Hen Party Accessories from HenStuff
Choosing a hen party gift for a bride to be can be tricky, but however daring you decide to be, you're certain to find some great little novelties here at Hen Stuff. To help you decide, here's a short list to give you some ideas:

Edible underwear
This gift is the perfect combination of cheekiness and humour. It's a great way to ward off the munchies after a long night on the town, while doubling up as a fun little edition to the bride's honeymoon underwear selection.

willy egg fryer
This practical yet slightly rude item is a great way to stick to the unwritten 'everything-willy-shaped' rule, while also providing something suitable for everyday use. Chances are, your bride could be feeling rather groggy after her hen night, so this would definitely come in handy for the morning after fry-up. Besides, who doesn't love a double yoke? 

Novelty wedding toilet paper

Though it may be one of the tamer items on our list, this novelty toilet roll is sure to get a few giggles out of the bride and her future husband. Plus, you've almost guaranteed that their first argument as husband and wife won't be over the fact that they've run out of loo roll! 

Wind-up willy
If you're looking for a rude little novelty to make the bride and fellow hens chuckle, look no further than this little guy. It's without a doubt the most ridiculous 'willy' item you're likely to come across (no pun intended). 

hen night memento book

If you're worried about venturing to the raunchy side of things, why not get something that the bride can keep to remember her night? This memento book will make a great keepsake, and it would be something fun for the bride and her hens to pull out and laugh at every once in a while.

Bride gift bag
Once you've decided on a gift, you can wrap it up in this cute little bag ready to give to your bride. Thanks to the discreet material, you also won't have to worry about having any of the cheekier items on show.