls in uniform before you hit the town! The best part about the hen t-shirts is that you can always keep them as a reminder of a fantastic hen day/night. We allow you to customise your t-shirts in whatever way you want. Whether you want each hen to have a different top or them all to match - we have it all! 

Bridal Sashes:

hen party sash

If T-shirts aren’t your style maybe a sash is more to your taste? We have a massive selection of sashes for every person in your party. Get the bride and hens all sashed up and keep them after as a nice reminder!

Build a bag:

hen party favours

Remember those childhood party bags we spoke about earlier? Well, we’ve got the perfect grown up solution! You can pick from all of our hen night essentials and create a hen night party bag for each member of your squad! From the naughty to the nice, tailor your bag to fit the party and give everyone stuff they can enjoy on the night and in the morning.

After the night (to help you remember!)

hen night memento book

A hen night memento book is the perfect way to reminisce about the fantastic night you had celebrating with your best friends! This makes a lovely gift for the bride who can cringe and delight in all the crazy antics you got up to!


Another great hen party favour for the bride is the hen night kissing lip sheet, girly and fabulous! Have all the hens make their mark with a lipstick kiss and frame this work of art as a lovely memento. 

If none of these are to your taste, be sure to check out our hen night essentials here and follow us on twitter or facebook for daily hen do updates. 

When you’re hosting a hen do, it’s easy to forget the little details that make the night the most memorable. Providing your hens with their own personalised hen party bag is sure to go down an absolute treat. If you thought party bags were for kid’s parties, you’d be mistaken! Hen party bags are a lovely way to say thank you to all of your hens for helping you celebrate in style and can also help them recover from the wild antics the night before.

We know how easy it is to get overwhelmed hosting a hen do, so we've put together this handy guide for you to follow when making your hen party bags. 

Choose and Personalise Your Hen Party Bag



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Making your hen party bag personalised is the key to making this gift memorable. Here at HenStuff, we stock a range of different bags ideal for your hen do, all with the option to add your own personalised custom sticker! If you’re looking to be a bit more DIY, you can make your own by buying plain party bags and decorating them yourself. Alongside being quite fun, this is sure to get you into the wedding spirit.

Add in Some Hen Party Essentials For the Night Ahead 

Party Essentials
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These essential items are the key to making your hen party bag every hens priority for the night. Without your hen party bag, how else are you going to carry around all of these bundles of fun? From giggle-worthy willy whistles to loved up heart shaped chocolates, these little gifts are sure to make your hens smile.  

Don't Forget to Add in Some Fun Hen Party Accessories! 

Hen Party Wear
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No hen party is complete without the iconic hen do statement pieces!  You can make these items personalised for each hen by finding one that suits their personality best. These items are a sure way to make a hilarious start to the night (especially for the person who ends up with the willy eyemask). 

To Make it Extra Special, Add in a Personalised T-Shirt for Each Hen 

Personalised T-Shirt
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Is there any other occasion that calls for a personalised T-Shirt more than a hen do? Ideal for hen do's abroad or wild nights out, these hen do t-shirts are perfect to keep track of each member of your party. With a variety of T-Shirt styles, colours and fonts, you can make a memorable item for each hen that they’ll want to keep hold of!

Final touch: Add in Some Necessary Hangover Cure Essentials 

Hangover Cures
Available at most Tesco stores and Greggs.
Make sure your hens are feeling in tip top condition after your wild night out, by ensuring they’ve got some hangover cure essentials in their hen party bags. Along with all of the other gifts, they are certain to thank you for this one the morning after!
Hen party bags are a perfect way to show your gratitude to your hens for all their help. We hope our guide has helped you figure out the best way to say 'thank you'. To browse more of our hen do essentials, simply head here.