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When celebrating your forthcoming wedding, you want to make it is as big and as crazy as possible - it is your last night of freedom after all! But If you're struggling for ideas on how you could plan a crazy hen weekend, we've rounded up some of the craziest activities you can find, to ensure that the bride has the most outrageous and craziest hen weekend imaginable. 

Fire Breathing Workshop - Amsterdam 

There's an abundance of crazy and outrageous activities you could do in Amsterdam. One of those crazy activities is visiting a Fire Breathing Workshop! Embrace your inner dragon and learn all the secrets to fire breathing with this thrilling workshop. You'll be taught all the proper techniques, get tips off the professionals and by the end of the day you'll be able to blow all the other girls away with your fire breathing skills! It's a once in a lifetime opportunity and the perfect way to celebrate the brides last days of freedom! For the full details on this activity visit Hen Weekends.

Medieval Mayhem - Nottingham 

Have you always wanted to storm a castle or fight someone to death some inflatables? Well now you can with this medieval hen party package from Hen Weekends. They're loads of crazy medieval themed games for you and all the girls to enjoy. An afternoon of medieval mayhem is a great way to get over the hangover you suffered from the crazy antics you got up to on the night before and it's also a great team building exercise!
Trampoline Cave Adventure - Chester 40 miles from Llangollen 
We all enjoy having a good old bounce on the trampoline every once in a while but have you every thought how you could improve this experience? How about doing it in a cave, 180ft in the air? After boarding an old mining train, you'll reach the beautifully lit caves, where you can have all the bouncing fun every bride-to-be deserves! This activity is certainly not for the faint hearted but it's perfect if you're looking to include some high octane thrills into your hen weekend. For full details on this activity visit Go Hen

Laughter Yoga - Brighton

A hen party is all about relaxing, enjoying yourself with the girls and just having a laugh. Laughter Yoga enables you to do all these things as you do quirky, fun and stress-busting laughter exercises. Laughter Yoga is the perfect way to forget all the worries of having to plan your wedding and it enables you to bond with the girls! For full details on this activity visit Go Hen.  

Tank Driving - Birmingham, Nottingham, Budapest, Prague and Vilnius 

Hen party activities don't come as crazy and outrageous as Tank Driving! Forget everything you know about driving a regular car and abandon all traffic rules, as you're driving around in this mammoth tank, conquering challenging hills and obstacles, and smashing around the custom built course. You'll forget about all your pre wedding jitters when you're at the wheel of this tank. For full details on this activity visit Go Hen
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