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The 8 Biggest Hen Party Blunders

Check out our handy infographic, which warns hens about the 8 biggest hen party blunders to avoid!

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You're just about to get married and that can only mean one thing - a hen weekend! A hen party is great chance to get absolutely drunk, kill some power ballads at karaoke and enjoy some rude hen party games. One thing is for certain at a hen party, there's going to be a whole range of individuals there, here's some of the women you can expect to find at your hen party!  

The Maid of Honour 

This woman is your knight in your shining armour, but my god will she give you a headache! She'll constantly bombard you with daily Facebook messages, emails, WhatsApps, endless phone calls... There won't be a day that goes by where she hasn't sent you at least a 100 text messages! Cut her some slack though, it's not easy to organise a hen do, and she has taking the full burden off your shoulders, for which you should be eternally grateful.

The Golden Oldie

She's about double the age of everyone at the hen party and she hasn't been out for decades! She'll be trying her hardest to keep up with you and the rest of the girl's but will ultimately fail. But one thing is for sure, she'll be the first person busting out the Macarena and ensuring everyone is having a good time! 

The Lightweight 

She rarely has a drink but when she does - you know about it! One drink and she'll be a goner! She'll spend most of the night having her head resting on the bar and then finally bundling her into the taxi at 9pm. 

The Flirt 

She's a regular office worker by day but when the sun goes down she's an uncontrollable flirt who has her eyes set on every man in sight! You can guarantee she'll be sporting every phallic shaped object imaginable. She'll be Flirting and chatting up every man in the club, no-one is safe from this man-hunter! Beware - this woman is going to cut-loose!

The Bubbly Loudmouth

She's a walking, talking, air-horn, who will be "cracking on" with every bouncer and bar tender she meets, she'll sharing her life story with the girls she meets in the toilet and will probably end the night in a fight. Although a hen party without her would be a lot quieter, she's usually the one full of great ideas and it certainly would be a lot less fun without her there, so for that we thank her! 

The Old Friend From School

No-one will know who she is and she'll be practically mute, but she'll be there, lurking in the crowd. She'll occasionally chirp in with a childhood story of how the bride once kissed Joe Bloggs at lunchtime or that one time you all stayed up all night at a sleepover but other than that she'll be silent and end up disappearing into the night, never to appear again... 

The Mother of the Groom

You don't want her to be there but you've politely asked her to come along and you regret that decision hugely as all the girls tell her every embarrassing and raunchy secret about you and what you and her son get up to. But as the night goes on and after a few cocktails, she'll ends up spilling some gossip about your husband so inviting her to the party isn't too bad after all!

The Emotional Single

A hen party can be an emotional roller-coaster if you're single lady - you're finally getting married and starting a beautiful journey with your fiancé, whereas the only relationship this woman has is with Netflix. She is going to be a giant sob fest. But, stay strong single ladies of the hen weekend - one day you'll find your prince charming and you'll have your very own hen weekend thrown for you! 

The Party Animal 

This woman will ensure the hen party is absolutely carnage! She'll be force feeding you shots and making you all chug your drinks! You'll hope that towards the end of the night she'll mellow down but this boozehound can keep going all night and you're all along for the ride! Her motto is "It's not a good night out unless you end the night getting arrested". Although without her the hen weekend would be a lot calmer, the memories would never be the same without her! 

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The 9 Women You'll Have at your Hen Party

The 9 Women you can expect to find at your Hen Party!

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Today is May the 4th, which means it's Star Wars Day! If you're a fan of the franchise, we've got some great ideas and inspiration to help you ensure that your star wars hen party is the best in the entire galaxy.

What to Do 

There's plenty of fancy dress inspiration out there for a Star Wars hen party, whether you want to wear a conventional character costume, or try something more creative. If you're thinking of going all-girl power, you could dress up as Princess LeiaQueen Amidala or Rey, perhaps keeping one character exclusively for the bride. Throwing a Star Wars themed hen party also allows you to spice up your hen party photos with some cool props, whether that's a novelty lightsabre or your very own Vader mask!
Who said Star Wars and hen parties don't mix well? Awesome DIY idea from Jordan Sparano on Pinterest.
You can't have a hen party without some party games, so make sure you have lots of fun, Star Wars themed activities to keep the group entertained! You could organise an "across the galaxy" themed scavenger hunt, or initiate a competition amongst yourselves to see who can get the funniest or most inappropriate photo of themselves in their costume. You could even play the classic "Pin the bun on Princess Leia", either with a photo prop or live action model... 
There's also a drinking game for each of the Star Wars films courtesy of Star Wars Online Universe, which is perfect if you're thinking of hosting a movie marathon at your party.

DIY Inspiration

(Image via Makezine)
You can't have a hen party without decorations, although we'll admit that Star Wars themed hen party accessories are a bit hard to come by. Despite the drought on the decoration front, there's no need to worry about having a bland bannerless party, as you can make your very own party decorations thanks to the abundance of ideas available online!
A Death Star piñata would make a great addition to your hen party, especially for those feisty hens with built up anger that they need to let out! You could also create your very own R2-D2 drinks dispenser, so that you can serve up your hen party drinks in style! Of course, no party is complete without balloons, so why not get some regular white balloons and use a sharpie to create your very own Storm-trooper decorations?!? We have to admit, the quality of this last idea depends on how good you are at wielding a sharpie, so make sure you get someone with a bit of an artistic streak to take on this responisbility.

Food and Drink

If you're throwing a Star Wars themed hen party, then you're going to need some appropriately themed snacks and drinks to give your celebrations that extra attention to detail. After all, your hen party spread should be a buffet fit for a Jedi! 
Here are a few ideas we found while scouting the internet for inspiration:
The Kylo Ren-tini
(Image by Amanda Picotte)
Nothing hits the spot on a girls night out quite like a cocktail, so why not whip up a batch that will have you and your friends humming the Cantina Theme before you know it? The Kylo Ren-tini is a fun twist on a well-known classic, and includes one of our very favourite alcoholic beverages to give it that blood red colour - red wine!
You can find out how to make it over at Pop Sugar, where you'll find lots of other Star Wars cocktails to try out with your hens.
BB8 Cupcakes 
How much did you all love this cute little droid from the latest film? Although BB8 is the newest addition to our trio of loveable robots, this character already has a special place in our hearts. The BB8 charm translates into just about anything, even cupcakes, which means that a set of these will look super impressive at your Star Wars hen party!
If you want to have a go at making these, head over to Baking Mischeif, where you can find the recipe and instructions! 
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How To Throw A Star Wars Hen Party!

It's May the 4th, so we thought we'd share some ideas for a Star Wars themed hen party!

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A hen weekend without a spa session is just wrong! After months of stressful planning, a spa hen weekend is just what the doctor the doctor ordered! It's the perfect opportunity for you to relax with the girls and be surrounded by beautiful scenery! No-one will complain about a spa hen weekend, it's the perfect weekend away! Whether you're looking to beautify before a big night or detox after one, or both! There's nothing more perfect than a spa weekend with your girls. 
So with that being said, we've taking the stress away from searching for the perfect location and provided you with the our Top 5 Spa Hen Weekend Destinations, that will be perfect for you and your girls!

Saint Tropez 

If you're looking for a 5* luxury spa weekend away, then look no further than Saint Tropez! This hen party spa destination boasts beautiful scenery, fantastic weather, gorgeous spas and all your favourite people in one place, what could be better?!  This luxurious seaside town is also a hot spot for celebrities, so who know, you could celebrating your hen party with a celebrity or two! 
If you are thinking of heading to Saint Tropez then we highly suggest you take a look at the luxury 5 star Saint Amour La Tartane Hotel boasts a fantastic swimming pool and a truly spectacular spa that allows you and the girls to unwind in the heart of a cocoon of luxury and exquisite pleasure. You'll never feel more relaxed in your life in this hotel! 


If you want a city break that has the relaxation of a rural retreat, then Cambridge is the hen party location for you! Cambridge offers you a hen weekend away that's historic and classy, and is the perfect hen party destination if you're just looking to kick back and relax. This historic city is filled with great fantastic 4* hotels that boast some luxurious spas that will be so hard to leave! One of these hotels worth mentioning is The Varsity Hotel and Spa, this spectacular hotel is located next to the river cam in the heart of Cambridge and offers you and the girls the most luxurious experience in the whole of Cambridge!


Budapest is the ultimate hen weekend destination! It offers you and the girls plenty daytime activities and a boat load of entertainment in the night! The beautiful architecture will truly take your breath away and it's also worth mentioning that Budapest also boasts some of the best spas in Eastern Europe, all this is the reason why Budapest is the top of the list for hen part spa weekend! 
If Budapest is the hen party spa weekend destination of your choice, we highly recommend you take stay at the K+K Hotel Opera, this luxurious hotel is based in the heart of the Hungarian capital and it offers you and the girls a whole range of spectacular facilities along with a fantastic and relaxing spa that you can wind down in and forget about all the stress of having to plan your wedding.


If you're looking for hen weekend away that offers you stunning surroundings, fantastic shopping and a few days of indulgent bliss, then Harrogate is the location for you! Harrogate oozes style and classy but it also boasts an exciting and terrific nightlife which is perfect after you've been relaxing in the spa all day! The famous spa town offers you a hen party with a fantastic mix of Yorkshire charm and a cosmopolitan nightlife, everything you need to make you're last nights of freedom perfect! 
If you've chosen Harrogate as your hen weekend destination, we highly suggest you take a look at the Rudding Park Hotel and Spa! This fantastic hotel is highly acclaimed for its spa and it offers you and the girls the perfect opportunity for you and the girls to wind down and relax!


Looking for a spa weekend away in the sun? Then there's no better place than Barcelona! Have a blissful weekend full of pampering, tanning and of course partying! The Catalan city is arguably one of the top cities in Europe to party as well as some of the best spas in Europe! 
If you're heading to Barcelona for your spa hen weekend away, then you're going to want to stay at the Majestic Hotel and Spa. This fantastic hotel will cater to all of your needs and the spa hat is located at the top of the hotel is one of the best in Barcelona!

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Our Top 5 Spa Hen Weekend Destinations

Take a look at our top 5 spa hen weekend destinations that are perfect if you're looking for a hen weekend away, filled with relaxation!

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(Image via Flickr)

It's Bank holiday Monday and it's more than likely you've been partying hard over this weekend, but like the most of us, you're probably feeling a little worse for wear and you've started to think it probably wan't the best idea to have that fifth or sixth or seventh jagerbomb! But that's in the past now, and it's time to concentrate on the problem at hand - how to cure this hangover! We've tried many so called remedies over the years and here's what we found that helps cure the dreaded and awful hangover!

Line your stomach

You've probably heard this about a thousand times but it's incredibly important to eat before you go out! If you eat a nice greasy meal before you go out, the fat in the meal will line the walls of your stomach, which slows down the rate of alcohol absorption, which means you'll be less likely to wake up with that horrible splitting headache! 
Drink Plenty of water 

Drinking alcohol blocks the creation of a chemical called vasopressin. This means that your kidneys will send water straight to the bladder instead of absorbing into the body and this is the reason we take so many god damn toilet trips once you "break the seal". 
Drinking booze expels four times as much water as normal, which can lead to you getting dehydrated and that's the main cause of those dreaded hangover headaches and causes your mouth to go as dry as the Sahara desert! 
So, if you want to wake up feeling fresh, make sure you're fully hydrated before you go out! 


It's everyone's first thought to go straight for the painkillers when they wake up and actually it's not a bad idea! We suggest you use Ibuprofen instead of Asprin because it can wreak havoc if you've got sensitive stomach and will leave you feel worse than you did before! 
Please note: Only take the recommended dosage when taking any kind of medication!

Avoid Coffee 

Most people opt for coffee as there hangover cure but in true fact coffee causes your body to lose water a lot quicker than normal! Coffee is also the number one of those horrible sweats we're all prone to when we've had a big night on the booze - so our advice is to avoid coffee at all cost!  

Have a long shower 

You're going to want to shower in the morning after a night out to clean yourself off but it turns out having a shower can also cure your hangover, or at least make you feel better. But we suggest not to have it too hot because the heat will go straight to your head and make you feel nauseous. We suggest you shower with the window open for a bit of fresh - it'll be utter bliss! 

Sleep it Off! 

This will come as great news to most people as sleeping has been known to help with your hangover! One of the side effects of drinking is the disruption of your sleep, which is one of the reasons you still feel horrible even if you did get a good night sleep. So to the only way to combat this is to sleep more! So what are you waiting for? Catch those Z's! 

We hope these tips help cure that dreaded hangover of yours and just remember they don't last forever, there is light at the end of the tunnel!  

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The perfect hangover cures after a night out.

If you're feeling hungover this Monday morning, we have a couple of tips to help with your hangover!

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We've teamed up with the lads over at StagStuff.co.uk to create the ultimate hen/stag do questionnaire. If you've got a few minutes to spare, we'd really appreciate it if you'd fill it out and share your opinions with us!

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