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If you've been tasked with planning a hen weekend for your friend, then you're probably going to be seeking inspiration from everywhere to ensure your bride to be has the best weekend ever! You've probably been searching through Pinterest board after Pinterest board, to try and find the perfect hen party ideas and accessories, but if you're still struggling to find inspiration, we suggest you take a look at some of these all-out celebrity hens! Celebrities are known for their great and eccentric parties and who better to take inspiration from, than the stars!?

To make things a little easier for you, we've also offered a few product suggestions to help you replicate the hen party style of these famous faces:

Rebecca Adlington 

The multiple Olympic gold medallist looked great as she celebrated her hen do with some close friends at a manor house in Shiningford. The swimmer must have enjoyed herself, as she uploaded a picture to Instagram and captioned it " Best hen do ever!! Thank you to all my girls!". And as you can see, Rebecca looks great with her 'Bride to Be' glasses and purple tutu on!

Una Healy and Rochelle Humes 

Back in may 2012, Saturdays members Una Healy and Rochelle Humes held their joint hen party in London! The two gorgeous singers and their friends spent most of their do a the Champneys Tring Health Resort, indulging in massages, facials and other pampering activities. They also enjoyed a night out on the town, where the two band mates were pictured draped in a variety of eye-catching hen accessories, even Marvin made an appearance - well sort of! 

Katie Price 

Katie Price's hen do ahead of her marriage to Alex Reid was celebrated in true Katie Price fashion. The glamour model turned business woman enjoyed cocktails at the Mayfair hotel, before receiving a cake shaped like a Barbie doll version of herself! It was also rumoured that one of Katie's closest friends was spotted carrying Ann Summer's carrier bags into the hotel with two topless men, suggesting that perhaps there was a naughtier, private party after hours!

Kim Kardashian 

Back in 2011, before her short-lived marriage to Kris Humphries, Kim K had a wild hen or 'bachelorette' party in Vegas. With over 20 guests which included family and friends, Kim, who is usually the quieter of the Klan, really let her hair down! She was treated to the typical host of hen do surprises, which included a striptease and straws displaying a certain male body part.... Following tradition, she was also unable to escape the usual hen party accessories, evident in the pictures of her wearing a sash, tiara, and wielding a heart shaped whip! It's a shame the marriage lasted roughly as long as the hen party.....

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Celebrity Hen Party Inspiration

We've listed some of our favourite celebrity hen parties, for you to take as inspiration for your hen do.

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When organising a hen party the key objectives of the night, is to get the hen insanely drunk and to also embarrass her, at any given chance. And what better way to do this, than by playing some pranks on her!

So we thought what better time to show you some of our favourite hen party pranks than on April Fools Day! We can't guarantee that the hen will talk to you straight away after but given some time, I'm sure she'll cool down and you can all laugh about it. 
Midget Stripper Prank
Having a male stripper at the hen party is one of the oldest hen party traditions there is, almost as old as the hen party itself! A hen party wouldn't feel right, unless there was a hunky guy, parading in front of the hens, to some dodgy 80's music, and getting the hen to either touch or lick something off the greased up, muscular body. 
But why not put a little twist on this hen party tradition? I mean, it's about time someone spiced it up a little!
So, with that in mind, why not instead of having a hunky, tall stripper, you get a vertically challenged performer to take his place. The look on the brides face will be priceless, when she's sat there expecting a muscular, hunky stripper and instead, walks in our slightly shorter friend...
But be warned, this prank can sometimes prove to be a tad expensive because unsurprisingly there's a lack of midget strippers around and they can be in high demand! 
The Wedding is off Prank 
This is a great but cruel hen party prank, which will require a bit of thought and some careful planning.
The idea here is to require the hen's phone whilst she's in the toilet, or better still, if she's taking a shower or bath. Then, once you have her phone, go through her phone book and change the contact name of one of her friends (preferably someone who isn't in the room) to her husband's name. 
Then, simply just text her from the contact you just changed, with something like "I'm sorry, I don't think I can go through with this, the wedding is off" 
To top the prank off, try to get the hen to ring her "Husband" and watch her face as she realises it was just a prank all along! Priceless. 
We can't promise she'll be friends with you for a while after this but it'll all be worth it! 
Face Drawing Prank 
This prank is a true classic and always has all the girls in stitches! Once the hen has inevitably passed out after one too many glasses, it's time to get work with the pre-purchased face paints, or even a good old sharpie would work just as good. Cover her face with a whole manner of things from, willy's to glasses, the possibilities are endless. One thing is for certain, the bride-to-be is going to have a little shock when she looks in the mirror and notices her new facial tattoos and that she's grown a moustache overnight.
Talcum Powder in the Hairdryer Prank 
If you're looking to start the hen party as you mean to go on, then this prank is perfect for you! As the bride prepares to get ready for the big night out, why not put a spanner into the works? 
As the bride-to-be is in the shower, try to locate her hairdryer. Fill her hairdryer with talcum powder and wipe off any proof from the outside casing; you wouldn't want to get caught out just before the main event. Then, just make sure you're there ready with your phone out to capture the exact moment the bride gets blasted with talcum powder. We can guarantee you; she'll be bringing the hairdryer into the bathroom with her next time.
For more Hen Party Pranks and Dares, check out our Hen Party Dare Games. For more great hen party ideas and inspiration, check out our Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest pages!

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Our Favourite Hen Party Pranks

We've run down a few of our favourite hen party pranks to pull on the bride-to-be on her hen party.

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Hawaiian Themed Hen Party
Spring is here, so if you're thinking of throwing a hen party soon, we've got the perfect theme for you and the rest of the girls - Hawaiian Hen Party! The days are getting longer and warmer (well, warmer than usual), so putting a Hawaiian spin on your hen party is the perfect way to take advantage of this rare occasion. If this is something that interests you, here are a few suggestions to ensure you throw the perfect Hawaiian Themed Hen Party! 

The costume: 


A Hawaiian costume is really easy to rustle up for your Hawaiian hen party, all you need is a grass skirt, a flowery lei garland and a floral bra. If you're feeling particularly brave, you could always wear a coconut bra too! To add the finishing touches to an almost perfect costume, simply pop a flower hair clip into your hair to add the cherry on top!   

What to drink: 


Throwing a Hawaiian themed hen party is also a great excuse to drink some fruity, tropical cocktails! If you're thinking of making your very own cocktails, it stands to reason that you're going to need a cocktail shaker. But you can't just have any old cocktail shaker at the hen do; it is your last night of freedom after all! Why not get yourself one of these cheeky Cocktail Shakers instead, which meets the obligatory penis quota while giving you a handy instrument to prepare your cocktails with!
If you're looking for some great cocktail recipes for your Hawaiian Hen Party, you can browse our selection of carefully crafted cocktail of the week recipes here. There's a drink to suit everyone's tastes!

What to do:  

If you're throwing a Hawaiian themed hen party, you're going to need some Hawaiian themed hen activities, so why not try your hands at cocktail mixing? The guys at Go Hen have some great 90 minute classes for you and your group. This fantastic package includes the teaching and tasting of several classic cocktails, allowing you to enjoy a fun bonding activity with getting a little tipsy! 
Once you've finished the cocktail mixing, you could gather the hens around for a group luau, before heading to your nearest tiki bar, where you can continue to party the night away!
If a Hawaiian Themed Hen Party isn't for you, just click here to see our full range of hen night accessories!
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Hen Party Themes: Hawaiian

Why don't you take advantage of the spring weather and throw a Hawaiian themed hen party?

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It's a given that you're likely to get a tad drunk on your hen night, but sitting around drinking isn't always the most exciting story to relay in years to come. With that in mind, we suggest that you take a look at some of our hilarious and fun drinking games, to bring a little excitement into your drinking! These drinking games turn a drink with the girls into a fierce competition, where everyone's a drunken winner at the end of the night. Grab yourself a couple of these drinking games and we guarantee you'll be entertained the whole night!

Just £9.50 
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 Beer pong is the top dog, when it comes to drinking games! It's been around for centuries, and we believe that even cavemen played beer pong in some shape or form!  Okay, so we may have made that up, but it has been around for a while, long enough to establish itself as a drinking game classic! There's no better way to get drunk than by throwing ping pong balls into plastic cups filled with alcohol; especially as your aim gets worse as you play! But this isn't you're ordinary beer pong set; this one has been specifically designed for hens, like yourself, making it perfect for your last night of freedom! The rules are just the same as regular beer pong, but under each cup is a dare card that the owner of the cup has to perform, along with the usual punishment of having to chug the alcohol-filled contents! We won't give away any of the dares, that'll just ruin the surprise, you'll just have to find them out for yourself! 

Download Here
It's a truth universally acknowledged, that everything is better when it's free, and that's the case with our free printable hen party drinking game! The print-out provides you with a little checklist for when you're at the club and when you're having pre-drinks, so you can adapt the rules for both at home and on tour! If something on the list takes place or is referred to, you must drink! It couldn't be simpler! Also, did we mention that it's FREE! 
Just 9.50 
Buy Here
We have yet another Beer Pong set included in this list, but this one's a little different. Strip pong is the drinking game that literally gets your kit off! The concept of the game is simple - you're still playing a regular game of beer pong, but if your opponent's shot is good, then things are about to get a little colder (or hotter) for you! To add to that fun, you can't take your clothing off normally -  oh no, that would be far too easy! Once you've chugged your drink, you must spin the spinning board, and that will tell you how to take off your clothing item of choice. It's the sauciest twist on beer pong you'll ever find, and this makes it a truly perfect hen party drinking game!
To see our full range of hen party games, click here
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Drinking Games For Your Hen Night!

We've listed our top drinking games to make getting drunk at your hen night , that little extra fun!

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We have another hen party theme for you today! And this time around, we've been inspired by the girls of Orange is the New Black, because this week's theme is... Cops and Robbers! This iconic party theme is one of our favourites, simply due to the fact that there are so many different ways to dress up. There are also plenty of fun activities to get up to, with the option to split the girls up into two teams and get competitive with each other! What's a hen party without a little competitive fun right?
Dressing up:
The main part of a party theme is the fancy dress! Whether you choose to don the old navy blue uniform of the cop, or if you choose to take the bad road and go with the black and white stripped uniform of the robber, with these costumes, you're guaranteed to look the part!
A convict is not traditionally thought of as a sexy costume, but times have changed, and this sexy robber costume proves just that! Draped in the iconic black and white stripes, robber costumes allow you to stick with the theme and still look great while doing it! 
Outfits like this naughty cop costume look so good people will be queuing up to commit crimes in the hope that you'll arrest them!
Time to accessorize! 
No costume can be complete without a couple of accessories! There's no point dressing up as a cop or robber unless you have handcuffs and a ball and chain, you'll just look silly! Here's a look at some Cop and Robber Hen Party theme accessory inspiration: 
Ball and Chain
What is the first thing that pops into your head when you think convict apart from the outfit? A ball and chain! Attach this ball and chain to your ankle to add the finishing touches to your costume!
Baby Pink Handcuffs
What is a police officer without their handcuffs? Pretty useless! Make sure you have a set of these handy, for when someone is causing a bit of mischief and needs to get punished! You can get a pair of these exact handcuffs here at HenStuff. 
Police Badge
You're not an official police officer unless you have a badge, those are the rules! So, if you're worried anyone might question your authority, make sure you have one of these polices badges handy to whip out on the spot and prove the doubters wrong.
You're all dressed up and ready to party, now what? Some fun hen activities of course! Here are some great hen activities, that'll keep all the girls entertained and will get the cops to compete against the robbers to see which side will come out on top.
Drinking games
Jail - This is a great cops and robbers themed drinking game that's bound to cause some laughs and get the drinks flowing! The rules are really simple, all you need is a pack of cards and at least 4 players. You take a regular pack of cards and deal them one at a time to each of the players, then, based on the value of the card, you must do the following:
2, 3 & 4 - Player who gets the cards, drinks the number of the card 
Picture Card - Player that received this card gives out 1-4 drinks, where Jack =1 and the Ace =4. 
6, 7 & 8 - these cards are neutral 
5 - The player that receives this card must go to jail. When in jail, the player must drink whenever someone else drinks. If the player in jail receives another 5, they must drink DOUBLE! 
9Nines are the bathroom break card. No one can use the restroom until someone with a nine decides to play this card. 
10 - This is a get out of jail free card 
Players can trade cards! 
For more details check out BarMeister
Cops and Robbers - You simply can't have a Cops and Robbers themed party without playing Cops and Robbers! To play this drinking game you must get all the girls to sit around a table. Take a number of cards out of a deck that is equal to the number of people playing. One of the cards has to be a king, and one of the cards has to be an ace. The other cards can be any combo of numbers people decide on. However, the higher the card number, the greater the chances will be of getting drunk quickly (you'll see why). 
  • Pass out a card to each person.
  • Whoever receives the ace is the robber and whoever receives the king is the cop. 
  • Once all cards have been passed out, everyone must stare at everyone in the group, waiting to hear the words " the deal has been made" these words will be said once the robber winks at someone. 
  • The person who has the king (the cop) is on alert to try to see who the robber is. The cop wants to catch the robber winking at someone. Once "the deal has been made" (the person who is winked at will say this to the group), the cop throws over his card and tries to guess who the robber is (the person who winked). 
  • If the cop guesses wrong, then she has to drink the number of drink on the cardholder's card. The game doesn't stop till the cop guesses correctly. For more details on how to play check out DrinksMixer.
Hen Activities 
Pub Treasure hunt  - This game is the ultimate combination of treasure hunts and pup crawls, to form the greatest hen activity imaginable! One member from each team must download the game app onto their phone, which will contain all the questions and challenges, unique to your group. You mission is to them follow the clues to each pub where you'll find a series of hilarious challenges. This is still a hen party at the end of the day, so there's plenty of time to have a few drinks at each pub, where you can also compare notes with the opposing team or throw a bit of smack talk about. The team that completes the most challenges in the quickest time will claim the victory and most importantly - the bragging rights!
Click here to book this activity.
Hen Day Challenge - This challenge will have you and all the girls getting really active. You'll take on some incredible challenges in this outdoor centre in Brecon. This Challenge will have you and the girls doing a whole manner of different activities, from climbing and shooting challenges to zooming down a zip wire, in a competitive activity like no other. This outdoor activity will really require you and the rest of the girls to work as a team and try your hardest to become hen day champions! 
To book this activity Click here
Go Karting - There's no better white knuckle hen activity than Go- Karting! We know you girls have a lot of road rage built up inside of you and what better way to release all this rage by battling wheel to wheel with each other, as you race along the many tracks across the UK. Which team will have the need for speed and become the overall winner? 
To book this activity Click here
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Looking for Hen Party goodies for a different theme?

Hen Party Themes: Cops and Robbers

We have another hen party theme for you today! And this time around, we've been inspired by the girls of Orange is the new black, because this week's theme is... Cops and Robbers!

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Whether you're a fan of a little history and culture, or you're a party animal, there's plenty of destinations in Greece that are bound to cater to all the girls' interests. With this in mind, we've put together a guide on the top Greek hen party destinations just for you! Take a look at these fantastic Greek destinations you can jet off to for the hen party of a lifetime. 
You will be in awe of the beauty that Rhodes has to offer! If you want a hen party destination which also offers a little sight-seeing and beautiful beaches to relax on, then there's no better destination than Rhodes. There's plenty of activities to keep you occupied during the day, as well as enough clubs to hit at night and party the night away. If you're feeling a little worse for wear you can always relax on the sand, and once you're feeling a little better in the afternoon, you can hit a cosy beach bar!
If you're seeking to immerse yourselves in a foreign culture, then you're going to love Kea! At the center of the village you'll discover countless churches, a village museum, and plenty of ancient artifacts, such as the island’s famous, 9-meter stone-carved lion ‘Liondas.’ Best of all, you'll find a host of local restaurants serving up traditional dishes, which is perfect if you've chosen to go self-catering. If you're looking for a nice relaxing Greek hen party filled with more culture than ouzo, then Kea is the destination for you! 
The floating island of paradise, Zante, has something for everyone to enjoy. From numerous sandy beaches, incredible natural scenery, and a famous buzzing nightlife, there's a little something for everyone on this lovely island. For a unique trip in this beautiful destination, you could rent a boat to the famous and postcard-perfect Shipwreck Cove! Or if you're looking to go crazy and party until sunrise, we suggest you take a visit to Laganas, which is situated in the center of the island. This place is famous for its club-life and for good reason. If the party scene is what you're heading for, we would also recommend taking a look at our Essential Hen Night Accessories to take with you for this Greek hen party destination. Although, perhaps make sure it's not too embarrassing - just in case airport security decide to take a look in your bag! 
There are many reasons why Kos should be your chosen hen party destination, not least its stunning natural beauty. Even by the standards you would expect from Greece, this Greek Hen Party Destination really is something special. Kos is ranked as one of the top tourist destinations among the Greek islands, and for good reason! It has a great night entertainment and also offers plenty of amazing places to explore during the day, from ruins to the waterpark (if you're feeling brave, maybe even take a look at our inflatables you could take with you!)! If you're looking to try something a bit more unusual, a visit to the hot springs should be an essential stop on your list for reviving yourself during the day.
Crete, Greece's largest island, is full of terrific beaches, ancient treasures, vibrant cities and dreamy villages. It's great if you want a hen party getaway full of terrific, hospitable Greek culture and beautiful scenery. The locals will take you in as one of their own, and will share their vast and expansive culture with you. Once you visit Crete, you'll want to come back every year and discover something new about this interesting island!
For some Hen Party Accessories to take with you to these top Greek Hen Party Destinations, you can browse our ranges here. Or for more Hen party ideas and inspirations, check out our Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest!

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The Top Greek Hen Party Destinations

If you're looking for a Greek getaway for your hen party, then you should have a look at some of these destinations!

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