Hen Party Accessories from HenStuff

Though Halloween is closer than ever, it's still not too late to grab your last minute Halloween costumes! As you might have gathered, we're pretty big on Halloween here - any excuse to get dressed up, and you can still get your costumes delivered in time for Halloween if you order today, or for last day delivery before 2pm tomorrow. This week, we're channelling vampire chic - and if you aren't familiar with vampire chic then girrrrrrl you better get to know! 

Here's our favourite sexy vampire costumes, and some amazing accessories that will finish off your vampire chic look, just in time for Christmas. If you need any fancy dress advice then don't hesitate to drop us a tweet @HenStuff_UK - we're more than happy to help.

Vampire Chic Halloween Costumes

1. Countess Vampira Costume 

Countess Vampira Costume 1

2. Fever Vampire Princess Costume 

Fever Vampire Princess Costume 1

3. Evil Queen Costume 

Evil Queen Costume 1

4. Fever Madame Vamp Costume

Fever Madame Vamp Costume 1

5. Fever all That Glitters Light Up Vamp Gloss Costume 

Fever All That Glitters Light Up Vamp Gloss Costume 1

Vampire Chic Costume Accessories 

1. Purple Vamp Wig 

Purple Vamp Wig 1

2. Bijou Boudoir Vampiress Wig 

Bijou Boudoir Vampiress Wig 1 

3. Red Hair Extensions

Red Hair Extensions 1

4. Silver Glitter Gel 

Silver Glitter Gel 1

5. Nail Polish and Lipstick 

Nail Polish and Lipstick 1

6. Red Cream Make-Up

Red Cream Make-Up 1