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So, you've been trusted with the responsibility of planning a hen party; congratulations! At first, you'll probably be pleased to have been given such an important role, but after a while, you may start to regret your approval after realising the amount of work that you've taken on...
The reality of planning a hen do is often far more stressful than you would think at first, it's more than just ordering Hen Party Essentials (although this IS very important) but with a bit of determination and forethought, you can make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible for everyone involved. Here are our tips for planning a great hen do, that won't be a flop for any of your guests:

Plan, Plan, and Plan Some More!

Naturally the extent of your planning will depend upon the length and location of the hen, but it's still important to keep on top of all your tasks, whether you're planning a night out in your local city or a long weekend overseas. Your first priority should be to finalise the guest list, so you can  have definite numbers to plan with when booking transportation, venues and activities. Once that's done, you can then move on to the booking process itself, and finalise your plans for the party. If you're hoping to fit in a variety of activities, you may want to draw up an itinerary to make sure everyone is clear on the plans, and to ensure that you are able to fit everything within your time frame. To make it easier for you, we've created this free hen party itinerary printable to help you plan out the running order of the days.
Download yours here:  henstuff-itinerary.pdf (97.2KB)

Involve Your Bride Without Being a Nag

It's highly likely that by the time the hen party arrives, your bride will be sick to death of making plans and checking bookings, thanks to months of pre-wedding stress. That means it's important to take on as much of the responsibility as possible, so that she can truly enjoy herself without having to worry about the little details. Having said that, it's also important that you ask for her input when needed, or at least get a good idea of what she wants before you start planning. A good way to do this is to plan a relaxing day out such as a shopping trip or a lunch date, so you can get a good idea of what the bride wants in a chilled out, stress-free atmosphere.

Keep All Your Guests in Mind 

"So I have to keep in mind what the bride wants as well as everyone else?" Yep, pretty much.. We understand that it isn't the simplest of tasks to keep all the guests happy, and if your try to please everyone you'll end up driving yourself mad, however, it's important that you avoid making people feel left out at all costs. One case where this issue often arises is when there is a diverse age group attending the hen, or if you have invited a friend of the bride who isn't familiar with the rest of the attendees. 
A great way to solve the issue of age and demographic, is simply by making sure that your plans are diverse enough to suit a range of tastes, so that everyone will find something to enjoy throughout the weekend. Another idea is to split the hen into a distinct day/night affair, so that those who aren't a fan of clubbing don't feel obliged to spend hours out dancing. If you're concerned about an individual feeling left out from the rest of the group, you may want to reach out to them before the hen to help them feel welcome. You could add them on social media or get their phone number from the bride, so that you can introduce yourself and help them feel included before you go away.
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Why not get the girls matching with these sashes:


Aah, after months of planning it’s finally here! We all love a hen party, when various friends and relatives gather together to celebrate the Bride’s transition into married life! But who will be attending the hen? No matter how well you think you know each girl, this is what you can expect from your bachelorette party…

 Custom Hen T-Shirts

(Customise your T-shirts)

The Maid of Honour Hen

She’s got the power. She’s planned this night’s every detail. Gift bags and personalised t-shirts for the squad at the ready. She’s gonna get everyone into the spirit and makes sure her best-friend is sent off in style! Someone buy this gal a drink!


The Prim and Proper Hen

Oh she DOES wish you hadn’t got the willy straws out, or the willy whistle necklace out… or... well anything willy related. Maybe she’s an old school friend, or your grandmother… either way she’s not comfortable being in the presence of the male stripper. She’s gonna have to grin and bear it of course, we all love the male strippers.

 rainbow willy straw

(Rainbow willy straws)

The Dirty-Minded Hen

Speaking of male strippers, this girl is the natural enemy of the prim and proper hen. She can’t get enough of the phallic novelty gags. Furthermore, she’s man hungry when you hit the club, she’s most certainly already necked half the stag do. You go girl.

The Snap-Chatting Hen

Sometimes known as the Instagram hen, or the Facebook live hen (God help us). That selfie-queen is doing her thing, slaying… of course, she’s uploading the videos of herself looking stunning while the rest of the hens are looking less than presentable. Whatever, we’ll untag when we sober up.

 hen party shotglass

(Girls night out shot glass)

The ‘Too Drunk’ Hen

Where is she? Oh, that’s right… she’s at the bar getting another round of shots. Love her or hate her, she’s here to party. As much as we all hope she won’t throw up before she’s home, casualties happen… Hopefully she doesn’t get too out of control and bother the bride… keep her occupied with these fun hen party drinking accessories!


The Bridezilla

Speaking of which, she’s already a bit on edge. She isn’t supposed to be worrying about anything but she wants to make sure everyone is having a good time, and that the drunk hen hasn’t thrown up in her bag. It’s okay, treat her to some souvenirs and make sure she remembers it as one of the best nights of her life! Bag-vomit aside…

 mother of the bride sash

(Flashing mother of the bride sash)

The Mother of the Bride Hen

Her little girl is all grown up and leaving the nest! Okay, she’s been moved out for years, but it still feels fresh. Show this Mother Hen some respect and make sure she has a great night out! Maybe divert her eyes as her little girl has a lap dance, y’know, the usual.


The Crying Hen

Oh dear, of COURSE you’ll meet the one! No need to cry, sweetie. Okay, please stop crying. No really, put down the wine. Have any of you hens got a tissue? NO DON’T TEXT YOUR EX.handcuffs

(Pink diamante handcuffs)

The Feisty Hen

Oh god, she’s taking out her earrings… no one’s even sure why she’s mad. Hopefully her rage is directed away from the party, maybe at the stag who’s trying to get a bit too friendly with the bride. We are a little bit entertained, a little bit scared. She’ll probably cool off soon, probably… At least we already have handcuffs if we need them, ey?


The Awkward Hen

Maybe she’s a work colleague, or a relative of the groom, either way, she doesn’t know many people other than the Bride, who is otherwise occupied. She’s gonna make excuses for looking at her phone, or wanting to go to the bathroom alone if you don't help her out. Remember to include EVERY hen at the party – make fast friends, become a strong squad and hit the town. (Hint: Party games are an excellent way to bond!)


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1. Champagne in the City 

2. Log Cabin Long Weekend

3. Sun, Sea & Suspicious Husbands 

It's hen party season lately, and here at HenStuff we are absolutely swamped with orders from you lovely ladies (and some guys too) rushing to get your hen accessories in time for the big weekend. We work hard to get all our orders out on time and ready for you to enjoy, and we absolutely love to hear feedback of how our hen accessories helped make your hen night a little bit more fun. We often get reviews on the site, e-mails and tweets thanking us for our services and our marvellous customer service (not to blow our own horn or anything..) and nothing makes our day more in the office than seeing pictures of you lovely lot glammed up in HenStuff gear and hitting the town! 

An e-mail hit our inbox today filled with pictures of the gorgeous bride to be Ani and her fellow hens on a big, wild hen night in Cardiff. With her permission, we're sharing some of these awesome snaps with you! You can see her hen party was crammed full of HenStuff hen accessories. Let Ani's night be an inspiration for you and your girls! 



Here you will see the gorgeous hens modelling their clay penis creations thanks to our Willy Moulding Kit. Bride to be Ani on the far right looks particularly pleased with hers! You might also notice a sprinkling of Pink Willy Confetti for the ambience, and a Glow in the Dark Willy Straw in every drink!  

The lovely ladies were also joined by this friendly chap: Mr Willy, the 30inch penis balloon! 


The ladies thoroughly enjoyed themselves playing a game of Stick a Dick - Hunk, where you take it in turns to don a blindfold and try and pin the penis on the rather dishy man. 


You'll also notice a few of our Hen Party Sashes and feather boas frequenting a fair few of these pictures ;) 

The lucky ladies were also joined by this handsome chap - Mr Wonder Willy Inflatable Man. Him and Ani seemed to get on very well indeed...



All in all it looks like Ani and her girls had a great night, which is what is really important. If this picture is anything to go by, we're sure she had quite the sore head the following morning... (she's rocking our Fuzzy Willy Boppers in case you were wondering) 



And we're done with the shameless plugging for today. Really though guys, we love to see your hen party pics so keep 'em coming! 


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