Hen Party Accessories from HenStuff

What better occasion to get in touch with your wild side than a hen party? It's a crazy evening dedicated specifically to celebrating your bride to be friend's last night of freedom, so is there ever really a more appropriate hen party theme than animals and wild things? Of course there isn't! The best part of this amazing theme is that you get all the fun of dressing up and get to still look pretty darn sexy, which of course is exactly what every girl wants when they're out on the town! Don't believe us? Check out these stunning animal costumes you can sink your teeth into...

1. Zebra Print Bodysuit 

Zebra Print Bodysuit 1

2. Leopard Print Bodysuit 

Leopard Print Bodysuit 1 

3. Cheetah Print Bodysuit

Cheetah Print Bodysuit 1 

4. Fever Bumblebee Costume

Fever Bumblebee Costume, Black and Yellow 1

5. Sexy Tiger Costume

Fever Tiger Costume 1

So what are you waiting for? Let your wild side out with some of our gorgeous animal themed costumes

Now our usual bag would be to list you some mighty fine hen party accessories, and tell you why you need to purchase them. Today though we’d thought we’d go down a different angle, and instead offer you this random excerpt from a male member of our team on his views of hen party accessories – not that you have to take any notice of him, of course (and why would you anyway, ladies).

“Willies. So much penis. When did it become acceptable for grown and respectable (ish) women to parade around our city centres with giant inflatable genitalia? I can’t really see a bunch of stag parties with a blow-up vagina, though to be honest, they do far worse so I better keep that door closed. I suppose they’re not doing anyone any harm, and only the easily-offended may get bothered, but then they would, hence the name.

When I am sober and commuting to and from work, if I see a hen party I do tend to avoid them. I am not sure what it is, but a part of me envisions getting sucked in – and not in a good way. Though, this may just be wishful thinking. To be honest I avoid most drunken gangs while I still have my work clothes on, and most of it is just down to envy more than anything.

It takes a fair old whack to shock me, and none of your hen party accessories have succeeded in doing this so far. Of course, there are ones that are more vulgar than others, but for your typical British hen party, isn’t that the point these days? If we (we being men) are truly honest, there is something quite flattering about the whole penis obsession; we like that you enjoy the phallic form so much that you choose to don it in any way possible.

Whether you want to wear matching t-shirts, tiaras, wigs, or sashes you do that – some of you are not very pretty, so you may not get another chance to wear a sash (not that we’d say that to your face). Honestly though, from a fairly normal male to a group of raucous hens, you go on doing your pink feather emblazoned, Bacardi-swigging antics, we’re really not judging. And if you want to drink your drinks through a penis-shaped straw all evening, go ahead, our stag parties are surely going to be doing a lot more inexcusables anyway.”

Your hen party will be your opportunity to get a little silly, dress up in a fantastic hen party costume and have one seriously unforgettable night with your gorgeous girlfriends. When you're planning the big weekend it's inevitable that you will want to choose the best hen party theme possible. Our HenStuff blog is full of great hen party theme ideas, but this one is very special indeed. Dressing up like Movie and TV Characters is a fantastic idea for your hen night. You'll get to revisit your favourite films or nostalgic TV shows and dress up as the fabulous female characters you have so often admired! Besides, you'll have an incredibly diverse theme which means all of your hens will be wearing different outfits and you will have some seriously fantastic photographs to remember your big evening by. 

The biggest problem once you've opted for 'Movie and TV Characters' as your hen party theme is then deciding which sassy female you're going to embody and which rockin' costume will help you! Here are some of our personal favourite hen costumes from the sassy Movie and TV Characters costume section. 

1. Sandy Costume

Sandy Costume 1

2. Baby Dirty Dancing Costume

Dirty Dancing Baby Last Dance Costume 1

3. Pink Lady Jacket 

Pink Lady Jacket, For Grease 1

4. Marilyn Monroe Costume 

Marilyn Monroe Classic Halterneck Dress 1


And of course, you'll need a few movie costume accessories too! 

1. Marilyn Monroe Wig

Marilyn Monroe Wig 1

2. Hollywood Style Clapper

Hollywood Style Clapper Board 1

3. Plastic Statue 

Plastic Statue 1