he said she said game

He Said She Said Game

This simple and fun hen party quiz will not only test how well the ladies know the bride, but will also asses how well they know her soon-to-be husband!

To challenge the group’s knowledge of the bride-to-be’s relationship, this He Said She Said game has a list of statements that will correspond more appropriately with either the bride, or the groom. The hens must draw a circle around the beer glass for the groom, or the wine glass for the bride, to indicate who they believe that statement belongs to.

A member of the group will have quizzed the couple beforehand, so that they have all the answers at the ready for awarding points and announcing the winner! If you’re playing individually, you could reward the winning hen with a prize, or you could make the game simpler by splitting the hens into teams, depending on the size of your group.

To instantly download and print our He Said She Said bridal game for your hen party, simply click the green button above.

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