Hen Party Accessories from HenStuff

A hen party is great fun anyway, but it gets even more enjoyable when you throw a little bit of competition into the mix! Giving out hen party prizes is a fantastic way to turn your girly night out into one big game, and we all know how much fun a good hen party game can be!

To play this particular hen party game, all you'll need to do is come up with a list of awards to dish out to the most deserving hens. The categories can be anything you like, from 'Best Outfit' and 'Hottest Hairstyle' to 'Biggest Lightweight' and 'Craziest Hen of the Night', but remember that every award needs an appropriate prize for the winner!

Once everyone knows the categories in which they're competing, it's time to let the games begin. If you want an award, you'll have to convince the other hens that you're worthy of it! You won't win the 'Biggest Flirt' award with chatting to a couple of guys, and the 'Best Drinker' gong isn't going to the girl who was under the table after one WKD.

So keep a close eye on the antics of your fellow hens, and when the party is winding down, gather everyone around and vote for the winner of each award. Of course, you might not be able to organise a vote if you leave the awards ceremony 'til the end of the night, so make sure you hand out the awards at a point when everybody's still able to stand. Winners get an acceptance speech (again, best not to be too drunk for this part) and, of course, a fabulous prize befitting of their achievement.

Hen Stuff do loads of great accessories that could double as hen party prizes. The outstanding drinker could win this fantastic Thirst Extinguisher; the Best Dancer of the night could take home this fabulous Mini Disco Ball and turn their bedroom into their own personal dancefloor. The possibilities are endless, so start coming with award ideas now and get ready to battle it out at your hen party!