You’ve got your outfit sorted, your bride-to-be has stopped worrying and is now excited, you’ve got sashes, glitter and penis-shaped accessories coming out of your ears and you’ve stocked up on Prosecco. That’s right ladies, the hen night you’ve spent months preparing for is upon us. Your venue is booked, your guests are coming and you’ve got party bags stuffed full of novelty goodies for everyone, but there’s one thing you can’t get your head around. Every good hen party needs some hen night games to get the ball rolling, and you’ve got yourself in a bit of a pickle.

Here’s our handy hen guide to hen night games. We’ve got games which are appropriate for the mums and nanas who might be attending, games which are a little more raucous and naughty, sentimental and sweet games, drinking games and basically all of the hen night games you could possible need, separated into nifty sections. No matter what your hen night will consist of, we’ve got a bunch of games suitable for you.

Hen Do games for all ages

Many hen nights will involve a day outing or trip where mums and grand-mums can come along and enjoy the festivities which don’t include sambucca and plastic willies. This part of the hen party, though tamer, need not be boring! Here are some hen party games which will entertain all ages.

Mr and Mrs

This is a funny and sweet game which will require some super-secret detective work from the hens! Mr and Mrs is essentially a quiz for our bride-to-be to see how much she really knows about her groom – this means we need a set of questions pre-prepared and of course, the answers! The more light-hearted and silly the questions, the better. Let’s put our future Mrs to the test, ey?

Dress Design

This one requires you hens to get creative! Encourage everyone to bring bags of their recycling over with them – we need newspapers, old magazines, bottle tops, any junk that you can turn into a masterpiece. You separate into two teams and using toilet roll and your rubbish have to design a wedding dress for the bride, one team at a time, made entirely out of rubbish! Anything goes, as long as it aint traditional clothes. The one which the bride likes the most wins!

Drinking Hen Do games

No matter which venue, destination or style your hen party will be in, we’re guaranteed that there will be alcohol (probably a copious amount). As Mary Poppins famously argued, a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down - we’re just replacing sugar with an amazing and hilarious drinking game, and medicine with vodka. Lots and lots of vodka.

Banned Words

This is probably our favourite game of the lot, as it slips so many people up! This game can last the entire hen weekend – you choose a series of banned words or phrases which you are not allowed to utter for the duration of the hen festivities, and anyone who slips up must do a forfeit – preferably a shot! We would recommend banning the phrases ‘wedding’, ‘marriage’ and ‘hen’ and watch your pals squirm as they try and explain to anyone they meet on your night out why they’re dressed up and drunk without using the banned words!

Never Have I Ever

This is a great drinking game and an even better way to find out the goss about your fellow hens! You go around in a circle making a statement that begins with ‘never have I ever’, for example ‘Never have I ever cheated in an exam’ – and those hens who have must drink up. The statements can be as wild or as tame as you like, they can even be aimed specifically – ‘Never have I ever been due to get married in two weeks’! You get the gist of it.

Naughty Hen Night games to play

On your bride-to- be’s last night of freedom you quite simply have to stick a few naughty games in there. A hen night is about girly banter and lots of giggles. These games will provide both of these in large quantities!

Truth or Dare

This one needs no explanation, but packs a mighty punch. We’ve all played truth or dare in our time: does it ever get any less funny? Of course not. Take it in turns to choose truth or dare; truth means you have to honestly answer whichever question is posed to you and dare means you have to complete a forfeit! We’ve included this one in the naughty hen night games section because we know what you ladies are like when you’re let out on the loose! Enjoy – make your bride-to-be blush!

Pin the Hose on the Fireman

Like a child-friendly game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey – without being remotely child-friendly. We need one picture of a gorgeous hunky fireman printed out (or drawn if you fancy yourself a bit of a Picasso) and then print out a picture of a hose (take this how you wish, ladies) and take it in turns to be blindfolded, spun around and try and pin the hose in the correct location, you saucy lot!

Funny Hen Night games to play

Everyone likes to get a little silly every now and then, and if you can’t do it in the company of your closest friends and family then when can you, eh? These are two hen night games which are guaranteed to have all you hens positively clucking with glee!

Balloon Pass

This is a classic giggle that everyone will enjoy. Fill balloons with water, separate into two teams and stand in a line. The first in the line holds the balloon between their knees and has to pass to the next person, without using their hands. If a balloon pops, you have to go back to the start. The first team to get the balloon successfully to the end of their line wins!


This one can be just for the bride or for all of you. Create a series of challenges that must be completed throughout the duration of the night. These can be as naughty, funny, silly or daring as you wish – but they must be completed! Make sure to take photographic evidence so you can pore through the pictures for memories of the best night ever when you’re hungover or reminiscing!

Classy Hen Do games

Though hen nights are traditionally loud and proud, some of the classier ladies among us might not favour enormous willy inflatables and tequila slammers. That’s not to say that those whose idea of a hen night involves a pyjama party are inferior in any way to those who wish to get their glad-rags on! Here are some softer hen night games designed to bring out the emotional and sentimental side in the party, creating a lovely atmosphere for all.

Story Time

Everyone writes down a story about themselves on a piece of card – they can be funny, emotional, embarrassing – whatever you like. They’re then placed into a bowl or hat and everyone picks one out and has to read it. The aim of the game is to guess who wrote which story – the culprit can then fill you in on all the details!


This one’s lovely. Everyone writes a piece of advice or something they’d like the hen to remember on a piece of card. They are then popped into a bag and you can either take it in turns to read them out or let the bride-to-be read them to the party and share her thoughts. This leaves her with something sentimental to take away from the party and words of wisdom to pass on in the future.

So there you have it, ladies! A fool-proof list of hen night games which will get your party off to a flying start, breaking ice and bringing banter. No hen night is complete without fancy dress, masks, sashes, personalised t-shirts and silly accessories, so make sure to stock up on yours before the big day. Happy hen night!

No hen night is complete without fancy dress, masks, sashes, personalised t-shirts and silly accessories, so make sure to stock up on yours before the big day. Take a look at our selection!

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