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Are you and your girlfriends struggling to find that perfect hen party gift for the bride? Or you’re looking for something a little different from the usual stuff? Well look no further, because we have an exclusive range of gift ideas from fab party wear to your favourite drinking games, all one click away and with next day delivery! Whether it’s a spa break with the girls or a messy night out, we are sure to have the gifts for you. Look below to see just some our fantastic hen party gifts for the bride.

Relaxing Getaway

So you’ve booked that perfect, chilled spa weekend with all your girls and the bride and are looking for the right gift, well then these gifts are definitely for you! First we have our fantastic Bride Kimono, the perfect way to treat the bride whilst letting everyone else know is the star of the show. Embroidered with a gold ‘The Bride’ logo, there will be no mistaking who the important lady is whilst you all relax and prepare for the big day.

Bride Kimono

Now that you have your Bride Kimono, what better than a pair of Bride Spa Slippers to give your bride the ultimate level of comfort. These classy spa slippers are extra comfortable and again are embroidered with a gold ‘The Bride’, the perfect gift for letting the Bride put her feet up and enjoy her stay.

Bride Slipper

Now that you have the perfect combination for the Bride to relax in, why not get her something a little more personal that she can use on her big day or any special occasion. Our Beaded Bride Hanger is a gorgeous gift for any Bride that may have that special something to hang up. Coated in stunning white pearl beads with a white ribbon bow with ‘Bride’ printed in gold foil, this hanger is undoubtedly bridal and will make anything hanging from it look spectacular.

Beaded Hanger

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Night on the Town

Don’t fancy staying in and want to see the Bride let her hair loose one last time? Here’s a number of gifts that will be sure to make your hen party a night to remember. Where else to begin than the classic sash!? Here at Hen Stuff we have a range of sashes that will meet any of your Bride’s needs. From a classy white satin and diamante to a more eye popping flashing pink, we are sure to have just the sash for you - click here to view our selection.

White Satin Sash

We cannot forget about the party before the party, so we also have an excellent variety of games and boozy stuff to make your night start with a bang. Bingo old-fashioned and boring? Definitely not this version! Our Drink & Dare Bride Bingo is a naughty spin on the classic game where instead of dabbing numbers, you work through dirty dares which are sure to bring out the wicked side of any Bride.

Drink and Dare Bingo

What’s a hen party without some booze!? We have plenty of choice when it comes to getting all the girls going, from Hen Party Pong to essential shot glasses, sure to kick off a night none of the girls will forget. Check out our full range of party games and boozy stuff.

All of these products are sure to make your hen dreams a reality, so don’t be afraid to try something new and exciting! For any queries or information, please do not hesitate to visit our contact page.

Hen Party Sweets

When it comes to choosing the right sweets for your hen party bags, it can be a little overwhelming how many options there are! That's why here at HenStuff UK we have an entire dedicated page to hen party sweets

With a wide range of hen party sweets, ranging from true classics such as our Pop Shock Popping Candy and Loveheart Lipsticks to naughty novelties such as our succulent willies and boobs, there's something to suit every hen party theme. 

Here's our list of the essential hen party sweets for any hen do:

Heart Shaped Lollipops

Heart Shaped Lollipops

Pretty in pink and sweet as can be, these heart shaped lollipops are top of our list for hen party sweets. Ideal for celebrating all things lovey-dovey, these cute lollipops are sure to make your hens smile when they find them in their hen party bags. For just pennies too, these hen party sweets definitely won't break the bank! 



Succulent Willie Lollipop

Succulent Willie Lollipop

Of course, your goodie bag won't be complete without some naughty hen party sweets! These succulent willie lollipops are the perfect treat for an event that celebrates willies so enthusiastically. Complete with a cute bow, these hen party sweets are sure to get a few raised eyebrows and many laughs. 


Jelly Boobs

Jelly Boobs

If you're choosing a more boobie themed hen party, rather than a phallic one - these jelly boob hen party sweets are the one for you! Packaged in a neat little box, these jelly boobs are easy to carry around with you all night and satisfy any sweet tooth craving you may get through the night. 


Peppermint Peckers

Peppermind Peckers

Alternatively, if you're after a more minty pick-me-up during your night out, just pop a case of these funny peppermint peckers in your bag and you're good to go! Following the phallic theme of most hen parties, these peppermint peckers are the perfect hen party sweets to keep with you through the night. 

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When it comes to organising a hen party it is so easy to get overwhelmed with planning and choosing the hen accessories required for the big night. You need personalised hen t-shirts, build-your-own hen party bags, hen night willies and a whole variety of other hen accessories to have a proper girly hen weekend! 

Hen Party Heart Bubbles 1

Hen Party Bubbles: Hen Party Heart Bubbles

However, in amongst all that planning and choosing your hen sashes, personalising your t-shirts and carefully selecting your willy straws it can be easy to forget that the main point of any hen night is for you and your girlies to have some serious fun. That's why we push our fun hen accessories as hard as anything else you'll find on HenStuff.

Glow Stick Bracelets - Glow In The Dark 1

Hen Party Glowsticks: Glow Stick Bracelets

A hen party is one serious opportunity to have a great time with your girlfriends - no matter how childish or funny! That's right girls: hen party glowsticks and hen party bubbles. These are the true fun hen accessories that you might think you don't need - but trust us - you do! 

Hen party glowsticks are both practical and super fun. We have all manner of glowing apparatus, including hen party glowsticks bracelets, glowing earrings, hen party glowstick glasses - you name it, if it glows, we've got it. As well as being fantastic, funky additions to your hen fancy dress costumes, they glow so brightly that if any of your hens get a little worse for wear you will always be able to spot them in the dark club!

Hen Party Bubbles Pack of Six 1

Hen Party Bubbles: Hen Party Champagne Bubbles 

Hen party bubbles, however, are just fun, fun, fun. The drunker you get the more hilarious blowing your hen party bubbles everywhere will be. Besides, some of them come in pretty naughty shapes which are hilarious hen party costume additions on their own!  Hen party bubbles will also make your pictures look amazing! Hen Party bubbles do add a delightful twist to the night, think about it, when did you ever hear anyone not enjoying blowing bubbles?

Glow Stick Bunny Ears (Including Glow Sticks) 1

Hen Party Glowsticks: Glow Stick Bunny Ears 

We're pretty confident we've made the case for hen party bubbles and hen party glowsticks now - so make sure they're added to your hen party bags for one seriously fun hen night!

This week we've placed a a rather large focus on festival hen parties, partially due to the approach of Coachella, and partially to get us in the summer spirit now that the sun is staring to make an appearance! Luckily, festivals and hen parties tend to go a hand in hand, thanks to their shared tendencies to include fancy dress, glitter, inappropriate dancing, and of course, alcohol! If you're going to survive your festival hen party, and make it one of the the best weekends of your life, then you're going to need a few essential items to help you along the way!

Get Your Drink on:

Whether it's a country cider or your dodgy home-made wine, festivals are almost as well known for their alcohol as they are for their music! The same can be said for hen parties, which have a long tradition of providing the bride-to-be with countless opportunities to get their drink on, all from hilarious novelty drinking items. Luckily, at HenStuff we have an extensive selection of drinking accessories, some of which would be perfect for a festival hen! Our rainbow willy straws are one of our favourite sets of the whole bunch, as they take the hen party staple to a new level by translating it into a spectrum of eye-catching colours. Another accessory which would be perfect for a festival is this handy shot glass necklace, which has you prepared for a shot on the spot, without requiring you to rifle around in your bag. 

Suitably Silly Accessories: 

At festivals, no one is likely to bat an eyelid if you're half naked with glittery nipple covers, or if you're dressed head to toe in a sheep onesie - anything goes! Luckily, this means that you won't have to worry about wearing any crazy hen party accessories like you would on a visit to a high-end club, so make the most of it! From fairy wings to Hawaiian garlands, we have all the usual, colourful festival accessories, as well as some naughty and ridiculous hen party items to help you stay on-theme. These willy head boppers are sure to get you spotted, even in a crowd full of festival-goers!

Light up the Night:

Any great festival has just as much to enjoy by night as it does during the day, so you'll want to make sure that you and your hens stand out, even after dark. Whether you just want to glow under the UV lights, or be a bit more flashy, there are plenty of accessories you can use to take the party into the wee hours. While glow sticks may remind you of school discos, we promise that they're just as fun for adults, especially when you experiment with different colour combinations. We also have the classic L plate, but with a bit of a twist- it lights up! This accessory is great for any hen night, but is particularly appropriate for festivals, where friends can be hard to spot in big crowds. Finally, we also stock this delightfully tacky, party girl necklace, which as you may have guessed, also lights up! While this is intended purely for the purpose of novelty, you may find it comes in handy to light your path after a drunken night when you need to make it back to your tent!

Mark Your Turf!

If you're heading to a festival for your hen, that doesn't mean that all the hen party decorations have to go out the window! In fact, decorating your tent with hen-themed accessories is a fantastic way to make that little patch of soil your own, while also making it far easier for you to find your tents amongst the hundreds of other, near identical pitches. Party banners are, of course, a must, but make sure you fasten them securely, or you may come back to find that they've disappeared in the wind! If you're looking to combine your hen party decorations with typical festival trimmings, then the ever-popular flag is a great way to identify your camp, giving you a satisfying feeling of owning your own territory! For making your way around during the day, why not take a silly willy mascot with you, it's a great way to start some rather interesting conversations with strangers that's for sure. It's also the perfect way to find your way back to your friends, if you've had to pop for a toilet break mid-set.

Handy Bits:

As well as thinking of all the fun and colourful accessories that you can take with you to make the trip more amusing, you're also going to have to make sure that you have the practical side of things taken care of too. While sun lotion and wellies are a no-brainer, there are lots of other must-have items that you should always have at the ready on a festival trip. Hand and face wipes are one essential you should have in abundance, for everyday hygiene, and in case of emergency mud splashes! For the toilet situation, you should also come well-prepared, both physically and mentally! If the thought of parking your bottom on a well overused festival toilet seat gives you nightmares, have no worries, HenStuff are here to help! These sitting pretty toilet seat covers are the perfect barrier for germaphobes, allowing you to pee in comfort without a worry or care!

Happy Snacking!

Although there will be plenty of food stalls to visit when you're in need of a snack that's a tad more substantial, it's always good to have something sweet to give you a dose of energy on the go. Whatever you fancy, we have a great selection of sweet shop staples here at HenStuff, perfect as a mid-journey snack on your way to the festival, or as a well-needed fatigue killer after a long day on your feet. From love hearts to lollies, there has to be at least one childhood favourite amongst out selection that all of your group will love! If you'd like to stay on theme, even with your choice of sweets, then we also have some naughty willy-shaped delectables for your hens to enjoy. This pack of cola flavoured willies are an ideal choice, as they combine a strange but winning combination of nostalgia and naughtiness.

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Here at Henstuff, we know how hard it can be to find tasteful accessory, constantly searching through willy product after willy shaped products. Hours have passed and you start thinking, will you ever find a product that doesn't resemble a penis. To stop you from having to go through this horrible ordeal ever again, we've listed Ten Tasteful Hen Party Accessories, which will be great for any hen party. 

Just £1.99 
But Here

A bride can't go on her hen party, unless she has an L plate draped around her neck. And with this Double Sided L Plate, you get the choice of two! 

Just £1.75 
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Give everyone a warning that there are some crazy hens loose out on the town, with this awesome and brightly coloured Pink Hen Party Sash

Just £1.99
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It's a well-known fact; a party isn't a party unless there's balloons! And balloons don't come more better than this Girl's Night Out Foil Balloon

Was £2.50, Now £1.50 
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These Hen Party Love Heart Boppers will look perfect on anyone! So, whether you're Blonde, Brunette or Redhead, don't hesitate to grab yourself a pair!

Just £3.99 
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The bowler hat is a British icon! And, it's the perfect piece of headwear for any occasion, including your hen party!  

Just £3.99 
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Make sure all the girls stand out with these Hen Night Party Glasses

Just £0.99 
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Let the whole world know that you're out on a hen party and that you're the girl of the hour with this Bride to Be Brooch

Was £2.50, Just £1.99 
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If you're thinking about going on a hen party without a hair accessory, then there is something wrong with you! To make sure you don't feel left out; get yourself a Hen Party Hair Bow

Just £3.99
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Make your hen night pictures even more memorable, with our amazing Hen Night Photo Booth Props

Just £0.99 
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There's no arguing that confetti is best way to decorate, for any occasion! And this Hen Party Big L Plate Confetti is the perfect confetti for your hen party!

For more hen party ideas check out our Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest pages! 

So, you've set a date, time and location for your hen party celebrations. Are you planning a fun night in, a hotel getaway or a night out on the town?
Regardless of how you choose to celebrate your final days as a single lady, it's important that you have the best array of accessories to ensure that your hen is a fun and memorable experience for everyone involved.

Here is our essential guide to the best hen party supplies, designed to make the planning process a whole lot simpler for any bride or hen:

Fun and Games

One of the simplest and most affordable ways to add some fun to your hen night, is by investing in some hen themed party game sets for everyone to get involved in, either as a spectator or as a participant.

If you're planning a hen party at home or in another private venue, sets like our Hen Party Pong or Junk on the Hunk Game are a perfect way to get everyone giggling. 
Hen Party Pong and Willy Hen Game

For hens planning a visit to the club, items like our Bride to Be Drink and Dare Bingo and these Hen Night Dare Scratch Cards are a great way to encourage shy and outgoing hens alike to participate in the hilarity of the night. They also make great additions to party bags and lucky (or unlucky) dips.
Hen Night Scratch Card and Drinking Bingo

Perfect Props

Whether they're used as strategy to find your fellow hens in a crowded nightclub, or as a way to make your photographs even more memorable, props are a great way to increase the fun and flirty atmosphere of a hen party.

Hen Night Props
This Hen Night Photo Booth Kit and Pink Bride to Be Set will look great when you're posing for hen night snaps

Inflatable Willy prop
Spot your friends from a mile away with this silly Blow-Up Willy

Make it Personal

Why have the same hen party accessories as everyone else, when you can have items that are tailored especially for you? If you're looking to add a more personal touch to your hen party, Hen Stuff's range of customizable hen party accessories are a great way to do just that. From t-shirts and sashes to hilarious face masks, there are a multitude of  ways that you can use personalization to poke fun at the bride. It also works as a clever and creative way to generate hen party 'personas' for each hen. 

personalized hen items

Cheeky Trimmings 

No party is complete without the right decorations, and Hen Stuff have a great selection for parties held at home, as well as for hens on the move!

If your hen party involves a journey (which encompasses everything from a cross-country car ride to a group walk to the club), decorations like this Hen Night Car Flag or this Hen Night Warning Tape are a fantastic way to add a feeling of unity to your group, and make everyone aware of your arrival!

hen night signs

If you’re celebrating your hen indoors, you’ll need to add some hen party ambience to your room in order to get your hens in the mood to party! Items like this Naughty Willy Confetti add a rude yet subtle dash of humour to your party, while additions like these Hen Night Direction Signs make it easy for you to direct your guests, while turning your home into a hen party playground! 

willy confetti