Hen Party Accessories from HenStuff

We love a good hen party. Had you figured that out yet? Seriously, you should have. Lately we've been drawing lots of inspiration from Spring and Summer and thinking of all sorts of happy, summery gorgeousness with regards to both weddings and hen parties. We've been sharing lots of image-based posts with you guys lately, full of Pinterest treats and inspiration, however, we remembered we hadn't shared a good ol' hen party theme blog post with you for quite some time! 

We regularly boast about being so full of ideas, yet we've been lacking when it comes to delivering the goods. We just got distracted by pretty pictures. We're sorry - though we can't promise it won't happen again. What we can promise is lots more hen party themes and ideas posts to keep your creative juices flowing, and to help you plan the best darn hen dos for your Bride-to-be pals.

To get stuck in to this gorgeous weather we've been having, why don't we kick off with a Festival Chic themed hen party? Festival chic is essentially a festival themed hen, but with the word 'chic' on the end to make us seem oh so cool. And it totally worked right? Anyways, here are our top 5 hen party essentials to make a successful festival-themed hen night! 

1. Party Cups

You'll be outside throwing your own hen party festival, right? That means you need party cups for all the drinking you'll be doing - and to keep hydrated for all the dancing too. Here are our favourites: 

Margaritas Del Sol Glass 1

Margaritas Del Sol Glass 

Wild Willy's Party Cups 1

Wild Willy's Party Cups 

2. Hen Night Balloons 

Festivals are basically huge outdoor parties right? A hen do is the biggest celebration of all - and you just can't have a celebration without balloons. Make sure your festival hen party has balloons absolutely everywhere. 

Square L Plate Balloons 1

Square L Plate Balloons 

3. Hen Party Sweets

You're gonna need to keep your energy up when you're dancing the night away at your personalised hen party festival, right? What better way than with delicious hen party sweets. Yum! 

Love Hearts Mini Roll 1

Love Hearts Mini Roll

Cola Willies 1

Cola Willies 

4. Hen Party Games

What is a festival without a few cheeky hen party games you can play outside? Well it just isn't, that's what! Here's our picks.

Stick A Dick - Hunk 1

Stick a Dick - Hunk 

5. Hen Night Drinking Accessories 

Willy Shot Glass 1

Willy Shot Glass 

Kamikaze: Liquor Shots Gone Wild 1

Kamikaze: Liquor Shots Gone Wild

Rainbow Willy Straws 1

Rainbow Willy Straws