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Superhero Accessories

Hen Party, Assemble! 

Super Hero Accessories

Whether you're Team Marvel or Team DC, we all love a super hero movie. With all these new films coming out we are feeling inspired to celebrate our Hen Party in Super style. Luckily, here at HenStuff, we have an assortment of superhero themed goodies to get the party started! Whether you’re dressing up, or just want some fun accessories, we have some of the things on offer that will make you feel like a super hero.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Everyone’s favourite Amazonian! Why wouldn’t you want to follow in the footsteps of Wonder Woman! Accessorise with our fantastic sash and glitter hat to let everyone know how wonderful you really are. We also have this lovely Wonder Woman Bag so that you can carry all your Hen Party bits and still look super. 


Bat Girl

Bat Girl

Na na na na na na na na BATGIRL. If this darker superhero is more your style either of these choices of head gear will complete your look. Choose between our glitter hat or head bobbers and let the rest of the hens know the dark knight is in town. (Knight? Knight-ess… you know what we mean).


Super Girl

Super Girl

Feeling particularly Super? Well, let everyone at the hen know with this Super Girl Sash! Put on you’re the iconic ‘S’ shields and be your usual Supergirl self! We also have a fabulous Super Girl Bag - not only can it be home to all your hilarious Hen Party essentials, it is a stylish super statement.


Custom T-Shirts

Custom T Shirt 

If you want a Super Hero T-Shirt to complete the look we have you covered. This Super Girl T-shirt lets everyone know what a super squad is in town! Personalise it with the bride-to-be’s name and celebrate in super style. We also allow you to completely customise your tops from scratch if you prefer, pick any superhero or style and build the perfect shirt for each hen!


With our goodies, you’ll be the best super squad to hit the town! Make sure you pick up other essential hen party products, you may want to save the world but that doesn’t need you can enjoy all the usual novelty items!

Hen Party Games

Everyone expects to have a good time at a Hen Party, and hen party games are a sure way to guarantee this. That's why, here at HenStuff, we have plenty of party games to get the whole squad bonding and having fun in no time! Whether you want something cheeky, funny or daring - we have the right hen party games for your party!

To view all our hen party games click here, but in the meantime, here are some of our favourites on offer:


Hen Party Dare Spinner Game

Party dares are a hilarious way to get everyone laughing and taking part in the festivities! This mini spinner can be easily popped in your handbag so you can continue to play throughout the night! Just give it a spin and let fate decide what naughty dares are in store.


Beer Pong Hen Party Game 

An oldie but a goldie, beer pong is a great drinking game to get everyone in the team spirit (and fairly tipsy, of course). The game is simple, get your ball in your opponents cup, if it successfully lands on target they then have to drink the contents of the cup. Be prepared to become wildly competitive. 


Stick a Dick

Some cheeky willy-related games are a must at a hen do, and we all expect some dirty hen games which is why this is one of our favourites! Like pin the tale on the donkey, but wildly inappropriate for a children's party - this game is for adults only! As the name would suggest, it's time to stick the dick on the stud. Harder than it looks... (that wasn't an innuendo, we promise). 


Hen Party Tangle Game

A game that will leave you and the girls questioning your flexibility and balance which is always a sure party starter. Just like the more 'family friendly' game Twister, this game involves players spinning the wheel, and placing their hand or foot on wherever the spinner decides. When someone fails to do this they must drink as a forfeit - a great game before you hit the town! 

We have a hen party games for everyone here at HenStuff - to check them all out just click here


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