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It’s fair to say that at a hen party, there is definitely going to be some drinking involved!  Whether you’re going to play some drinking games to get the night started or if you’re going to participate in a hen party activity such as cocktail making, you will certainly be near some form of drink throughout the weekend!  There is a vital accessory you will need on a hen party and these are drinking accessories!  There are so many to choose from, but where do you start?  Well although we know plenty of things about wedding confetti, we also know a thing or 2 about choosing hen party accessories and today we are going to give you a selection of drinking accessories for you to consider before you venture out on your hen party!

Let’s go straight in with a must have for any hen party; Willy Straws.  Forget using the boring black straws from every bar you go to… keep your own willy straw with you and use it all night!  Add a bit of cheekiness to your drinks as sometimes upgrading to a double just doesn’t cut it ;)

We love these!  Add some real fun into your hen party with a hen night shot glass.  The only trouble is, your always welcoming yourself to a drink – oh well!  A great accessory which will encourage others to celebrate with you and pour you a drink!  Not forgetting the shot girls who walk around bars / clubs – they can easily fill your shot glass for you all night long!

No doubt there will be some champagne bottles opened during the night, but why use the boring flute glasses which are handed to you?  Use your own hen champagne flutes.  Cheers in style with these great champagne flutes!

We have not seen this before and when we first saw it, we thought wow, this is brilliant!  This ring is a little bit different and instead of showing off your finger to showcase a big diamond, you will instead be showing off your finger to receive a shot of your favourite tipple!  Love it!

Hope some of our choices have given you some food for thought but be sure to check our henstuffs full range of hen party accessories for even more choices!

This blog was written by ConfettiHeaven.co.uk, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Wedding Confetti.

When is the last time you played a game of dares? Hen party dares are a great way to roll back the years and license some serious carnage! Just think of the kind of things you can get the bride-to-be to perform; and then think again of the kind of things you'd all come up with after a few! Hen party dares are a great laugh and our dares bracelet is one of the best ways to do it!

This hen party dares bracelet consists of 15 labels - this mean that all hens involved will have a chance to conjure up an individual dare of their own! Each label is then attached to a pink ribbon which goes around the bride-to-be's wrist; she can't then take them off until she has completed each dare. It's a simple concept but the best ideas always are. We dare you to start thinking up some dastardly hen party dares of your own right now!

The beauty of hen party dares is that you can get away with a lot more than you usually would be able to. And, you get to have a bit of devilish fun with the bride-to-be before she takes the plunge. You don't have to feel guilty about it either - at the end of the day she has a wedding to look forward to and she will never have another hen party. Hen party dares... go on, we dare you!

We love seeing photos of your hen parties, and we especially love it when your hen parties have fancy dress themes! This fab photo was very kindly sent to us by Jenna from South Wales, who attended her friend's hen night in London a few weeks ago. As you can see, the fancy dress theme was 'Under the Sea'. and these girls really went to town on their costumes - we particularly like the mermaid costume in the front row!

If you've got any awesome hen party photos or stories to share with us, send them to joel@henstuff.co.uk and we might do a blog post about you!