pub golf scorecard

Free Printable Pub Golf Scorecard for Your Hen Party

If you’re planning a pub crawl for your hen party, why not make it extra fun with a game of pub golf? It’s great fun, and really simple to play:
  • Each bar/pub you visit counts as a ‘hole’.
  • Players receive a score for buying a drink at each hole.
  • You’re awarded a ‘par’ based on how many sips it takes you to finish your drink.
  • The winner is the person with the lowest total par after playing all holes!
Pub golf can be played in a 9 hole format, but if you’re feeling particularly ambitious, you can take on a full 18 hole game for an entire night of drinking!

Straightforward and easy to follow, our hen party pub golf drinking game is perfect for getting all of your hens involved, creating an enthusiastic party atmosphere for spicing up your usual night out. To help you keep you track of your score, we’ve devised this clever pub golf scorecard, which you can download for free and hand out to your hens. It has room for the name of your venue, your drink, and your score, helping you to decide who has reigned victorious by the end of the night! To download our free pub gold scorecard, click on the download button above.

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