hen party photo hunt

Photo Hunt

Want to make sure that the bride and hens take plenty of pictures to remember the celebrations? This hen party photo hunt sheet is the perfect way to do that, while also providing on opportunity for some healthy competition!

Think of this activity sheet as another type of hen party scavenger hunt, which requires you to try and get as many of the photographs on the list as possible! The more pictures that you’re able to cross off your list, the higher your score will be!

The most popular way to play this game, is to divide the hens into teams, and see who can complete the most tasks in a set time. You could always try another variation, however, by making it a bride-only challenge, or splitting it between all the hens. Whichever set of rules you decide to use, the process is bound to be just as fun!

Simply click the button above to download and print your hen party photo game, then you’re ready to get snapping!

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