Hen Party Accessories from HenStuff

...As Tom Jones once said.  And here at Henstuff.co.uk we're not one to question the big man. In fact we'd like to help find you the best hat for your hen night, or any themed night for that matter! On the website we've got a huge variety of different headwear for your ladies night, and to start we've got a few on show from the Uniform headwear range . After all, who wouldn't want to add a bit of authority to their night?

  • Policewoman's hat. The classic. This piece of headwear will leave you firmly in control on your night, and you'll have the ability to lay down the law should things get a bit rowdy (not that they would girls, of course!). The price to pay? £7.19!
  • Air Hostess Please present your boarding passes for a wild night ahead. Kit out your hens in true airline fashion with this overhead accessory (see what we did there?) and prepare to fasten seatbelts for your unforgettable hen night. £3.99 is more affordable than duty free, too!

Of course these aren't all the services we've got to show, just a small sample. If you're looking for a smart and sexy Uniform head dress to spice up your special night, then look no further. We've even got Uniform costumes should you feel the need to show your authority a bit more!