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Planning a Hen Party can be tough, making the bride happy, choosing activities that everyone will like, getting the money off the other Hens - we know how exhausting it can be. We want to help you keep on top of all this party planning madness, so we've put together this checklist to help you out!

Well in advance ( 5+ months before the party)

Discuss the Bride's expectations for the Hen party:

  • When does she want it?
  • What kind of party does she want? (Wild, tame, afternoon tea, strippers in the club, etc.)
  • Who is on the guest list?
  • Where does she want it?

The Bride may have a lot of specifics in mind, or she may leave it up to you to decide what her last night of freedom will entail. Either way, deciding these factors early on will help you in the long run. Remember this night is about her so if she feels very strongly about something it's your job to listen.

Get in touch with the Hens

Hopefully you know many of them already, but when it comes to coworkers, groom's relatives or uni pals it's likely you are all quite unfamiliar with one another. So the best thing to do is start an online chat (assuming you aren't all in meeting distance), get all their numbers from the bride for Whatsapp or get a Facebook group on the go. You need to start discussing the following:

  • When are you all free?
  • What's everyone budget?
  • Who can help with what?
  • What ideas/themes/surprises for the bride does everyone think will work?

Once this is all decided the rest is much easier. The Bride (if she wants to be that involved) and the Maid of Honour get the final say just so decisions can be made quickly. Of course, you need to pick a budget and date that suits all of the guests so you can start booking activities and venues. 

Book the venue and activities

It seems early, doesn't it? You'd be surprised how quickly venues and hen-centric activities fill up so make sure this is one of your first priorities. Try your best to book activities that fit the agreed budget on the agreed dates. Then you can go back to the Hens and let them know to write it in their diaries and give them the official price of the day/evening/weekend. If there's a deposit ask the hens for it now so you can get it booked ASAP!

Spa days, cocktail classes, strippers and other Hen fun are incredibly popular so even if you think it'll probably be fine it's worth booking early. Honestly! If you need any inspiration have a look at our daytime activities ideas, or our destination guide

Book transport

This is also the time to ask the hens to book their transportation to the city, or time for you to book the bus, limo, taxi you have decided on. 

Hen Party Approaching (2+ months before the party)

Ask for the Hens for their payments

No one likes to play debt collector, but it puts you in a difficult position and unable to pay off the venue or start buying the decorations. Hopefully the Hens involved understand this, after all, no one wants to stress out the Bride! The group chat is the best way to gently remind the Hens they owe you money and that you can't do much more without it. This should convince them to transfer it straight to you.

Order Sashes, T-shirts or any matching accessories

These are the touches that make a Hen do special! Although these products don't tend to take too long to arrive if you are after personalised goodies you don't want to worry last minute about sizing, numbers or what your personalised gear will say.

Order any theme-related outfits

Similarly to the above, if you have a theme you want to give the hens plenty of time to receive their costumes or other bits. You may decide to order for everyone, or just send links to the items they should be getting so they look the part! This gives everyone plenty of time to get sorted.

Right around the corner (1 month before the party)

It creeps on you quickly, doesn't it? Now it's time for you to order all your Hen Party Essentials ready for the do! By now you'll know what budget you have left to spend on games, accessories, and decorations. Here are some things to get ordering:

When your goodies arrive make sure they are what you wanted! If you plan to make Hen party bags make sure you have everything you need to save you having to make another order later on. 

Confirm venue, transport and guest attendance

Reassure the bride, the hens and yourself by confirming what you have booked. If there are any disasters you have time to plan something else! It's also a good time to hit up that group chat again, make sure all the Hens know the plan and confirm they are still coming - again this gives them time to check all their plans are in motion. 

A week to go! (1 week or less before the party)


With only a week to go, it's time to get all your last bits together! Now you can go ahead and:

It's also a good time to run through what's planned with the Bride (unless any of it is supposed to be a surprise!) and the other Hens. Hand out the itinerary so that everyone knows what to expect and can prepare accordingly.

It's Here! (On the day! & the night before)

Finally! It's here, the night we've all been waiting for! All that planning has gone to good use and you can see all your hard work coming together.

If you are able to access the venue the night before it's a great time to decorate, but if not most venues will let you pop in to decorate and leave you goodies well before the party itself. With all your organising skills this should all be going incredibly smoothly, all the Hens and Bride should be at ease! 

Be sure to encourage everyone to take loads of photos and get involved in all the activities! Now there's only one thing left to do:

Have Fun!



If you need anything else for your Hen Party we have a huge selection of party bits to help you make it perfect! Browse through our website and create the best party to suit the Bride-to-be! Or for any other advice feel free to contact us today



When it comes to organising a hen party it is so easy to get overwhelmed with planning and choosing the hen accessories required for the big night. You need personalised hen t-shirts, build-your-own hen party bags, hen night willies and a whole variety of other hen accessories to have a proper girly hen weekend! 

Hen Party Heart Bubbles 1

Hen Party Bubbles: Hen Party Heart Bubbles

However, in amongst all that planning and choosing your hen sashes, personalising your t-shirts and carefully selecting your willy straws it can be easy to forget that the main point of any hen night is for you and your girlies to have some serious fun. That's why we push our fun hen accessories as hard as anything else you'll find on HenStuff.

Glow Stick Bracelets - Glow In The Dark 1

Hen Party Glowsticks: Glow Stick Bracelets

A hen party is one serious opportunity to have a great time with your girlfriends - no matter how childish or funny! That's right girls: hen party glowsticks and hen party bubbles. These are the true fun hen accessories that you might think you don't need - but trust us - you do! 

Hen party glowsticks are both practical and super fun. We have all manner of glowing apparatus, including hen party glowsticks bracelets, glowing earrings, hen party glowstick glasses - you name it, if it glows, we've got it. As well as being fantastic, funky additions to your hen fancy dress costumes, they glow so brightly that if any of your hens get a little worse for wear you will always be able to spot them in the dark club!

Hen Party Bubbles Pack of Six 1

Hen Party Bubbles: Hen Party Champagne Bubbles 

Hen party bubbles, however, are just fun, fun, fun. The drunker you get the more hilarious blowing your hen party bubbles everywhere will be. Besides, some of them come in pretty naughty shapes which are hilarious hen party costume additions on their own!  Hen party bubbles will also make your pictures look amazing! Hen Party bubbles do add a delightful twist to the night, think about it, when did you ever hear anyone not enjoying blowing bubbles?

Glow Stick Bunny Ears (Including Glow Sticks) 1

Hen Party Glowsticks: Glow Stick Bunny Ears 

We're pretty confident we've made the case for hen party bubbles and hen party glowsticks now - so make sure they're added to your hen party bags for one seriously fun hen night!

Superhero Accessories

Hen Party, Assemble! 

Super Hero Accessories

Whether you're Team Marvel or Team DC, we all love a super hero movie. With all these new films coming out we are feeling inspired to celebrate our Hen Party in Super style. Luckily, here at HenStuff, we have an assortment of superhero themed goodies to get the party started! Whether you’re dressing up, or just want some fun accessories, we have some of the things on offer that will make you feel like a super hero.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Everyone’s favourite Amazonian! Why wouldn’t you want to follow in the footsteps of Wonder Woman! Accessorise with our fantastic sash and glitter hat to let everyone know how wonderful you really are. We also have this lovely Wonder Woman Bag so that you can carry all your Hen Party bits and still look super. 


Bat Girl

Bat Girl

Na na na na na na na na BATGIRL. If this darker superhero is more your style either of these choices of head gear will complete your look. Choose between our glitter hat or head bobbers and let the rest of the hens know the dark knight is in town. (Knight? Knight-ess… you know what we mean).


Super Girl

Super Girl

Feeling particularly Super? Well, let everyone at the hen know with this Super Girl Sash! Put on you’re the iconic ‘S’ shields and be your usual Supergirl self! We also have a fabulous Super Girl Bag - not only can it be home to all your hilarious Hen Party essentials, it is a stylish super statement.


Custom T-Shirts

Custom T Shirt 

If you want a Super Hero T-Shirt to complete the look we have you covered. This Super Girl T-shirt lets everyone know what a super squad is in town! Personalise it with the bride-to-be’s name and celebrate in super style. We also allow you to completely customise your tops from scratch if you prefer, pick any superhero or style and build the perfect shirt for each hen!


With our goodies, you’ll be the best super squad to hit the town! Make sure you pick up other essential hen party products, you may want to save the world but that doesn’t need you can enjoy all the usual novelty items!

Hen Party Games

Everyone expects to have a good time at a Hen Party, and hen party games are a sure way to guarantee this. That's why, here at HenStuff, we have plenty of party games to get the whole squad bonding and having fun in no time! Whether you want something cheeky, funny or daring - we have the right hen party games for your party!

To view all our hen party games click here, but in the meantime, here are some of our favourites on offer:


Hen Party Dare Spinner Game

Party dares are a hilarious way to get everyone laughing and taking part in the festivities! This mini spinner can be easily popped in your handbag so you can continue to play throughout the night! Just give it a spin and let fate decide what naughty dares are in store.


Beer Pong Hen Party Game 

An oldie but a goldie, beer pong is a great drinking game to get everyone in the team spirit (and fairly tipsy, of course). The game is simple, get your ball in your opponents cup, if it successfully lands on target they then have to drink the contents of the cup. Be prepared to become wildly competitive. 


Stick a Dick

Some cheeky willy-related games are a must at a hen do, and we all expect some dirty hen games which is why this is one of our favourites! Like pin the tale on the donkey, but wildly inappropriate for a children's party - this game is for adults only! As the name would suggest, it's time to stick the dick on the stud. Harder than it looks... (that wasn't an innuendo, we promise). 


Hen Party Tangle Game

A game that will leave you and the girls questioning your flexibility and balance which is always a sure party starter. Just like the more 'family friendly' game Twister, this game involves players spinning the wheel, and placing their hand or foot on wherever the spinner decides. When someone fails to do this they must drink as a forfeit - a great game before you hit the town! 

We have a hen party games for everyone here at HenStuff - to check them all out just click here


Check out even more of our party games below!

Great British Hen Party

Woop! The Great British Bake Off is back on our TV’s, and although it’s now just about as controversial as a binned baked Alaska (miss you Mel, Sue and Mary), we still can’t help but rejoice a little bit. If you love Bake off (new and/or old) you may decide that a Great British Bake Off Hen Party is for you, something a little more… sophisticated. Everyone loves Afternoon Tea and now you have every excuse to put a GBBO spin on it - so here are our tips for throwing a Great British Bake Off themed hen party!


Time to Decorate

hen party bunting

Everyone loves that look of the Bake Off tent, all those pastel colours, all that bunting - just wonderful. This is easy enough to copy. Think vintage, think British, think what would make Mary Berry happy. Go all out with tea pots and cake stands to really look the part. You can still make this a hen-centric party, and the usual hen party balloons, etc are still completely acceptable. 

What to Drink

afternoon tea

Tea is a quintessential part of British nature and so, naturally, you will have tea! We all love tea, we have Earl Gray running through our veins. It's particularly satisfying when served in cute tea cups so make sure you have all the right stuff!

We also love a bit of booze at any party, a favourite for this theme would, of course, be Pimms, both British and sophisticated! 

Get the Baked Goods!

baked goods

The baked goods at the Great British Bake Off Hen Party are everyone's favourite part! It's completely up to you if you decide to have baking going on at your party. Baking as a group can be a hilarious, if not messy, activity. Of course, most of you will only have one oven free at a time, so bringing pre made treats is a great shout too! You can ask each of your hens to bake something to bring something random, or you could have a theme and make it a little competition! Whatever you decide to do, you can't go wrong with baked goods.  

Party Activities

garden party

As well as eating/baking cakes, if it's sunny, it's the perfect time to have a garden party. Why not play a round of croquet? Or rounders? Being outside puts everyone in a great mood, just try not to over do it if you and the other hens are full of booze and cake... If the British weather is disappointing (as it often it) this is still just as fun inside - just be careful not to break anything!


If you need any accessories for your hen, whether you want something naughty or nice, we've got a fantastic collection on offer. Have a look at our Hen Party Essentials and really make your party pop.  

Hen Night Favours

Everyone loves a Hen party, but when the night has come and gone it’s nice for your hens to have something to hold onto. Think about your childhood parties, we only ever really went for the party bags! With that in mind, here are our best hen party favours:

For the night (bits you can keep!) 

Personalised T-Shirts:

personalised tshirts

No hen party is complete without them - get the girls in uniform before you hit the town! The best part about the hen t-shirts is that you can always keep them as a reminder of a fantastic hen day/night. We allow you to customise your t-shirts in whatever way you want. Whether you want each hen to have a different top or them all to match - we have it all! 

Bridal Sashes:

hen party sash

If T-shirts aren’t your style maybe a sash is more to your taste? We have a massive selection of sashes for every person in your party. Get the bride and hens all sashed up and keep them after as a nice reminder!

Build a bag:

hen party favours

Remember those childhood party bags we spoke about earlier? Well, we’ve got the perfect grown up solution! You can pick from all of our hen night essentials and create a hen night party bag for each member of your squad! From the naughty to the nice, tailor your bag to fit the party and give everyone stuff they can enjoy on the night and in the morning.

After the night (to help you remember!)

hen night memento book

A hen night memento book is the perfect way to reminisce about the fantastic night you had celebrating with your best friends! This makes a lovely gift for the bride who can cringe and delight in all the crazy antics you got up to!


Another great hen party favour for the bride is the hen night kissing lip sheet, girly and fabulous! Have all the hens make their mark with a lipstick kiss and frame this work of art as a lovely memento. 

If none of these are to your taste, be sure to check out our hen night essentials here and follow us on twitter or facebook for daily hen do updates.