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We are not short of classy hen party accessories here at Henstuff! We know how much you girls like adding that bit of class to your evenings and we have the kind of accessories to make that possible. This is not just your average night out, this is a once in a lifetime chance to have a last hoorah with your nearest and dearest. This means buying a few little special extras to really make the evening memorable - and don't think you need to break the bank in the process.

The great thing about Henstuff is that we offer a broad range in pretty much all of our products. This not only means you have a greater choice to select from but it means you can choose where you want to spend your money. If L-Plates for example are a small consequence but you still want to include them then opt for the cheapest ones. If a tiara is a priority, and you want one a little more special than your average (and that the bride-to-be can cherish) then go for our boxed diamante one. We make sure we cover as many bases as possible so if you are looking for classy hen party accessories you have come to the right place.

Our classy hen party accessories range covers everything from silky sashes and ravishing rosettes to tremendous top hats and fanciful flutes! You don't need to spend a fortune to class up your evenings, just a bit of time on Henstuff. If you want to separate your hen party from every other night out then our classy hen party accessories will help you on your way.

It’s not easy to be tasked with planning for a hen party or hen weekend for those that have never tried planning for one. Worse, for those that do not even know how to get started.

Planning for it is similar to planning for any party. Of course, there are some extras that can truly set that hen party apart from the rest and those extras will be mentioned below. Those that need more inspiration or some tips on planning for that party should read on as they might find the following information quite useful.


Know the Bride

Every hen party is a special occasion for the bride-to-be. It has become part of tradition to have a party that will allow the bride-to-be to enjoy those last moments of being a single woman before she ties the knot. Though most hen nights tend to be wild nights of drunken revelry, not all hens actually want that sort of thing.

It is important to know what the bride-to-be wants in order to create the sort of party that she will love. So, even if the activities included are meant to be kept as a secret or a surprise for the celebrant, just make sure that she will enjoy them. That’s why the organizer needs to really know the bride.

Fortunately, oftentimes, the task of planning for her last night of freedom falls onto the hands of her maid of honor or bridesmaid. That is, after all, supposedly the closest female friend or relative that she has. If that isn’t the case, just try to find out what she likes and enjoys doing before planning for the whole celebration.


Have a Theme

Parties with themes tend to be a lot more fun because it will give all the guests an opportunity to get creative and really dress up for the occasion. The theme can be a popular hen party theme or just any other theme that will be fun for the celebrant.

To give others an idea, the most popular hen party themes will include the L-Plate, Sex and the City, Playboy Bunny, Sash, and Pink Ladies themes. There are themes that will require certain costumes like the Playboy Bunny theme. On the other hand, there are other themes that will just require certain hen party accessories. Sashes, for instance, are accessories that will be necessary for a sash themed party.

Choose a theme that the celebrant and the rest of the group will enjoy dressing up for. The theme itself does not even have to be one of those popular hen party themes. Consider having a masquerade or vintage themed hen party if none of those themes appeal to the bride-to-be.


Games and Activities

Hen parties will not be complete without additional games and activities. To make sure that everyone is having fun throughout the entire evening, include some games. Of course, it helps to have good prizes for the winners as that will make those games a lot more fun for some too.

A hen night does not have to confine the group to one place or activity. There can be a number of activities lined up for the evening as well. How about starting the evening watching an exhilarating dog race at the stadium? Or get everyone in a lighter mood and start the evening watching a standup comedian at a comedy club?

There are so many possible ways to celebrate that hen night. It does not really have to be a night out on the town drinking and dancing. Not a lot of hens enjoy pub crawling, but how about partying on a bus while pub crawling? The party bus can be equipped with light and sound systems similar to other clubs. Food and drinks can be arranged for in advance as well. That way, the party does not really have to stop as the group moves on to the next stop.


These are just some hen party ideas that organizers might want to include. Just remember, the most important person during such an occasion is the bride-to-be. Make sure to include the things that she wants and she will truly enjoy her party.

This guest post was written by Sabrina of Henit.ie.

The gang over at Polestars are hula hooping around the office, with the warm breeze fluttering through the open windows – FINALLY! In celebration of the arrival of warm spring evenings, they decided to treat us to the details of some of their more summery products…

Forget about being tied to the kitchen sink, very soon it could be time to take Vintage Afternoon Tea and Cupcake Decorating out into the garden. Settle down in a deliciously vintage setting and be greeted with beautiful crockery and cake stands crammed with scones, jam and fresh clotted cream, which you can enjoy after learning the fashionable art of sugar-craft in our cupcake decorating class. Why not don a few vintage accessories or slip into a Swing dress, complete with a squared neckline, floral prints, flared skirt and oversized bows – perfect for a girly day out!

What with the prospect of warm summer evenings, it’s time to forget about spending a night in some poorly-lit basement club! Trade in sweaty sofas and sticky floors for grassy knolls and starlit skies. Nothing quite says Glamorous Camping like an old school game of rounders, followed by a batch of Chocolate Orange campfire muffins whilst the sun sets. Bliss!

Do you know when you get to that point in a hen party when you want to combine your love of arts and crafts with your love of all things phallic? Well, at Henstuff we finally have the product to meet those needs in the shape of our fetching willy moulding kit

Blast some creativity and craft into your evenings with our willy moulding kit. It comes with 6 different pieces of clay so plenty of your hens can keep their hands busy - it also comes in three colours of pink, black, and brown, so we are not short on variety either. Mould the willy of your dreams, mould the willy of an ex, play guess that willy or just have fun comparing girths and forms; basically it's up to you what you do so use a bit of imagination and have a lot of fun!

This is just the sort of little game you can whip out that is going to get your girls giggling, and that is always a good sign. It is also the sort of idea that people will remember and bring up for years to come. Our willy moulding kit could also be seen as 6 little mementos to keep of a night, or 6 large ones depending on the size! Have a bit of fun and get dexterous ladies!

The cost of a hen do has skyrocketed over the last 10 years and if you have a lot a friends getting married in the same year it can put a real strain on your family coffers.

However, a great hen party needn’t cost a fortune so don’t get carried away by expensive package deals. If you think DIY you could get far more for your money.


If you fancy staying in a hotel there are some simple ways to reduce the bill. If you don’t mind sharing beds. Book a triple or family room. This will bring the cost per person right down. You can also save a lot by booking a room only rate, lets face it you probably won’t be awake in time for breakfast anyway!

The other big way to save is to be organised. Book rooms on flexible rates. This means you can cancel them without losing money which as anyone who has organised a hen do will tell you is the biggest nightmare.


Shop around for train tickets and be organised. Train tickets are released 3 months in advance and tend to be cheapest just after they are released so put a date in the diary and you could save a packet.


If you are going away as a group this is a great way to do it.  Not only do you save money of the cost of the accommodation. If you get somewhere with good social space you can stop in on the Friday night and play some fun games, do a homemade pamper night or hire the hens favourite DVD.

Or, ask all of the girls to arrive with a surprise dish for a ‘pot luck supper’.


Try booking your activities directly with the suppliers and you could save a lot on agency prices. Like anything, you can save if you are prepared to spend the time shopping around.


Try and find a venue with a set party menu. This means you can all have a look at the menu in advance and everyone knows the cost. This also means no awkward moments when it comes to splitting the bill.

Pubs & Clubs

It is a competitive market out there in bars these days and venues are very keen to have you and also to keep you. On the night it will be easier if you do not have to move between too many venues so ask if they can reserve you an area or booth. It makes it feel special and many venues are more than happy to oblige.

If you need any help, advice or hen party ideas then please do not hesitate to ask. We are more than happy to help.

Written by Matt Kirby of Comparestagandhen.com.

Sophisticated hen party accessories don't come much better than this: our boxed bride-to-be tiara! We advise you to take a few minutes to look at the pictures of this thing and bask in its beauty and elegance. Henstuff condones some pretty high levels of naughtiness when it comes to hen parties, but there is nothing wrong with bringing a bit of class to proceedings. There is no law that states you cannot have some sophisticated hen party accessories in amongst the willies.

This beautiful piece has bride-to-be written on it in diamantes and the effect is truly dazzling. Like all things this special, it comes boxed. Hen nights are all about the bride herself, so it makes perfect sense for her to wear an eye-catching masterpiece like this. We are really proud of this tiara and it is definitely one our most sophisticated hen party accessories.

There are occasions in life when spending a little bit extra on something is not only justified but actually encouraged. After all the balloons have burst, the glasses and alcohol stains have been cleaned up, and the make-up you wore has been washed off, what do you have to remember your hen night? You will have plenty of things to remember your wedding by, but hazy drunken memories of the hen party are not quite tangible enough. Trust us here at Henstuff, you get what you pay for with our sophisticated hen party accesories but this tiara could be so much more than that. This tiara could be that one item that evokes all the memories of the last night of freedom, and we can't think of a more beautiful memento.