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Well yee-haw lovely ladies, it's time for our 'Hen Party Theme of the Week' again. For this week's theme we've gone back to our roots and embraced our fun and childish sides for a hen party theme that seriously kicks butt. That's right ladies, we're talking Cowboys and Indians - or should it be Cowgirls and Indians? Think toy guns, sheriff badges and bows and arrows. That's right girls, a Cowboys vs Indians hen party is the perfect way to go if you want a fun, light-hearted but still super stylish fancy dress theme with plenty of options! Whether you're having a Cowgirl themed hen party or one just for Indians, we've got the cute accessories to get you party ready. 

We recommend you split your hens into two teams, Cowgirls and Indians and then all of your hen party games, dares and general mischief can be within your set team - plus there are plenty of cute costume choices for either side, making everyone a winner. To see our full range of Cowgirl and Indian hen party accessories, click here. But for now, here are some of our favourite 'Cowboys & Indians Accessories' that will have you looking totally chic on your big night:


Cowgirl & Indians Costume Accessories

1. Party Posse Pink & White Winchester Rifle

Party Posse Pink & White Winchester Rifle 1

2. Party Posse Bow & Arrows 

Party Posse Bow & Arrows 1 

3. Party Posse Indian Headdress

Party Posse Indian Headdress 1

4. Bride Sheriff Badge

We hope you have the best Cowgirl themed Hen Party with our accessories, we also have plenty of other party gear so make sure you check out our hen party essentials. If you need help with anything else feel free to contact us today. 

Why not check out our other Hen Party goodies:

Superhero Accessories

Hen Party, Assemble! 

Super Hero Accessories

Whether you're Team Marvel or Team DC, we all love a super hero movie. With all these new films coming out we are feeling inspired to celebrate our Hen Party in Super style. Luckily, here at HenStuff, we have an assortment of superhero themed goodies to get the party started! Whether you’re dressing up, or just want some fun accessories, we have some of the things on offer that will make you feel like a super hero.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Everyone’s favourite Amazonian! Why wouldn’t you want to follow in the footsteps of Wonder Woman! Accessorise with our fantastic sash and glitter hat to let everyone know how wonderful you really are. We also have this lovely Wonder Woman Bag so that you can carry all your Hen Party bits and still look super. 


Bat Girl

Bat Girl

Na na na na na na na na BATGIRL. If this darker superhero is more your style either of these choices of head gear will complete your look. Choose between our glitter hat or head bobbers and let the rest of the hens know the dark knight is in town. (Knight? Knight-ess… you know what we mean).


Super Girl

Super Girl

Feeling particularly Super? Well, let everyone at the hen know with this Super Girl Sash! Put on you’re the iconic ‘S’ shields and be your usual Supergirl self! We also have a fabulous Super Girl Bag - not only can it be home to all your hilarious Hen Party essentials, it is a stylish super statement.


Custom T-Shirts

Custom T Shirt 

If you want a Super Hero T-Shirt to complete the look we have you covered. This Super Girl T-shirt lets everyone know what a super squad is in town! Personalise it with the bride-to-be’s name and celebrate in super style. We also allow you to completely customise your tops from scratch if you prefer, pick any superhero or style and build the perfect shirt for each hen!


With our goodies, you’ll be the best super squad to hit the town! Make sure you pick up other essential hen party products, you may want to save the world but that doesn’t need you can enjoy all the usual novelty items!

Great British Hen Party

Woop! The Great British Bake Off is back on our TV’s, and although it’s now just about as controversial as a binned baked Alaska (miss you Mel, Sue and Mary), we still can’t help but rejoice a little bit. If you love Bake off (new and/or old) you may decide that a Great British Bake Off Hen Party is for you, something a little more… sophisticated. Everyone loves Afternoon Tea and now you have every excuse to put a GBBO spin on it - so here are our tips for throwing a Great British Bake Off themed hen party!


Time to Decorate

hen party bunting

Everyone loves that look of the Bake Off tent, all those pastel colours, all that bunting - just wonderful. This is easy enough to copy. Think vintage, think British, think what would make Mary Berry happy. Go all out with tea pots and cake stands to really look the part. You can still make this a hen-centric party, and the usual hen party balloons, etc are still completely acceptable. 

What to Drink

afternoon tea

Tea is a quintessential part of British nature and so, naturally, you will have tea! We all love tea, we have Earl Gray running through our veins. It's particularly satisfying when served in cute tea cups so make sure you have all the right stuff!

We also love a bit of booze at any party, a favourite for this theme would, of course, be Pimms, both British and sophisticated! 

Get the Baked Goods!

baked goods

The baked goods at the Great British Bake Off Hen Party are everyone's favourite part! It's completely up to you if you decide to have baking going on at your party. Baking as a group can be a hilarious, if not messy, activity. Of course, most of you will only have one oven free at a time, so bringing pre made treats is a great shout too! You can ask each of your hens to bake something to bring something random, or you could have a theme and make it a little competition! Whatever you decide to do, you can't go wrong with baked goods.  

Party Activities

garden party

As well as eating/baking cakes, if it's sunny, it's the perfect time to have a garden party. Why not play a round of croquet? Or rounders? Being outside puts everyone in a great mood, just try not to over do it if you and the other hens are full of booze and cake... If the British weather is disappointing (as it often it) this is still just as fun inside - just be careful not to break anything!


If you need any accessories for your hen, whether you want something naughty or nice, we've got a fantastic collection on offer. Have a look at our Hen Party Essentials and really make your party pop.  

Game of Thrones

To celebrate the return of our all time favourite series, we thought we would provide some inspiration for Game of Thrones Hen Party Ideas! Ideal for the nontraditional bride, what could be more fun than going back in time to when everyone hated one another and dragons existed? Absolutely nothing is the answer. With that in mind, we've put together a few ideas for those seeking budget, splash and splurge Game of Thrones Hen Party Ideas.  

BUDGET: Create Game of Thrones Themed Cocktails

A common theme in Game of Thrones is their love of alcohol, which is why GoT cocktails are the perfect idea for a Game of Thrones Hen Party! This is a great budget game of thrones hen party idea because it can also count as a hen party activity too. Making these Game of Thrones themed cocktails together will be completely hilarious, especially as some contain fire! 

We would recommend pairing these fancy medieval cocktail recipes with some more traditional (and practical) hen do accessories, such as our cocktail shaker or our woman shaped glass (Game of Thrones does love it's nudity, after all). 

 Here's one of our favourites: 

Fire and Blood Cocktail

Credit to Piktochart for helping us make this image and you can find more Game of Thrones cocktail recipes here. 

SPLASH: Make Your Own Game of Thrones Themed Hen Party Top

It's tradition for the hen do to have matching tops to show the world that they mean business. So, for your Game of Thrones hen party, why not make your very own Game of Thrones themed hen party tops? Here at HenStuff, we have our very own Personalised Hen Party T-shirt making facility so you can design your very own t-shirt here from just £8.99! 

You can have it in any colour and designed any way you like to suit your hen party. We personally love the idea of each hen wearing a different house top that represents their personalities.

As you can see below, we tried out making out very own Game of Thrones themed hen party t-shirts (but we're hoping your puns will be a lot better!). 

Hen Stuff Game of Thrones T-Shirts


SPLURGE: Take a trip to Ireland with Winterfell Tours

Just 40 minutes away from Belfast, the Game of Thrones Winterfell Tours truly are a once in a lifetime experience. With everything from archery movie set experiences, the castle of Westeros boat tours, glamping overnight mini breaks and meet the direwolves experience - this is the ultimate Game of Thrones hen party idea. 

There's nowhere else in the world quite like the Winterfell Tours and as it is actually where the famous series is filmed, we're sure it will draw you into the magic of a world where dragons exist. If you need any more persuasion, there are also packages for Hen/Stag Dos! They include dressing up as the characters and filming your very own game of thrones scenes in the movie making challenge, Ned's picnic lunch (inspired by the GoT cookbook), Movie Clip recordings to share with your friends and complimentary craft beer. Phew, we're exhausted just describing all the incredible things this place includes! 

To find out more, just watch this video below:

We hope one of these Game of Thrones Hen Party Ideas inspires you! For more hen party inspiration, just check out all we have to offer here. If you have any questions, you can contact us here. 

Looking for Hen Party goodies for a different theme?

Howdy partner! If you’ve come here to read all about how to throw the best Hen Party in the Wild West, you’ve come to the right place. It’s almost time to gather up the posse for a night you won’t forget and there is no better way to do this than to prep your girls for a Cowgirl Hen Party.

Get Prepared!

cowgirl jumbo badge

We all know the bride-to-be is the real sheriff in town on her big night out, so she needs to be dressed appropriately before you all hit the nearest saloon. The Party Posse Jumbo Badge is essential for letting all those no-goodniks know who the real boss is!

Cowgirl body jewellery

That’s not to mean you other cowgirls can’t glam up before you go wet your whistle! Our Party Posse Body Jewellery is the perfect way to accessorise for a Cowgirl Hen Party – add some sparkle and some sass that is guaranteed to last all evening!

Get Tough!

WInchester Gun

But remember, no matter how fabulous the whole posse looks you still want all those city-slickers to know you’re the roughest, toughest cowgirls on this side of town! This is why you’ll want a Winchester Rifle or a discreet garter gun to complete your costume! Show all the men that it's ladies night with this added attitude!

Show ‘em who's boss!

Man Catcher Tape

Now you all look the part you can enjoy a night on the town – but if you want it to be a real hoedown (for you single hens at least) no Cowgirl Hen Party is complete without some Posse Man Catching Tape! Like a moth to a flame, you’ll watch those boys get all wrapped up in your trap, simply run a length of tape across a doorway or two of your Bachelorettes and watch ‘em fall!

We have even more Cowgirl themed products to make your night perfect, so make sure you browse through our entire collection

If you're getting married this Summer, now is the perfect time to start planning your Hen Party! Without a doubt, Summer is the best time for a Hen Party as whatever your plans are there's far less chance the weather will disrupt it all (unless you live in Wales like us, where the weather is always unpredictable!).   

To help you with your planning process we've decided to put together a list of some of the best summer hen party themes just for you. Here are a few of our favourites:

Super Hero Summer Hen Party Theme

Super Hero Summer Hen Party Theme

Products featured:

Batgirl Head Boppers

Wonder Woman Hat

Batgirl Hat

Ideal for the warmer months, channel your superhero powers into this great summer hen party theme! Great for wearing to a night out on the tiles, or even for a drinking game session at home - our superhero boppers and hats will make you feel super all night long (excuse the pun). 

Mythical Summer Hen Party Theme

Summer Hen Party Theme

Products featured:

Large Pink Fairy Wings

Flashing Pink and Silver Bride to Be Wand

Large Silver Fairy Wings

No matter how old you get, dressing up as a fairy never feels any less exciting. That's why our fairy wings and wands make for a great mythical summer hen party theme where you can show off just how magic you are! We have a wide selection of wands available and our fairy wings also come in red if you're feeling just that little bit more devilish. To make your hen night all the more magic, we would recommend lots of glitter!

Cops and Robbers Summer Hen Party Theme

Cops and Robbers Summer Hen Party Theme

Products featured:

Party Posse Garter with Mini Gun

Pink & White Winchester Rifle

Baby Pink Handcuffs

An oldie but a goldie, Cops and Robbers is a perfect summer hen party theme for those looking for a fun night out. As the cops and robbers theme typically involves slightly less clothing than usual, the warmer months make this an ideal time to whip out the fake guns and handcuffs. 

If none of these items pique your interest, we also have a full collection of Hen partywear that may suit you better for your summer hen party theme! We hope you have a wonderful Summer Hen Party.