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Hen parties aren't hen parties without a fantastic fancy dress theme that will dictate the costumes, games and fun you have over the weekend. A hen weekend is one of your last opportunities to gather your girls and get silly, which is why we would always recommend choosing an amazing hen party theme. We've got tons of hen party costumes which will be appropriate for a variety of different themes and hen party ideas, and even more blog posts to fill you with inspiration for the big night, but we think we have finally stumbled across our dream theme. 

It occurred to us because we were getting bombarded with tweets and e-mails telling us that you lovely lot just couldn't get enough of this theme, and when we actually had a think about it - IT. IS. BRILLIANT. 

Ladies, introducing the naughty schoolgirl themed hen party. Let's set the scene: Britney Spears circa 'Hit Me Baby One More Time'. If you didn't want to be Britney in this video then we question your sanity - she was gorgeous and sexy. With a sexy schoolgirl hen party you can be that too! The costumes are sexy and flattering, cute and creative and are simply guaranteed to get you bags of attention on your hen night. Also this gives you and your girls an opportunity to embrace your childish side as you play all manner of hen party games and hen night dares! A hen night is a prime opportunity to embrace your childish side, which is just another reason a naughty schoolgirl themed hen party is such a fantastic idea.

Here's a run down of our top 3 schoolgirl costumes. Remember, all of these will work equally well with a 'uniform' themed hen party too - we just like the idea of you and all your hens dressed like a class of giggling schoolgirls! 

1. Fever Schoolgirl Costume

Fever Schoolgirl Costume 1

This saucy little number will make you one seriously sexy schoolgirl indeed! Featuring the dress, the adorable tie and even some naughty pink panties to match!

2. Preppy Schoolgirl Costume


 Preppy Schoolgirl Costume 1

The most like Miss Spears in her 90s music video, our sexy Preppy Schoolgirl Costume is a guaranteed head-turner. This gorgeous ensemble will have you looking classy, sexy and adorable all at the same time!


And of course, we can't forget the accessories now can we?

1. Knee-High Schoolgirl Socks

Knee-High Schoolgirl Socks 1 

2. Chemistry Shot Glass Set

Chemistry Shot Glass Set 1

3. Schoolgirl Pigtails Wig

Schoolgirl Pigtails Wig 1


Hen headwear might not seem like the most vitally important part of any hen night, but trust us, when you and your lovely fellow hens have got your hen costumes on and you're ready to party the weekend away, something just won't seem right without some gorgeous hen headwear. We're talking hen night boppers, wigs and of course our favourite (and most glamorous) types of hen headwear: hen party tiaras and veils

We'll start with the most obvious: our hen night veils. A hen party is a celebration of your bride to be friend getting wed. She'll be walking down the aisle, committing to a loving eternity with her other half and inevitably rocking a beautiful gown with what? A matching veil. Of course! Due to the hen party being a celebration of the wedding, surely a hen weekend should pay homage and tip its hat to the wedding ceremony and of course your bride to be. Basically, what we're trying to say is that hen night veils should be (and usually are) an essential part of any hen party! We've got a gorgeous selection of hen night veils here at HenStuff, but here are some of our absolute faves. 

1. White Wedding Veil with L Plate Comb 

White Wedding Veil with L Plate Comb 1

Without a doubt our most cute hen night veil. This gorgeous veil has a silver tiara with a pink L plate in the centre and a beautiful veil with mini diamantes to sparkle throughout the night! 

2. Starry Hen Night Veil 

Starry Hen Night Veil 1

The beautiful Starry Hen Night Veil is long and has gorgeous little colourful stars embedded in the material. This gorgeous veil is so pretty and delicate; perfect for a hen night! 


Now our hen party tiaras on the other hand, are a whole other variety of gorgeous! Tiaras are made to make you feel like a princess, and when it's your hen party then you and all of your girls should most certainly be treated like royalty. If we could get away with it we'd wear a tiara every day, but it seems you can only really pull it off on a hen weekend unless you're actually rich or The Queen. This is precisely why you should only choose the most sassy and beautiful hen party tiaras. How about one of these from our collection?

1. Bride to Be Tiara With Veil 

Bride to Be Tiara with Veil 1

This beautiful Bride to Be Tiara has the words 'Bride to Be' in hot pink on a silver tiara and even includes a gorgeous hen night veil! The only choice for a truly classy bride to be. 

2. Pack of 6 Mini Hen Party Tiaras

Pack Of 6 Mini Hen Party Tiaras 1

Of course, you and your hens should be matching on your hen night so everyone can see you're a hen party! That's why these beautiful pink mini tiaras are perfect. 

So you've bought your hen accessories, you've got your sassy hen party costume all set out and you're counting down the days 'til you're off on a wild weekend with your girlfriends to celebrate the pending wedding of your lovely bride to be friend. You want this weekend to be the best weekend of all of your lives, and you're so excited for the events to unfold. You're trying to plan the details so you have one hilarious hen party - which means all your hen accessories need to be on point. We'll get to the point now: you need hen night inflatables and some naughty hen night willies to kick your night off with a bang! 

Hen night inflatables may not seem like essential hen party items, but trust us...When you get a load of these hen night inflatables you'll be rushing to add them to your basket! Here are our favourite three: 

1. Inflatable Man 

Blow-Up Doll, Male 1

Your lovely bride to be might miss her future hubby on her hen night, so to help her feel more at home you might just want to purchase our Inflatable Man - how thoughtful of you! Dress him up, pop a photo of the groom on this little chap or terrorise him as you see fit. The choice is yours ladies. 

2. Mr Wonder Willy

Mr Wonder Willy Inflatable Man 1 

If you want your blow up man to have a little er..something extra, then perhaps our Mr Wonder Willy is a little more up our street. This guy is a very saucy little chap indeed and is sure to provide you and your lovely fellow hens with a lot of entertainment on your hen night! 

3. Blow Up Willy 

Blow-Up Willy 1 

Perhaps the least subtle of our hen night inflatables, this is for those hens who want a full on wild weekend. Our Blow-Up Willy is a giant inflatable penis, which just screams 'hen do' doesn't it? We're not sure we need to go into too much detail with how you'd use this one but we're sure you and your girlfriends would have a lot of fun with it. 

Of course, we have some slightly less rude hen night inflatables too if you want something slightly more tame. 

On the subject of willies however, it ain't no hen party without some hen night willies. Even the most prudish and sophisticated ladies need a willy or two featuring in their hen party. Our hen night willies section contains almost all of our most popular products here at HenStuff, so raise your eyebrows though you might but we know you hens can't get enough of them! Here are some of our cheeky faves:

 1. Rainbow Willy Straws 

Rainbow Willy Straws 1 

Perhaps our most popular product of all, these Rainbow Willy Straws truly are a hen party essential. Sip your drink elegantly through your favourite colour penis and dance the night away! These little plastic penis tipped straws also allow for some hilarious photo opportunities! 

2. Pink Willy Head Boppers

Pink Willy Head Boppers 1

Hen party boppers for the more wild and raucous hens among us. These hilarious willy head boppers are covered in hot pink fluff and have plastic peachy peppers on springs bopping on a headband. Not only will the fashionable headband keep your hair in place - but they're pretty damn funny too! 

3. Stick-A-Dick Hunk 

Stick A Dick - Hunk 1

This game is essentially pin the tail on the donkey...but for adults. Or ladies, to be more precise. You simply take it in turns to be blindfolded and then attempt to pin a penis picture in the anatomically-correct position of this very muscly hunk on the poster. 

Now you can't possibly say you don't need some hen night inflatables or hen night willies for your hen party can you? Thought not.

Girls, there ain't nothin' quite like a man in uniform is there? Dreamy. However, much to your surprise, those men rather like a woman in uniform too. After you've finished this blog post we're pretty sure you'll see why! An army themed hen do presents the opportunity for you and your girls to dress up and look fierce, all while having a fantastic time. Army costumes are sexy, flattering, fun and perfect for hen parties. Here are some of our favourite outfit inspirations for an Army Themed Hen Do:

1. WW2 Army Girl Costumes 

WW2 Army Themed Hen Do Costume

Perhaps the most sophisticated and sexy number of the bunch, this gorgeous WW2 Army Girl Costume is figure-hugging and flattering, making your curves stand out a mile. It nips you in at the waist, and though fairly long - there's no way anyone can say this isn't sexy! 

2. Fever Army Girl Costumes 

Fever Army Girl Costumes

Army themed outfits like this Fever Army Girl Dress are so sassy and stylish you could get away with wearing it on a normal night for a stunning camo-effect. The fit and flare shape features a snazzy zip feature, and you could even get a cute hat to match! 


And you can't have a hen party costume without some seriously sassy hen accessories to match now can you? 

1. Army Themed Hats

WW2 Army Themed Hat

If you don't want to go full hog with an Army Themed costume, then why not add a touch of army flare with a cute WW2 army themed hat! For example, this adorable little Pill Box Hat is the perfect finishing touch to any army costume. We're thinking big hair and this mini hat popped in on the side and you've got yourself one seriously gorgeous look. 

2. Army Themed Weapons

Pump Action Army Style Gun 1

This might be one of the only nights where it's acceptable to hit the town with a gun in tow - a plastic gun anyways. One of these nifty little Pump Action Army Style Gun is one seriously bad-ass hen accessory and will make you feel pretty damn special on your hen night. 

3. Army Themed Accessories

Army Themed Bow

A slightly more modern and on-trend twist on a traditional army look, accessories like this gorgeous army bow provide a more sassy finish to the army costume. Adorable and fashionable, cute army themed accessories will most certainly get you noticed. 

Not persuaded on an army themed hen do? For more Hen Party Theme inspiration, you can check out our broad range of Hen Partywear here. 

It's hen party season lately, and here at HenStuff we are absolutely swamped with orders from you lovely ladies (and some guys too) rushing to get your hen accessories in time for the big weekend. We work hard to get all our orders out on time and ready for you to enjoy, and we absolutely love to hear feedback of how our hen accessories helped make your hen night a little bit more fun. We often get reviews on the site, e-mails and tweets thanking us for our services and our marvellous customer service (not to blow our own horn or anything..) and nothing makes our day more in the office than seeing pictures of you lovely lot glammed up in HenStuff gear and hitting the town! 

An e-mail hit our inbox today filled with pictures of the gorgeous bride to be Ani and her fellow hens on a big, wild hen night in Cardiff. With her permission, we're sharing some of these awesome snaps with you! You can see her hen party was crammed full of HenStuff hen accessories. Let Ani's night be an inspiration for you and your girls! 



Here you will see the gorgeous hens modelling their clay penis creations thanks to our Willy Moulding Kit. Bride to be Ani on the far right looks particularly pleased with hers! You might also notice a sprinkling of Pink Willy Confetti for the ambience, and a Glow in the Dark Willy Straw in every drink!  

The lovely ladies were also joined by this friendly chap: Mr Willy, the 30inch penis balloon! 


The ladies thoroughly enjoyed themselves playing a game of Stick a Dick - Hunk, where you take it in turns to don a blindfold and try and pin the penis on the rather dishy man. 


You'll also notice a few of our Hen Party Sashes and feather boas frequenting a fair few of these pictures ;) 

The lucky ladies were also joined by this handsome chap - Mr Wonder Willy Inflatable Man. Him and Ani seemed to get on very well indeed...



All in all it looks like Ani and her girls had a great night, which is what is really important. If this picture is anything to go by, we're sure she had quite the sore head the following morning... (she's rocking our Fuzzy Willy Boppers in case you were wondering) 



And we're done with the shameless plugging for today. Really though guys, we love to see your hen party pics so keep 'em coming! 

So you've organised your bride-to-be friend's hen party to a tee. Your home is FILLED to the brim with all the hen accessories you could ever possibly need. You've got your hen night willies, your hen fancy dress costumes, your sashes, t-shirts - you name it, when it comes to hen accessories you've got it down and you are seriously ready for the weekend of your life. 

Unfortunately, and as we're sure you all know...men aren't quite as organised. That might just be the understatement of the year - but you know what me mean. If there's a hen party - there's going to be a stag party, and we're pretty sure that none of the boys will be anywhere near as organised as you lovely ladies. 

To help the guys out a bit, we created StagStuffthe stag do counterpart of HenStuff. We've filled it with stag party games, stag do ideas, games, costumes, personalised t-shirts and photo face masks and it is literally a haven for those lads off on their stags! 

What we've come to learn, however, is that it takes a smart lady to point their men in the right direction (or to even do the buying for them - let's face it girls, can they do anything for themselves?) and so we're just informing you that StagStuff can help your man make sure his mates have the best weekend of their lives. It's not fair for us to have all the fun now is it girls?

For all the stag do games, accessories and ideas you could ever need head over to StagStuff now!