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Yep, we're still jealous of the people at Glastonbury, so let's continue to assuage our festival envy with another festival-themed hen night idea! Fancy dress is a huge part of many hen nights, but some girls might find that the usual hen costumes - French maids, bunny rabbits, et cetera - are a little too bawdy for their tastes. We're not sure when rabbits became ubiquitous sex symbols (we're guessing it's mostly Hugh Hefner's fault, the bunny-fancying old weirdo), but the point is that there are plenty of other fancy dress themes to choose from.

Seeing as festival season is now upon us, why not try festival-themed costumes at your hen party? A fabulous festival costume requires nothing more than some torn-up jeans, a tie-dye T-shirt, and a pair of wellies - surely anyone could manage that? Of course, if you still want to look a little bit glamorous,  we've got a variety of hippie costumes that will make you look a) gorgeous, and b) like you've come straight from the Pyramid Stage circa 1971.

So get over your didn't-go-to-Glastonbury blues, we'll do our best to get over ours, and we'll all have a fantastic festival-themed party. You and the girls will stand out a mile when you stride into town wearing your best festival garb!

By the by, we've done a bit of digging and discovered that Hugh Hefner actually has a species of rabbit named after him: Sylvilagus palustris hefneri. So there's your chunk of useless information for the day.

We recently got excited to hear that henstuff.co.uk had released a hen party t shirt builder.  We have seen so many companies on the internet who offer hen party t shirts but this is the first time we have seen a t shirt builder which is so easy and friendly to use!  So for today, we are putting aside wedding confetti and talking about the hen party t shirt builder from Henstuff!

First thing is first, you have 2 options.  You can create a t shirt from scratch or go for one of henstuff’s templates and customise from there.  We looked at the predesigned templates to see if there are any good and we loved them. 


In the predesigned section there are 8 different predesigned slogans for the front (including the ability to just write your own text) where you can add your own text.  E.g.  “Top Girls” followed by “(Name) Hen Night”.   The same then goes for the back as you can either go for classics such as name and number, 1 or 2 lines of text or even the ability to upload you own image!  You can even choose the font and colour too.  As for the t shirts, there are 4 different types of tops available : v neck, crew neck, vest top or a strappy top.  Then on top of this, you have 9 colour options for the t shirt.  It really is fully customisable and we haven’t seen a system like this on the internet which is so friendly!  No complications, just simple get on with it interface!

Design your own

If you don’t opt for the predesigned templates, you can really go to town and design your whole t shirt from scratch.  As above, you have up to 9 colours for t shirts and 4 different types of tops but then this is where it changes.  For the front, you now have multiple options for text in different areas and then also you can upload an image for the front as well as the back!  Maybe you could go for 2 different types of pictures for the t shirts if you opt to have a picture for the front and back.

To access the t shirt builder, go to https://www.henstuff.co.uk/party-tshirts.  Have fun designing the t shirts but remember to proof read all of the information!  Once the order has been submitted, you have agreed to henstuff that the information you have provided is 100% correct.

Have fun and let your creative juices flow!

This guest article was written by confettiheaven.co.uk – a leading supplier of wedding confetti and wedding table decorations

You are on the final countdown to your Hen Party. You’ve invited your favourite girls, picked the location and arranged the time. You have even put together a Hen party gift bag full of novelty items for the girls to use. Any decent Hen Party Bag will include a hen party shot glass necklace, these can come in very handy when you are on your night out, or even if you are having a girls night in. The thing is, making the bride-to-be do a shot every now again can get pretty boring pretty quick for the other girls in your group, so why not plan some fun drinking games to play on your night out to put your shot glass necklace to good use!

There are so many drinking games in existence that a bit of Googling would give you an endless list. But unless you’ve played them before, how do you know if they are any good?! To save you the hassle the party experts here at UKGirlThing have put together this list of our favourite drinking games along with the rules to help you play. We aren’t just full of hen do ideas you know!

The Spoon Game

This one requires little in the way of props, merely a spoon or something equally as small and potentially discreet (A clothes Peg is a good alternative). Before you embark on your evening out, select a specific time later in the evening (preferably when you plan on being in a bar) so this could be ‘9pm’. Now give the bride to be the spoon, the aim of the game is not to be caught at 9pm with the spoon somewhere upon your person. So throughout the night, the spoon holder has to try and discreetly pass the spoon to their unsuspecting victim without them noticing. This could be slipping it into their pocket or handbag, down their cleavage, hell! Tuck it into their beehive if they are sporting one! The rules are, you cannot get caught ‘planting’ it. If you do, you must drink a shot. As you can imagine this game can get quite competitive and very sly! The spoon can be hidden as often as the person that it has been planted on finds it and passes it on until 9pm when the game stops and whoever has the spoon MUST drink their shot.


What the title of this game has anything to do with it we don’t know but this game can have hilarious consequences! At the start of the evening a question is decided upon by the group. The question can be anything you like and this depends on how cheeky you want to be. For e.g. ‘Does the collar match the cuffs?’ or ‘Can I have your underwear please?’ you catch my drift. The game starts with the Bride to be. At any random point in the evening she must go up to one of her hens and whisper ‘Siberia’, the person she has whispered this to then has 30 seconds to ask a random stranger the question that has been set. If she succeeds then it is now her turn to pass the ‘Siberia’ on. If she fails, she must drink a shot. The best time to release your ‘Siberia’ is whilst the victim is stood at the bar ordering a drink, or perhaps stood chatting to a group of the opposite sex. They could be innocently chatting about the weather when someone whispers ‘Siberia’ in their ear and they have 30 seconds to somehow get the question into conversation!


Warning! This game can get very messy, very quickly! The premise of the game is simple. Your group of girls all sit in a circle, and you have to count to 21. Simple! I hear you cry! But wait, here are the rules. You are only allowed to say 1,2 or three consecutive numbers at a time and depending on how many numbers you say depicts the order of play. E.g. If you say 1 number for example ‘1’ the play goes clockwise around the group. So the person to your left must then say the next consecutive number or numbers. If a player says 2 consecutive numbers E.g. ‘2,3’ then the play goes anticlockwise, so back to the person on your right. If a person then says 3 consecutive numbers E.g. ‘4,5,6’ then play continues in the same direction but misses the next person. You continue this until some poor person is forced to say ‘21’. The bad news is that person loses and has to drink their shot, but the good news is they get to choose a word which will replace a number in the next round. E.g. ‘The number 3 is now Dog’. So on the next round the person who has to say ‘3’ MUST say ‘Dog’. If they don’t, they must drink. Anyone who makes a mistake must drink and play is picked back up by the next person in the sequence. As you can imagine, the more rounds you play the more numbers are replaced with words and the more drunk people get, the harder and funnier the game becomes!

So there’s our top 3 shot glass drinking games. We hope you give them a try and enjoy them. Please remember to drink responsibly!

This blog was written by Rebecca Lee of UKGirlThing.co.uk.