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love island party

Summer in the villa is coming to an end, time to pack up your bikinis and buy some fake tan because after Monday night, Love Island 2017 will disappear from our screens (but never from our hearts!). Despite the looming crisis of how we will fill our evenings, we want to say goodbye to our favourite show with a bang. Not that kind of bang. Mind out of the gutter, you.

So here are our tips to throwing the ultimate Love Island Farewell party!

TVs at the Ready

First of all, get the show on! You may wanna party but don’t be a melt and MISS the final of Love Island. The final is showing at 9pm on the 24th July 2017 – that’s Monday, so make sure you maintain the hermit lifestyle you’ve had for the last couple of months.


Love Island Themed Cocktails
I mean, if you really wanted to get in the Love Island spirit you would only be drinking your booze from one of those iconic Love Island drinking bottles. Unfortunately, not all of us are that prepared so instead, you may want to settle for these cocktails:

The Muggy Mike

muggy Mike cocktail

Naturally, make sure you serve this in a mug (Get it? Genius, we know). Basically, any cocktail would be work, but this tasty number seemed appropriate.

What you’ll Need: Coconut Rum (1 ½ Parts), Fruit Juice of choice (1 ½ Parts), Grenadine (splash), Champagne (dash), Ice Cubes.
How to Make it: Add all the ingredients to the cocktail shaker and pour over ice cubes in a mug. Garnish with berries of your choice. Drink and try to be magic, not muggy.


The Angry Blonde

angry blonde cocktail

To pay homage to the bitter, sharp and witty blondes of the Villa (no names necessary) enjoy this tasty little Lemon Cocktail.

What you’ll Need: Citrus Vodka (1 ¼ Parts), Triple Sec (1 Part), Lemon juice (3/4 Parts), Ice cubes!
How to make it: I mean, we called it the Angry Blonde for a reason, Put it all in the shaker and strain into a glass, garnish with lemon. Just don’t cry in front of it for Heaven's sake. Enjoy! But not too much…


The “All my Eggs in One Cocktail”

all eggs in one basket cocktail

After spending summer avoiding putting all our eggs in one basket, the final is the perfect excuse to! Enjoy this sweet delight!

What you’ll Need: Cadbury Mini Eggs, Baileys (2 Part), Crème de cacao (1 part), White Rum (1 Parts), Honey (1 tsp), Ice cubes.
How to Make it: Crush your mini eggs! Use the honey to line the edge of the cocktail glass, dip it into the crushed mini eggs (or if you prefer, sprinkle on top!).
Blend ice and alcohol together in a blender, pour into cocktail glass, enjoy!


The Love Island Drinking Game