Hen Party Accessories from HenStuff

We all know that at a hen party there is no limit on how outrageous the novelty gifts can get – and that’s exactly what we all love about it! At a bachelorette party, we no longer fear the crude or the unsophisticated, we wear our novelty flashing willy earrings with pride (this is no joke, get yours here). We make it our personal goal to provide you with the best funny hen party gifts to make your night as brilliantly humiliating as the bride-to-be will allow.

Girls Night Out Scavenger Hunt

scavenger game

It’s time to let your hair down girls, so why not get everyone on the same page for a truly hilarious night out? To add a bit of amusing structure to your night, have a Girls Night Our Scavenger Hunt – see who can score the most points by using cheesy chat up lines and scoring free drinks! This harmless fun is really a great laugh when you’re with your girls, and there are sure to be some hens that surprise you!

3 Foot Blow-Up Willy

inflatable willy

If you prefer some more ‘traditional’ funny hen party gifts then our collection of phallic fun will be sure to tickle you! What other night can you accessorise and outfit with a 3 foot blow-up willy after all? 

Rainbow Willy Straws

rainbow willy straws

From rainbow willy straws to naughty whistles You really can’t miss the opportunity and abundance of funny hen party gifts to make everything somewhat penis shaped so have a browse of our full collection here.

We have hundreds of novelty sweets and products that will make perfect funny hen party gifts – delight every hen by creating your own novelty gift bags, have a look through our hen party essentials to get your party started!

Choosing a hen party gift for a bride to be can be tricky, but however daring you decide to be, you're certain to find some great little novelties here at Hen Stuff. To help you decide, here's a short list to give you some ideas:

Edible underwear
This gift is the perfect combination of cheekiness and humour. It's a great way to ward off the munchies after a long night on the town, while doubling up as a fun little edition to the bride's honeymoon underwear selection.

willy egg fryer
This practical yet slightly rude item is a great way to stick to the unwritten 'everything-willy-shaped' rule, while also providing something suitable for everyday use. Chances are, your bride could be feeling rather groggy after her hen night, so this would definitely come in handy for the morning after fry-up. Besides, who doesn't love a double yoke? 

Novelty wedding toilet paper

Though it may be one of the tamer items on our list, this novelty toilet roll is sure to get a few giggles out of the bride and her future husband. Plus, you've almost guaranteed that their first argument as husband and wife won't be over the fact that they've run out of loo roll! 

Wind-up willy
If you're looking for a rude little novelty to make the bride and fellow hens chuckle, look no further than this little guy. It's without a doubt the most ridiculous 'willy' item you're likely to come across (no pun intended). 

hen night memento book

If you're worried about venturing to the raunchy side of things, why not get something that the bride can keep to remember her night? This memento book will make a great keepsake, and it would be something fun for the bride and her hens to pull out and laugh at every once in a while.

Bride gift bag
Once you've decided on a gift, you can wrap it up in this cute little bag ready to give to your bride. Thanks to the discreet material, you also won't have to worry about having any of the cheekier items on show.

Naughty Secret Santa gifts from Hen Stuff
With Christmas just around the corner, we have compiled some of our favourite products here at HenStuff so you have the best Secret Santa gifts, and the perfect stocking fillers for your friends and family! If you want to buy someone something a bit cheeky and naughty, then these are the gifts to give! 

First up, is the Duck with a Dick. This little fella is perfect for keeping anyone company in the tub! It is better than bathing alone, right? If that doesn't take your fancy, then the Candy Bra just may, or the Candy Posing Pouch! These two candy products are perfect as a gift to couples, or to your partner, I'm sure you can find someone to give it to! The Candy Nipple Tassels, and Candy G-String products would also be great gifts for your partner or friends! Why not give one of these cheeky candy products to a work colleague for secret Santa? It will definitely get everybody talking! 

If you are trying to get a message across with a gift, then the Small Pecker Condoms are absolute musts! Imagine your friends/partners face as they open this gift and realise what you have bought for them! Or maybe you know someone who is great in the kitchen but is really messy and in need of an apron? If that is the case they need one of our aprons. Luckily, we have two different ones, suitable for men and women, they will definitely go down a storm! The Female Body with Plush Boobs Apron, and the Male Body with Plush Penis are excellent aprons to be worn in the kitchen, and should definitely be included on the secret Santa gifts list! 

Do you know someone who often gets stressed? We really would recommend buying them a stress ball. Not just any stress ball though, it has to be the Anti Stress Boobs! All their stress problems can be erased with this helpful product! 

If you or your friends are always peckish, the perfect present would surely be some sweets? If you are thinking about a work secret Santa, it would be the ideal present as they can keep the sweets at their desk and share them with you?! The Jelly Boobs, and the Jelly Willies are sticking to the sweet theme but still remaining that little bit cheeky, making these sweets the perfect secret Santa gift. 

Perhaps you are looking for something a little less cheeky. We can accommodate for that kind of gift as well! The Anthon Berg Chocolates are perfect for those who love chocolate liqueurs! If you are a cheeky work colleague that keeps pinching other peoples high lighters, maybe a High Styler Highlighters gift would go down a treat to replace those high lighters that you've nicked over the months! 

ALSO, we are offering, until the 30th November only, a £1 discount off the Anti Stress Boobs! All you have to do is enter the discount code "£1OFFSTRESS" when you come to the check out area. Get yours while you can, these all make for great naughty gifts this Christmas! 

Do you know when you get to that point in a hen party when you want to combine your love of arts and crafts with your love of all things phallic? Well, at Henstuff we finally have the product to meet those needs in the shape of our fetching willy moulding kit

Blast some creativity and craft into your evenings with our willy moulding kit. It comes with 6 different pieces of clay so plenty of your hens can keep their hands busy - it also comes in three colours of pink, black, and brown, so we are not short on variety either. Mould the willy of your dreams, mould the willy of an ex, play guess that willy or just have fun comparing girths and forms; basically it's up to you what you do so use a bit of imagination and have a lot of fun!

This is just the sort of little game you can whip out that is going to get your girls giggling, and that is always a good sign. It is also the sort of idea that people will remember and bring up for years to come. Our willy moulding kit could also be seen as 6 little mementos to keep of a night, or 6 large ones depending on the size! Have a bit of fun and get dexterous ladies!

Good afternoon party people. How are we all? As we mentioned yesterday, and as you might have seen already we're making some changes to the site. We're putting a section together that's going to cover hen night essentials. They're a collection of the items that people love, at great prices for any hen party and collated in a convenient blog post for you, the reader!! Here's a loverly selection, which we think are the perfect hen accessories! 

1. Rainbow Willy Straws £2.50. The ultimate best seller ever in the history of Hen Stuff..... ever! It's a multipack of the aforementioned phallus shaped items, in a selection of delightful colours, as you can see in the pretty pictures. For £2.50 you get 10 straws, which should be plenty enough for sharing the love. They're brilliant for adding that naughty edge to your hen party. We like to sellotape them to people's hands, that way they HAVE to drink...


2. Pink Willy Confetti £1.89 We know that you want your hen night to be as bright and brash as possible, and the decorations shouldn't be left feeling flacid. Perk up the party by scattering some exceedingly tacky Willy Confetti about the place. This pack contains enough miniature todgers to cover a fair amount of space, and it's also got a smattering of boobies too. All in a bold pink, they're guaranteed to set the tone for the rest of the night. We apologise in advance for blocking the hoover...


3. 'Have you Ever' Drinking Game £4.99 Everybody loves a drinking game. A hen party wouldn't be complete without one. 'Have You Ever' is the wonderfully controversial spinner game, where you and your friends find out things about each other that'll make you giggle.  Simply spin the dial, and wait for it to land. Whichever box it lands on is the one to play. If you'd done the action on the board, you have to drink! With such naughty options as 'Faked an Orgasm' and 'owned a rabbit', you're guaranteed to know more about the girls after this! It even comes with 4 shot glasses to get you started


4. Hen Night Man Rating Cards £1.99 These badboys are guaranteed to provide some entertainment wherever you end up on the hen night. Simple yet effective, the rating cards can be used to show your appreciation (or disdain) for members of the opposite sex! Ranging from 1 (Complete Minger), to 10 (Hit the Jackpot), with some averages in the middle (5 being Wouldn't Say No!). Simply produce the cards and show to the subject individual. It might end in a cheeky snog, but be careful you don't hurt anyone's feeling too much!


5. Willy Shot Glass £1.99 A super saucy shot glass for all the girls. AND it's guaranteed to raise an eyebrow from onlookers! A standard sized glass, attached to a chain for easy carriage. Whenever someone yells for a round, simply produce this vessel and pour the booze in. On Shotting, the reducing levels of drink will slowly (or quickly, depending on drinking ability) reveal the tip of a wee willy wilkins. For best results, give the shot to someone unsuspecting. Watch their shock and potential horror as they are presented with a chubby to the mouth! We wouldn't recommend the mother of the bride, though...

Handcuffs, whips, blow-up dolls...it's the naughtier side of our hen night range!


We've got loads of hen party accessories here at Hen Stuff. All of them are pretty nice, but some...are a little bit naughty.


Lay down the law with a sturdy pair of handcuffs! If your bridesmaids have a tendency to become slightly unruly, handcuffs are the perfect hen party accessories for showing them who's boss. Some of our cuffs are lined with pretty pink fluff, but don't worry - you'll still look like the epitome of harsh discipline. 


And if handcuffing doesn't work, perhaps you should try being a little more direct. Whether it's a chap in the club who's being a bit cheeky or a particularly rebellious member of your own bridal party, everyone will tremble at the sight of your formidable hen whip. Hen party accessories don't get more intimidating than this, so if you need to assert your hen night authority and nothing else is working, this might be the only way to go. 

Blow-Up Dolls

Still, you can't be the strict disciplinarian all night, so save the whip for when you're married and join in the rowdy riot with these brilliant blow-up dolls! We've got a lady and a chap, so take your pick: take out your pre-marital stress on a blow-up bloke, or keep it ladies only with a bodacious blow-up bird! No hen do is complete without a blow-up doll, so even if you don't want any of our other hen party accessories, make sure you get one of these.

These naughty hen party accessories are just the tip of the iceberg; we've got plenty more where they came from, so get shopping!