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Hen party accessories for the bachelorette who can't wait for the wedding!

The bridal veil is an age-old wedding tradition. The idea is that the groom gets to lift the veil at the end of the ceremony, symbolically consummating his marriage to the virgin bride. Of course, not every wedding is a white wedding (and not every bride is a virgin), but the bridal veil has endured as a symbol of marriage and the joy of wedlock.

It's also done a pretty good job of cracking the hen party accessories market, so it should come as no surprise that we at Hen Stuff have dedicated a whole section of our site to Veils. Whether you go for the traditional white bridal veil or something a little more devilish, you're sure to find something that suits you. After all, what bride-to-be wouldn't look brilliant with a beautiful bridal veil flowing behind her?

Hen Stuff's collection of hen party accessories is second to none, so whether you're after Veils, Boppers, or any other kind of Hen Headwear, you're in the right place. So lift that veil and get shopping!