bridal bingo

Bridal Bingo

Think you know what kind of gifts that the bride will be receiving on her hen do, or maybe you have an idea of who will be crying by the end of the night? Whichever way you play, now is your chance to put that knowledge to the test, with a game of bridal bingo!

The rules are very simple, all you have to do is fill in the grid with a selection of gifts that you think the bride will receive from the hens, or with a list of ‘girls night out’ clichés that you think will take place by the end of the night.

However you decide to fill the grid, the game will run just like a regular bingo session, with each answer being ticked off as it happens. Just remember to collectively agree on a subject and pre-fill the squares before the game starts, to make sure that no one is cheating!

To download our hen party bingo sheet, simply click the green button above.

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