Hen Party Destinations

There used to be a lot of talk about a woman’s ‘last night of freedom’, but these days it ends up being more like a ‘last weekend of freedom’. We are of course talking about having a hen party holiday!

As the popularity of the hen party grew, so too did the distance and variety of the available destinations. Now you lucky hens are in a position where different cities across the UK and Europe are literally fighting for your custom – this means better deals, better locations, and a better hen party! This gives you something that we know you all love: the power!

Still, to help you make a more informed decision, we’ve compiled this guide to all the best hen party destinations. Read on, and get ready for the holiday of a lifetime!

Make a holiday out of it...

As hen parties became more and more popular, women began to use them as an excuse for a girly vacation – and why wouldn’t you? If this is to be your last hoorah as an unmarried gal, then why limit yourselves to a few hours of fun when you could have a whole weekend? We realise that this isn’t a possibility for every bride-to-be, but for those of you who can, there is scope to have an unforgettable hen holiday. And if the groom and his merry men are swanning off somewhere to get up to god knows what, it is only fair that you and your ladies return the favour!

Home or away?

The next thing you need to think about is whether you’re going to stay in the UK or go abroad for your hen retreat – birds may fly south for the winter, but hens will go wherever you bloody well take them. They’re good like that! Again, we’d imagine that budget and availability will play a big role in your choice, but once that’s been considered, you come to the fun bit: looking up all the fabulously-fun things that you and your hens can get up to in various destinations!

To make your decision a little easier, we have picked the top 3 UK destinations and the top 3 European destinations for your hen party. Plus, we have summarised each one to give you a feel and flavour of the place.

How long should we go for?

So, you’ve decided to spread the celebrations over several days – now you just need to figure out how many! There are several things we recommend bearing in mind, and the first one is the budget; you not only have to consider the wedding budget, but the personal budgets of the hens who will be attending, too. There is no point arranging an opulent getaway to Dubai if only a handful of your hens will be able to afford it. The other thing you have to take into account is people’s annual leave availability; not everyone is in a position to take more than a few days off, which is why long hen weekends are so popular (they keep the cost down, too).

Top 3 European destinations

Magical Magaluf

Sometimes dubbed ‘Shagaluf’, you may be led to believe that this Spanish resort on the island of Majorca is simply a no-holds-barred hangout for promiscuous teenagers. In fact, Magaluf has everything the overseas hen party could possibly want: guaranteed sunshine, sandy beaches, cruises, shops, restaurants, and over 200 bars serving up €4 cocktails!

As well as being a sun-soaked Spanish hen haven, Magaluf also offers strippers (that means naked Mediterranean men in your company, girls), water park activities, and a beautiful range of authentic or English cuisine – because when in Spain, do as the English do, obviously! We’d recommend hiring a private catamaran and cruising through the crystal waters with your besties!

Peachy Prague

If you’re not much of a beach babe and you’d rather have a more sophisticated city affair then Prague is the perfect choice! Don’t get us wrong, there is still plenty of fun to be had in the Czech capital, but it’s more a celebration of medieval and gothic architecture than a sun, sea, and sex paradise. Prague is effortlessly beautiful all year around, and though it’s become somewhat of a stag favourite, the city caters just as well for women!

It’s not just beautiful surroundings and plenty of culture that this city has to offer; Prague also offers a fine selection of quality beers and alcohol, as well as chic and fabulous spots to consume them in. You will have no problem getting into any of the drinking establishments as, although the authorities clamp down on stag parties, hen parties are welcome – please try to withhold this situation during your stay!

Brilliant Barcelona

If you cannot quite decide between mad Magaluf and refined Prague, then the breathtaking Catalan capital is a great compromise! Barcelona has all the historical, artistic and architectural charm that you’d expect from such an eclectic European city, but it also has the Mediterranean weather and proximity to the sea! This Spanish city if buzzing with life – it has a vast selection of cocktails, tapas, and bodegas that should entice and excite your hens with ease!

Barcelona also has an amazing nightlife in which your hen party can indulge – the Catalans are famed for their late-night lifestyle and their love of clubs. What this city does have in spades are high-quality, high-end establishments for those who fancy a slightly more reserved affair. And if you do fancy setting a few pulses rating, there is plenty of eye-candy in Barcelona that you may not find down your local boozer.

Top 3 UK destinations

Luxurious London

It wouldn’t be a very good guide to having a hen party in the UK if we didn’t start in the capital, would it? The great thing about London is that you’ll have no trouble filling your time and it needn’t always cost any sterling. Even if you are fairly familiar with the city, there is nothing quite like doing a typically tourist tour with your mates - who doesn’t love Big Ben, Tower Bridge, and Buckingham Palace?

It probably goes without saying that London has all kinds of attractions and activities available for you and your girls, but what it also has is a comprehensive selection of pubs, clubs, bars, and restaurants that cater for every taste imaginable! And if you want the ultimate London hen night experience, why not hire a party boat and cruise up the Thames? You’ll feel like James Bond for the evening… if James Bond were a woman, wore a pink feather boa, and came armed with enough penis paraphernalia to open up a cock shop.

Mad-for-It Manchester

Next on our list of heavenly hen havens is the city of Manchester. While the city is most closely associated with football, you may or may not know that Manchester also has one of the most electric night-scenes in the UK! Outside of London, Manchester has some of the most stylish and striking bars in the country – if glamour with a capital G is your thing, you’ll feel well catered-for! Like all the big British cities, Manchester has plenty of spa experiences, cocktail classes, burlesque dancing, and pretty much every other hen night staple you can think of!

But if you feel that these activities are essentially distractions from having a massive night out, then why not head down to the Northern Quarter or Deansgate Locks and see how Manchester gets down!

Nutty Newcastle

Our final UK hen night destination brings us to the north-east, and to the city of Newcastle! If you are looking for a nutty but nice night-on-the-tiles then the biggest city in the north east is a sure fire bet. Fast becoming the party-hub destination of the UK, this city is packed full of bars, clubs, and hangouts, which are themselves packed with friendly (if boisterous) locals – though you may need a translator if you’re not familiar with the accent.

Famous for its brown ale and pint-sized TV presenters, Newcastle will embrace you and your hens with its character and spirit. There is a reason why people in Newcastle notoriously wear so little out – and no, it’s not because they’re all exhibitionists. It’s because everything you could possibly need is within such a short walking distance! If you want your last night of freedom to be a good ole knees-up then you want to be heading ‘reet to Newcastle pet’!

Hen Holiday Checklist

In various flurries of excitement, and with all the other business you need to keep your minds on, it’s easy to forget some hen holiday essentials! We have put our best thinking hats on and come up with this list of everything you’ll need:

Suntan Lotion: Obviously this depends on where you decide to go, and the time of the year.

Mini First Aid Kit: Include plenty of paracetamol for those hangovers!

Handbaggable Flats: A holiday may cure a lot of things, but sore feet from wearing heels all weekend are not among them!

Comfortable/Sports Clothing: Consider what activities you’ll be doing, and what attire you may need for them – nobody wants anything accidentally popping out either, eh?!

Make-Up Wipes: For every piece of make-up you put on, you’ll want a wipe to get rid of it after the night is done.

An Open Mind: The activities organised on the hen weekend may not be up your street, but you should always participate, and at least try to look happy whilst doing so!

Wherever you go, have a blast!

Your biggest concern should not be your destination, what you will be doing when you get there, or how many margaritas you can fire down; at the end of the day you’re celebrating your bride-to-be’s last bit of fun before she settles down, so concentrate on that! Whatever the destination, enjoy each other’s company, and make sure the only memories people have are super ones!

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