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Everyone expects to have a good time at a Hen Party, and hen party games are a sure way to guarantee this. That's why, here at HenStuff, we have plenty of party games to get the whole squad bonding and having fun in no time! Whether you want something cheeky, funny or daring - we have the right hen party games for your party!

To view all our hen party games click here, but in the meantime, here are some of our favourites on offer:


Hen Party Dare Spinner Game

Party dares are a hilarious way to get everyone laughing and taking part in the festivities! This mini spinner can be easily popped in your handbag so you can continue to play throughout the night! Just give it a spin and let fate decide what naughty dares are in store.


Beer Pong Hen Party Game 

An oldie but a goldie, beer pong is a great drinking game to get everyone in the team spirit (and fairly tipsy, of course). The game is simple, get your ball in your opponents cup, if it successfully lands on target they then have to drink the contents of the cup. Be prepared to become wildly competitive. 


Stick a Dick

Some cheeky willy-related games are a must at a hen do, and we all expect some dirty hen games which is why this is one of our favourites! Like pin the tale on the donkey, but wildly inappropriate for a children's party - this game is for adults only! As the name would suggest, it's time to stick the dick on the stud. Harder than it looks... (that wasn't an innuendo, we promise). 


Hen Party Tangle Game

A game that will leave you and the girls questioning your flexibility and balance which is always a sure party starter. Just like the more 'family friendly' game Twister, this game involves players spinning the wheel, and placing their hand or foot on wherever the spinner decides. When someone fails to do this they must drink as a forfeit - a great game before you hit the town! 

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Hen Party prosecco pong

Ladies, ladies, ladies, we have the perfect game to kick off your bachelorette party, and it's called Hen Party Pong

Gone are the days of messy beer-chugging-American-style frat parties, now when we get absolutely hammered we want to feel elegant doing it – and that’s where the Prosecco comes in.

That’s right, everyone’s favourite fancy drink prosecco has been combined with the iconic tradition of Beer Pong, and we couldn’t be happier.

Now that pong has become particularly posh, you can play it at your hen party and still feel as classy as ever! Until later… when you inevitably get out the phallic novelty gear and hit the town. But for now...


How to play Hen Party Pong:

First of all, you may want to buy a Beer Pong set. Now we know we said it will be elegant, but those red cups fit a lot more bubbly goodness than a pretty flute…

Next, set out your cups in a triangle formation at either end of a long table. Fill them up with posh prosecco-y goodness.

Now it’s time to split yourselves into two teams, just like Beer Pong, the goal is to get your pong ball in one of the other team’s cups.

Take it in turns to throw the balls (one attempt per team, per round), when one successfully lands in the opponent’s cup they have to drink the bubbly booze!

The first team to get their opponents to drink all the contents of their cups win!


(Make sure you have a spare cup of water to wash the balls between turns, no one wants sticky prosecco fingers!)


Aren’t you wondering where Beer pong with Prosecco has been all our lives? Personally, we're just thankful we can leave the beer at home and enjoy our beloved drink of choice.


We have loads of other Hen Party games for you to enjoy so make sure you have a browse of our range. For any other Hen Party goodies make sure you check out our Hen Party Essentials.

bingo board game

If you thought bingo was just for the elderly, you would be well and truly wrong! Here at HenStuff, we always know how to spice up old classics with a bit of naughtiness so here's a look at some of the adult bingo board games we have waiting for all you fun-loving hens. 

Willy Bingo

Willy Bingo

(Buy here)

There's no question about it; hen do's and phallic references go hand-in-hand. This daring adult bingo board game is as hilarious as it comes, with a variety of funny little willy characters to keep you company as you play. Played the same as a usual game of bingo, willy bingo can be played by anyone attending your hen do - no matter how merry they get! The first person to get a full house wins the game and can be crowned willy bingo queen of the night. For a winning gift, we would recommend heading to our gift section for some inspiration. This really is a cheeky bingo board game that you can all enjoy!

Bride to Be Drink and Dare Bingo

Drink and Dare Bingo

(Buy here)

If you fancy seeing a little less willy bingo on the night, then our Drink and Dare bingo may be more up your street! Instead of crossing off numbers (or willies) as they're called out, with this adult bingo board game you must complete a dare to cross it off your score card. With everything from dancing to flirting to kissing, this hen night bingo is sure to make every hen come out of their shell!

Printable Bride Bingo

Printable Bride Bingo

(Download here)

We even have printable bride bingo available for you if board games aren't your style. Less naughty than the other two adult bingo board games featured on this list, this printable bride bingo will allow you to create your own bingo boards for everyone to join in with. To play, all you need to do is fill each square with a hen party gift the bride may receive, making sure each card is different. As the presents are opened, you can tick off the ones on your card and hope you get a line! We've even provided you with a handy present suggestion list at the bottom of the card (I know, we're too good). 

We hope you have a wild hen do with all these fun adult bingo board games. If bingo is categorically not for you, check out all of our other games here!

Wedding Movie Drinking Games

While preparing for the big day, why not spread the joy with some wedding themed movies! Even better, why not invite all the girls around and have a big movie drinking game fest to all your favourite wedding movies? Movie drinking games are fun no matter what the occasion, but mixing wedding movies with wine is a sure-fire way to a fantastic night. We've put together a list of our favourite movie drinking games for you to play:

Mamma Mia Movie Drinking Game

How to play:

Take a sip whenever anyone mentions weddings or say's 'marry' or 'wedding'.

Drink whenever anyone mentions anything about Meryl Streep's character's love life. 

Drink twice whenever sex is mentioned.

Take a sip whenever someone says 'Sophie'. We recommend smaller sips because this is said A LOT.

Take a shot when Christine Baranski says the line about 'little boys'!

(We would say drink whenever someone there is a song but you'd probably pass out!)

Credit to Universal Pictures via GIPHY


Wedding Crashers Movie Drinking Game

How to play:

Drink in unison whenever somebody in the movie drinks.

Waterfall whenever Vince Vaughn rambles.

Take a sip whenever the word 'wedding' is said.

Drink whenever Vince Vaughn says 'phenomenal'.

Two drinks whenever something sarcastic/smart ass is said.

Take a shot when Will Ferrell yells!

Credit to New Line Cinema via GIPHY


27 Dresses Movie Drinking Game

How to play:

Take a sip whenever 'bride' or 'bridesmaid' is said.

Take a drink whenever Janes Filofax planner is shown or mentioned.

Take a drink whenever Kevin says something snarky about weddings.

Take a shot anytime Jane is a pushover.

When they sing Benny & The Jets, finish your drink before they stop singing!

Credit to 20th Century Fox via GIPHY


The Princess Bride Movie Drinking Game

How to play:

Drink whenever you hear 'farmboy' or 'as you wish'. 

Take a swig whenever someone get's knocked out.

Drink if anyone speaks of 'True Love'.

Waterfall for the hard fall or for the water torture!

Take a shot when you hear 'Hello, my name is Ingio Montoya. You killed my father, prepare to die'. 

Credit to 20th Century Fox via GIPHY


Bridesmaids Movie Drinking Game

How to play: 

Take a drink whenever Annie does something embarrassing or embarrasses herself. 

Take two drinks whenever Megan talks about anything violent.

Take a drink whenever Rita mentions hating her family. 

Take a shot whenever Annie makes things more difficult than they have to be.

Waterfall or take a shot whenever anybody poops!

Credit to Apatow Productions Relativity Media via GIPHY

We hope you enjoy these wedding movie drinking games - let us know which ones are your favourites! Of course, be sure to drink responsibly and have a wonderful night in with these great wedding movie drinking games.

Get your Hen Party drinking accessories here:

It's a given that you're likely to get a tad drunk on your hen night, but sitting around drinking isn't always the most exciting story to relay in years to come. With that in mind, we suggest that you take a look at some of our hilarious and fun drinking games, to bring a little excitement into your drinking! These drinking games turn a drink with the girls into a fierce competition, where everyone's a drunken winner at the end of the night. Grab yourself a couple of these drinking games and we guarantee you'll be entertained the whole night!

Just £9.50 
Buy Here
 Beer pong is the top dog, when it comes to drinking games! It's been around for centuries, and we believe that even cavemen played beer pong in some shape or form!  Okay, so we may have made that up, but it has been around for a while, long enough to establish itself as a drinking game classic! There's no better way to get drunk than by throwing ping pong balls into plastic cups filled with alcohol; especially as your aim gets worse as you play! But this isn't you're ordinary beer pong set; this one has been specifically designed for hens, like yourself, making it perfect for your last night of freedom! The rules are just the same as regular beer pong, but under each cup is a dare card that the owner of the cup has to perform, along with the usual punishment of having to chug the alcohol-filled contents! We won't give away any of the dares, that'll just ruin the surprise, you'll just have to find them out for yourself! 

Download Here
It's a truth universally acknowledged, that everything is better when it's free, and that's the case with our free printable hen party drinking game! The print-out provides you with a little checklist for when you're at the club and when you're having pre-drinks, so you can adapt the rules for both at home and on tour! If something on the list takes place or is referred to, you must drink! It couldn't be simpler! Also, did we mention that it's FREE! 
Just 9.50 
Buy Here
We have yet another Beer Pong set included in this list, but this one's a little different. Strip pong is the drinking game that literally gets your kit off! The concept of the game is simple - you're still playing a regular game of beer pong, but if your opponent's shot is good, then things are about to get a little colder (or hotter) for you! To add to that fun, you can't take your clothing off normally -  oh no, that would be far too easy! Once you've chugged your drink, you must spin the spinning board, and that will tell you how to take off your clothing item of choice. It's the sauciest twist on beer pong you'll ever find, and this makes it a truly perfect hen party drinking game!
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Saucy dares have become an essential activity at hen parties, but sometimes it can be difficult to come up with your own dares off the top of your head! Let's be honest, not all of us are that creative when we're drunk, so to give you a helping hand with thinking up some saucy dares, why not check out some of these great dare games! 

Just £2.99

This game is super easy to play, just pick any card and do whatever it tells you to do! These Hen Night Dare Cards will have all the girls on the edge of their seat, waiting to find out their fate. With 24 cards to choose from, there's loads of possibilities! Will you have to down your drink, dance on the table or perhaps swap each item of clothing with someone from the opposite sex? Who knows!

Just £3.99 
Willy fishing is great fun on it's own but when you throw in some dares, it becomes the greatest dare game in the universe! Okay, maybe we're getting a bit carried away, but it's still a a pretty hilarious game! Use the willy-shaped rod to catch yourself one of the willy dares, which can range from slightly silly to the downright embarrassing, so make sure you choose your willy wisely!


Just £9.99 
When you hear bingo, you may think of old biddies in the local town hall, but this bingo game is certainly not suitable for grandparents! Bride To be Drink & Dare Bingo is a juicy spin on the iconic pastime; instead of crossing off numbers, you cross off dirty dares as you do them! Who in your group will be the first to complete their line?

Just £7.99
Spin The Bride To Be is a fantastic way to get some dares going on the big night! The rules are simple: spin the spinner, and whatever it lands on you have to say or do it! 

Just £4.99 
A dare dice game is a fun and simple addition to any hen party! This Flashing Bride To Be Party Dice is perfect for hen parties on the go, as you can easily throw it in your handbag for dares whilst your out and about.

Just £6.99 
This game will have you doing all those things and more, resulting in one of the most hilarious hen party games you will ever play! Start by flipping a coin and call to see if it lands on heads or tails; if you guess right, you're off the hook, but if you guess wrong, then you'd better prepare for a range of revealing truths and dirty dares! This game is guaranteed to give the bride-to-be a hen night she'll always remember! 

Of course if you're looking for less naughty games, click here our to read about our selection of classy hen party games! 

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