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It's a given that you're likely to get a tad drunk on your hen night, but sitting around drinking isn't always the most exciting story to relay in years to come. With that in mind, we suggest that you take a look at some of our hilarious and fun drinking games, to bring a little excitement into your drinking! These drinking games turn a drink with the girls into a fierce competition, where everyone's a drunken winner at the end of the night. Grab yourself a couple of these drinking games and we guarantee you'll be entertained the whole night!

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 Beer pong is the top dog, when it comes to drinking games! It's been around for centuries, and we believe that even cavemen played beer pong in some shape or form!  Okay, so we may have made that up, but it has been around for a while, long enough to establish itself as a drinking game classic! There's no better way to get drunk than by throwing ping pong balls into plastic cups filled with alcohol; especially as your aim gets worse as you play! But this isn't you're ordinary beer pong set; this one has been specifically designed for hens, like yourself, making it perfect for your last night of freedom! The rules are just the same as regular beer pong, but under each cup is a dare card that the owner of the cup has to perform, along with the usual punishment of having to chug the alcohol-filled contents! We won't give away any of the dares, that'll just ruin the surprise, you'll just have to find them out for yourself! 

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It's a truth universally acknowledged, that everything is better when it's free, and that's the case with our free printable hen party drinking game! The print-out provides you with a little checklist for when you're at the club and when you're having pre-drinks, so you can adapt the rules for both at home and on tour! If something on the list takes place or is referred to, you must drink! It couldn't be simpler! Also, did we mention that it's FREE! 
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We have yet another Beer Pong set included in this list, but this one's a little different. Strip pong is the drinking game that literally gets your kit off! The concept of the game is simple - you're still playing a regular game of beer pong, but if your opponent's shot is good, then things are about to get a little colder (or hotter) for you! To add to that fun, you can't take your clothing off normally -  oh no, that would be far too easy! Once you've chugged your drink, you must spin the spinning board, and that will tell you how to take off your clothing item of choice. It's the sauciest twist on beer pong you'll ever find, and this makes it a truly perfect hen party drinking game!
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Where would the human race be without alcohol, eh? Probably a lot more coherent, but a lot more boring, too. Any occasion is a good excuse for a drink, but when it comes to hen nights there's no excuse not to get sloshed!

And a special occasion calls for some special drinks. Anyone can sit and sip their drinks at the bar, but a hen night becomes a lot more enjoyable when you throw a couple of hen drinking games into the mix. The good news is that we've got plenty of heavenly hen drinking games here at Hen Stuff - here's a quick rundown of our favourites:

  • The Have You Ever Drinking Game is a classic, played at house parties up and down the country. The premise is simple: tell everyone something that you've never done, and anyone who has done that particular thing has to take a drink. It's funny, revealing, and when you've got this spinner-based version, you'll never be stuck for ideas!

  • More original are the Bride to Be Coasters. They make great surface protectors, sure, but their real strength lies in the words that are printed upon them - two truths and two dares per coaster equals one hot night of hilarity! You can opt not to do the dares if you want, but you'll have to down your drink as compensation!

  • Finally, there's the Snakes & Ladders Drinking Game - everyone has played Snakes & Ladders, but this stylish glass board game offers a boozy twist on this ubiquitous board game classic. With drinks, double drinks, and truth or dare squares, it's the most fun you'll ever have with a children's board game!

These three hen drinking games are all you'll need for a night of boisterous brilliance with your favourite ladies. There are plenty of other hen drinking games to play - you could even come up with your own!