Hen Party Accessories from HenStuff

If you or one of your bffs are about to tie the knot, it's last chance saloon for freedom frolics. Some hens want to be pampered, some crave adrenaline, but if you’re reading this, we’re willing to bet your seeking a monumental blow out. Whether you’re a loved up lovely or a bad gal diva, we know you’ll want to clink glasses in style. Oceana Bristol have thrown some of the best hen parties in the South West. Read on for our accessory recommendations to amplify your hen night out.

Bag of Tricks

Nobody wants to imitate Beyoncé whilst holding a zillion props in their hand; forget teeny-tiny clutch bags, hen party bags have arrived. If you don’t know what hen goodie bags are, emerge from the rock you’ve been hiding under. Think kids-party meets grown-up accessory heaven and you're halfway there. All the modern brides to be are coveting them and they make the easiest thank you gifts. Match bags to your shoes and lipstick, buy everyone’s favourite colour or if dressing up, pattern match. Whether you want to stuff bags with eyelash falsies, garters or just the usual phone and make-up combo, one size fits all.

Say Hello to My Little Friend

If you’re thinking of taking a dip in the ocean on your hen do, it’s likely you’ve already heard of Pleasure Ladies Night. With not one, not two, but three strippers in the buff and the special bride-to-be receiving a chair dance, this is one for women who are wild at heart. If this is a locked down surprise planned by the bridesmaids, why not provide some subtle hints? Before the night out, pre-drink with Willy straws, naughty nibbles and Willy moulding kits. Alternatively, if you’ve got a mate who would be mortified by all of the above, why not play a harmless game of pin the tail on the male blow up doll?

Daisy Chains and Hen Party Games

Before heading to the land of disco balls, you’re going to want to get on the booze train, there’s no better way to travel than via themed hen party games. Kick the proceedings off with bad gal hen pong, a modern approach to old fashioned beer pong. Once the wine is flowing and planet tipsy is honing in, dig the dirt with a game of 'have you ever?'. Take some man rating cards out with you, from ‘complete mingers’ to ‘total hunks’, you’re going to need some dutch courage for that one. Don’t forget to take some hen dare scratch-cards for when you’re well and truly sloshed - Houston, we may have a problem.

Where would the human race be without alcohol, eh? Probably a lot more coherent, but a lot more boring, too. Any occasion is a good excuse for a drink, but when it comes to hen nights there's no excuse not to get sloshed!

And a special occasion calls for some special drinks. Anyone can sit and sip their drinks at the bar, but a hen night becomes a lot more enjoyable when you throw a couple of hen drinking games into the mix. The good news is that we've got plenty of heavenly hen drinking games here at Hen Stuff - here's a quick rundown of our favourites:

  • The Have You Ever Drinking Game is a classic, played at house parties up and down the country. The premise is simple: tell everyone something that you've never done, and anyone who has done that particular thing has to take a drink. It's funny, revealing, and when you've got this spinner-based version, you'll never be stuck for ideas!

  • More original are the Bride to Be Coasters. They make great surface protectors, sure, but their real strength lies in the words that are printed upon them - two truths and two dares per coaster equals one hot night of hilarity! You can opt not to do the dares if you want, but you'll have to down your drink as compensation!

  • Finally, there's the Snakes & Ladders Drinking Game - everyone has played Snakes & Ladders, but this stylish glass board game offers a boozy twist on this ubiquitous board game classic. With drinks, double drinks, and truth or dare squares, it's the most fun you'll ever have with a children's board game!

These three hen drinking games are all you'll need for a night of boisterous brilliance with your favourite ladies. There are plenty of other hen drinking games to play - you could even come up with your own! 

Good afternoon party people. How are we all? As we mentioned yesterday, and as you might have seen already we're making some changes to the site. We're putting a section together that's going to cover hen night essentials. They're a collection of the items that people love, at great prices for any hen party and collated in a convenient blog post for you, the reader!! Here's a loverly selection, which we think are the perfect hen accessories! 

1. Rainbow Willy Straws £2.50. The ultimate best seller ever in the history of Hen Stuff..... ever! It's a multipack of the aforementioned phallus shaped items, in a selection of delightful colours, as you can see in the pretty pictures. For £2.50 you get 10 straws, which should be plenty enough for sharing the love. They're brilliant for adding that naughty edge to your hen party. We like to sellotape them to people's hands, that way they HAVE to drink...


2. Pink Willy Confetti £1.89 We know that you want your hen night to be as bright and brash as possible, and the decorations shouldn't be left feeling flacid. Perk up the party by scattering some exceedingly tacky Willy Confetti about the place. This pack contains enough miniature todgers to cover a fair amount of space, and it's also got a smattering of boobies too. All in a bold pink, they're guaranteed to set the tone for the rest of the night. We apologise in advance for blocking the hoover...


3. 'Have you Ever' Drinking Game £4.99 Everybody loves a drinking game. A hen party wouldn't be complete without one. 'Have You Ever' is the wonderfully controversial spinner game, where you and your friends find out things about each other that'll make you giggle.  Simply spin the dial, and wait for it to land. Whichever box it lands on is the one to play. If you'd done the action on the board, you have to drink! With such naughty options as 'Faked an Orgasm' and 'owned a rabbit', you're guaranteed to know more about the girls after this! It even comes with 4 shot glasses to get you started


4. Hen Night Man Rating Cards £1.99 These badboys are guaranteed to provide some entertainment wherever you end up on the hen night. Simple yet effective, the rating cards can be used to show your appreciation (or disdain) for members of the opposite sex! Ranging from 1 (Complete Minger), to 10 (Hit the Jackpot), with some averages in the middle (5 being Wouldn't Say No!). Simply produce the cards and show to the subject individual. It might end in a cheeky snog, but be careful you don't hurt anyone's feeling too much!


5. Willy Shot Glass £1.99 A super saucy shot glass for all the girls. AND it's guaranteed to raise an eyebrow from onlookers! A standard sized glass, attached to a chain for easy carriage. Whenever someone yells for a round, simply produce this vessel and pour the booze in. On Shotting, the reducing levels of drink will slowly (or quickly, depending on drinking ability) reveal the tip of a wee willy wilkins. For best results, give the shot to someone unsuspecting. Watch their shock and potential horror as they are presented with a chubby to the mouth! We wouldn't recommend the mother of the bride, though...