Hen Party Accessories from HenStuff

Handcuffs, whips, blow-up dolls...it's the naughtier side of our hen night range!


We've got loads of hen party accessories here at Hen Stuff. All of them are pretty nice, but some...are a little bit naughty.


Lay down the law with a sturdy pair of handcuffs! If your bridesmaids have a tendency to become slightly unruly, handcuffs are the perfect hen party accessories for showing them who's boss. Some of our cuffs are lined with pretty pink fluff, but don't worry - you'll still look like the epitome of harsh discipline. 


And if handcuffing doesn't work, perhaps you should try being a little more direct. Whether it's a chap in the club who's being a bit cheeky or a particularly rebellious member of your own bridal party, everyone will tremble at the sight of your formidable hen whip. Hen party accessories don't get more intimidating than this, so if you need to assert your hen night authority and nothing else is working, this might be the only way to go. 

Blow-Up Dolls

Still, you can't be the strict disciplinarian all night, so save the whip for when you're married and join in the rowdy riot with these brilliant blow-up dolls! We've got a lady and a chap, so take your pick: take out your pre-marital stress on a blow-up bloke, or keep it ladies only with a bodacious blow-up bird! No hen do is complete without a blow-up doll, so even if you don't want any of our other hen party accessories, make sure you get one of these.

These naughty hen party accessories are just the tip of the iceberg; we've got plenty more where they came from, so get shopping! 

Turn your hen night into an extravagant masked ball!

Masquerade balls were the original fancy dress parties, hosted by lords, ladies and aristocrats, and attended only by the true social elite. They're big, romantic occasions - Romeo met Juliet at a masked ball - and now you can give your hen night a spot of 17th century extravagance with Hen Stuff's classy masquerade masks.

We've got a great variety of masks for your hen night, ranging from the simple black eyemask to colourful, flamboyant creations like our beautiful feathered butterfly mask. Masquerade masks are a brilliant way to class up your hen night - you and the girls can looks like a group of Austrian countesses without paying a king's ransom!

Hen Stuff's masquerade masks come in a huge variety of colourful designs. You can find our full range of hen night masks in our Masks section, so grab some masks today and see if you and your hen night chums still recognise each other!

We were all learners once!


L-plates are an essential part of any hen party. They're a great way of letting everyone know that you're kind of new to this marriage malarkey, and they look pretty cool too.

L-plates make a bold and eye-catching addition to any hen night outfit, and we've got some brilliant L-plate options here at Hen Stuff. You've got your basic red L-plate on a string, but why stop there? We've got L-plate fairy wings, L-plate head boppers, L-plate confetti...trust us, if you can imagine it, we can slap a big red L on it and call it a hen party accessory.

So, if you're still learning the ropes, grab an armful of L-plates from Hen Stuff today!