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Have yourself a Hell of a good time with our Heavenly range of hen night fancy dress!

Here at Hen Stuff, we've got a vast range of fancy dress costumes for your hen party, including a fantastic selection of angel outfits and devil costumes. So whether you and your friends are good little girls or a bunch of baddies, we've got the perfect costumes for all of you.

Angels and Devils is a great theme for hen nights and other group fancy dress outings, and whatever your party's budget is, you're sure to find a whole host of great costumes and accessories in our Hen Fancy Dress department. We've got loads of great fancy dress stuff for angels and devils alike; from halos and wands to horns and tridents, we stock all sorts of great fancy dress accessories at sinfully good prices. We also have an awesome range of instant angel and devil sets, which will sort you out with an entire costume for next to nothing.

Still if you want a slightly more extravagant fancy dress costume for your hen night, then we've got a handful of extra-special angel and devil outfits that you will love. Aspiring angels should check out our cool light-up angel costume, or the awesomely out-there clockwork angel outfit. Wannabe devils, meanwhile, might enjoy the wicked winged demon costume or our wonderfully over-the-top devil temptress dress. And if you just can't decide whether you're a saint or a sinner, take a look at Hen Stuff's ingenious reversible devil and angel costume - amaze all your friends when you come out of the toilets in a completely different outfit!

In fact, if you can convince all the ladies at your hen do to wear one of the reversible numbers, there's a good angels and devils party game you could all play. split the hen party into angels and devils, and have everyone wear their costume accordingly. The devils get to be as mean and nasty as they want, while the angels have to be paragons of purity and patience.

But then, halfway through the evening, everyone has to switch their costumes. So the devils become angels, and the angels get some sweet revenge for all the mischief that the devils have been wreaking.

Anyway. Whether you're good or evil, you can't deny that our range of devil and angel costumes is positively heavenly. So check out Hen Stuff's fancy dress section and get yourself a pile of perfect of hen party costumes today!

Angel Costumes and Devil Costumes for your Hen Night!

Heavenly angel outfits and devilish demon costumes - either way, you're bound to look good for your hen night.

Posted by on July 26, 2012 hen party themes

Dress up your hen night with our dazzling decorations!

If you're hosting a hen night and your house is lacking a bit of pizzazz, Hen Stuff is here to help. Our Hen Night Decorations section is full of sparkly, spangly stuff that's sure to make your hen night bright.

We've got all sorts of hen night decorations here, from pink hen party balloons to shimmering L-plate confetti. Nothing's been left out - we've got banners, curtains, and much more.

Our hen night decorations looks fantastic, and they're great value for money. Hosting a hen night should be fun, not a chore, so stick with Hen Stuff and we'll make sure that putting together your perfect hen night is a walk in the park.

Hen Night Decorations

Dress your hen night in our dazzling decorations. Hen night accessories should be sparkly, and these decorations are no exception!

Posted by on July 21, 2012 hen party accessories