Hen Night Fancy Dress

Your ultimate guide to the best hen night fancy dress themes!

The hen night is a defining moment in the life of any bride-to-be. It’s your last night of freedom, the ultimate party with your girlies and a chance to engage in some proper naughty behaviour – with a completely valid excuse! A good hen night is filled with cheeky novelties, personalised sashes, many a beverage, and most importantly, some fierce, fully-coordinated fancy dress costumes. You’re heading off on a hen do and you need everyone to know about it, so you and your fellow hens need to choose a fancy dress theme that will draw attention, one that you and the girls can really own. It needs to look great both on the night and in the many pictures floating around on social media after the party’s over!

The problem is choosing which fancy dress theme to go for. You need something with plenty of variety so that everyone can look individual and awesome, and it has to be original (Where’s Wally is so 2013). In this handy hen night guide, we’ve listed 6 of our favourite fancy dress themes for a hen night that will go down in history – we’ve even recommended the best ways to rock them!


Thanks to the Marvel explosion that came in the wake of the Avengers movie, superheroes are very much hot property at the moment. Besides, everyone has wanted a super power at one point in their lives, and the colourful costumes are amazing. The best thing about this theme is that each of your hens can be a different superhero and all of you will still look incredible as a group. There are an endless number of crime-fighting gals to choose from: we’ve got classics like Wonder Woman and Superwoman; the slinky and sexy Catwoman; super cool Aquagirl; Gotham’s own glamorous Batgirl; and a variety of X-Men characters, including Storm, Rogue, and Elektra. The list goes on and on! Remember, a cape is pretty much essential for most of these costumes, and if you’re going to dress as a superhero then you really need to embrace the role and go all in. Have fun fighting crime and being awesome!

Movies & TV

This is a theme that you can manipulate to suit almost any fancy dress costume you want to wear. You can kick it old-school, get nostalgic and dress up as your favourite character from a movie or show that you remember from when you were small…or you can be ultra-modern and attend as the posh lot from Made in Chelsea or the slightly-less-posh lot from TOWIE! Why not dress your bride-to-be up as Sandy and the other hens as the Pink Ladies? Grab your best friend and become Daphne and Velma from Scooby Doo! You can all go as the same thing, or you can dress as different characters – the choice is yours, ladies. Be sure to pay attention to detail and get your costume spot on, because it’s no fun when you have to spend all night explaining to everyone who or what you actually are!


This is another great fancy dress theme, and one which is bound to get lots of attention. You can make this as tame or as sexy as you like – it entirely depends on how naughty you feel on the night! We’ve got police women, taxi drivers, air hostesses, paramedics, doctors, nurses… you get the idea. Make them as official-looking as possible and you might get free entry, or at the very least be able to handcuff yourself to a sexy man!


This is one of the sillier categories, and that’s why it’s our favourite. However, if you play your cards right then opting for an animal-themed hen do can provide you with the sexiest costume of all – think Halloween, ladies! This costume category means you can go for optimum comfort and head out in your onesie, or think outside the box and piece your costume together carefully. Another reason why we love this theme is the opportunity for some seriously amazing and creative make-up. Whatever you make of it, it’s sure to be a hit – grab your gal pals and create the sexiest damn zoo that ever was, and the best night you’ve ever had as a result!

Around the World

This fancy dress theme is great. Not only does it inspire creativity, it allows for some real diversity, and it’s great for hens on a budget – perfect for some DIY costume making! Essentially, each hen picks a country or a specific area of the world and chooses their costume accordingly. You could be a Hawaiian hula dancer, a stereotypical beret-wearing, garlic-wielding French person, or a lederhosen-clad, beer-swilling Oktoberfest girl! An Egyptian lady, an American cheerleader… need we go on?


Thanks to The Great Gatsby (this seriously has nothing to do with Leonardo DiCaprio), we are all about the eras train and could not recommend this hen night fancy dress theme any more highly. The Eras theme is also a good way to ensure creativity and diversity in your hen costumes, as well as being a great option for those who don’t have too much to spend – you can always crack out some old gems from your closet! You can rock a glamorous flapper outfit (all sparkles and feathers), a cringe-tastic ‘90s outfit, a wacky neon ‘70s outfit, something chic from the ‘50s – the opportunities are endless. You could even be cheeky and crack out a cavewoman outfit here! Get creative and get snap-happy, because the pictures are going to look great.

So there you have it girls! Hot off the press – some of the best fancy dress themes that you and your fellow hens can adopt for your hen nights. Remind everyone to make an effort with their costumes – your bride-to-be only gets one hen night, so don’t do it by halves. Remember, no hen night is complete without silly games, some personalized accessories, and a few naughty novelties, so make sure you come fully prepared before the evening begins.

If you’re throwing a hen night and dressing up then we want to see! E-mail your pictures to marketing@henstuff.co.uk, and we might just feature them on our blog. Happy hen do one and all!

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